Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1091

When a few people went up, they directly saw the few people standing in front of Lin Lu’s house. At a glance, they could see how many of the people blocking the door that they saw that day.

And they also saw Chen Feng and the big belly at a glance.

“Master Dao!” One of the guys shouted after seeing it, and listening to the voice seemed to be very afraid of Chen Feng.

Chen Feng also smiled and threw the big belly beside him directly in front of those guys.

After hearing the sound, Zhou Dao walked out slowly, still muttering, “What is it called, do you think we are doing it?”

After he walked out, he saw Chen Feng, he was standing there, laughing with him.

He was also completely panicked. He knew that Chen Feng was great, and looking at the fat man groaning on the ground, he could also imagine that Chen Feng did it.

But before he started, he couldn’t just lose his aura, he still said to Chen Feng with his anger, “I tell you, we are crowded, but we are not afraid of you.”

What he saw in Chen Feng was just a shrunken and cowardly appearance. He said, “Can you explain what you are doing here?”

Daoye roared: “Just leave your ass.”

And hearing the noise, the few people left in the room finally walked out.

Chen Feng asked again: “If anyone tells me how you got in, I will let that person go, otherwise the fat guy on the ground should know how good I am.”

Some people were already scared, and actually wanted to talk to Chen Feng, but Zhou Dao just glared at them, and those guys immediately lost their voice. It seemed that they were very obedient by Zhou Dao’s tame.

Chen Feng also knew that it was impossible for them to speak out by themselves.

He shook his head and said, “That’s really no way. I’m going to come over. You are ready.”

With that, he took a step forward, and those guys immediately took a step back in shock.

“What do you want to do, fighting is illegal.”

What’s ridiculous is that this group of guys actually told Chen Feng that a fight was illegal. Chen Feng just smiled helplessly, but did not stop at his feet, and continued to take another step.

The kind of mice facing cats, they pitifully retreat and then retreat.

But there was a wall behind them, and there was no way to retreat.

Zhou Dao shouted: “Come on, we are crowded, he must not be able to beat us.”

He said that he was about to push the two people in front of him, Zhou Dao’s strength was not small, and he directly pushed the two people in front of Chen Feng.

And they looked up and saw Chen Feng’s face that looked like a demon in their eyes, but now they were near Chi Chi, and they had to do it, so they raised their hands and hit Chen Feng in the face.

The strength does not seem to be light, even they are the people who are always familiar with how to exert their strength, if ordinary people encounter it, it is possible to be beaten to the ground by this punch.

But the premise is that it can be hit.

Chen Feng just collapsed slightly, and then waved his hands at the same time. When he looked again, the two guys had already fallen to the ground.

Just one move killed the two, even if they were thoughtful, they couldn’t believe it, and looking at the two guys, they really couldn’t stand up anymore.

He was very scared, because Chen Feng was still leaning forward and was about to walk in front of him. He knew that everyone here could escape, but it was absolutely impossible for him.

He had to make a decision, thinking about it, and shouted: “Everyone, go together, I don’t believe that he can beat so many of us alone.”

But the little brother beside him was so scared that he stopped observing his words at all, and even wanted to escape into the room.

Thoughtful and helpless, he had to pull out the innermost guy he was relying on.

“Fear of an egg, go up and fuck him.”

Talking about pushing and rushing up, but the next scene was a bit horrible. Even Lin Lu, who stood far away, felt uncomfortable looking at it, because this was really too violent.

Zhou Dao was still awake, even this was intentional by Chen Feng. He just wanted to make him feel pain when he was awake. Even if he fainted in pain, Chen Feng knew where to stimulate him to wake up.

After tormenting over and over again, Zhou Dao’s breathing has become weak, but the person has not died.

After Chen Feng’s last punch, he slowly straightened his body and said to the few people lying on the ground: “I know those who can still get up, if you don’t get up and take this guy to roll with me, I Let each of you taste the pain that this person has suffered.”

These people were also horrified when they listened, but they shuddered when they saw how Chen Feng was torturing and humiliating thoughtful, the kind of pain they just thought about.

So after hearing what Chen Feng said, even though his body was already in pain, he still forcibly stood up.

Slowly walked in front of Chen Feng, did not dare to look at him, just lifted Zhou Dao in front of Chen Feng.

But basically they were just dragging away. After a while, a few people walked into the elevator with thoughtfulness, and the corridor was also empty.

Lin Lu looked incredible at what happened just now, even if it was over now, she felt like she was dreaming, it was too hard to believe.

She saw Chen Feng alone and beat all those people to the ground. She also saw Chen Feng dealt with thoughtful ways like abuse. Even then, there was no expression on Chen Feng’s face.

She doesn’t know what kind of talent can do this kind of thing.

And when she was in a daze, Chen Feng had already walked in front of her and looked normal, even with some faint smiles, filling the originally lined face with some different flavors.

“Sorry, I scared you.”

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Lin Lu also suddenly woke up.

But looking at Chen Feng’s face, he was still astonished: “I…I’m fine.”

And where it seemed to be all right, Chen Feng could only let her slow down.

The two entered the room and checked the room carefully. At the same time, they confirmed that the group of guys opened the door with the key. Although it is not clear how they got the key, as long as the lock is changed, this kind of thing It can still be solved.

Chen Feng asked Lin Lu to sit there to rest, and he found tools and started to change the lock of the door.

It took an hour for Chen Feng to get it right.

“It has been replaced now, and the key must be kept properly. It was also possible that your key was picked up by them before and made another one.”

Lin Lu nodded, and after resting for so long, she was not so afraid of Chen Feng. Even thinking about it, Chen Feng did all these things for her.

Thinking about it this way, more naturally I was moved.

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