Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1094

Chen Feng was not good enough to continue the questioning. He drove the car, followed the directions given before, and soon came to the school.

“I don’t want to go to school, or take me out to play.” The car parked aside, but Qinger didn’t get off. She sat in the back seat and begged Chen Feng like a baby.

Chen Feng turned his head, looked at her with a chuckle, and said, “You are not afraid that your sister knows? She looks very fierce. If you are caught, you will be miserable.”

As if thinking of Xue Leng too, Qing’er curled her lips, and she was blown away from her interest just now.

She also knew that Xue Leng would be very angry if she knew that she ran out secretly, and she was unwilling to provoke Xue Leng, so she glanced at Chen Feng with a vengeful look, as if she was blaming Chen Feng for talking about it. This kind of thing.

In the end she got out of the car reluctantly.

Chen Feng smiled and shook his head, but thought this girl was cute.

After sending Qing’er to the school, Chen Feng did not go back immediately, but went to the milk tea shop next to him and ordered a cup of coffee.

He stood there watching the news in his hands, just wanting to kill some time before going back.

“It’s you?” Someone suddenly shouted towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng also looked up in surprise and saw the girl he met by chance that day.

“It’s you.”

The girl saw Chen Feng raising her head and confirming that she had not admitted her mistake. She was also very happy, and her red lips curled up in a beautiful arc.

“What are you doing here?” Chen Feng asked.

Xiao Le held the bag in his hand and said, “I bought something special.”

Chen Feng looked curiously at the cloth bag in Xiao Le’s hand. The apricot-yellow bottom was embroidered with a few cyan bamboos, but the cloth bag was not transparent, and Chen Feng couldn’t see what was inside.

He asked, “Can you tell me?”

Xiao Le chuckled and shook his head, and said, “Of course you can’t tell others about special things.”

Chen Feng wondered who this girl liked again, and the contents might be gifts for the other party.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Since you can’t say something, then I won’t ask, but this time you have to think about it, but don’t be fooled by others again.”

Xiao Le was stunned for a moment. She couldn’t think of how Chen Feng could see the thoughts in her heart.

But she knew that Chen Feng’s reminder was from the heart, so she nodded too.

It was a chance encounter. After the two said a few words, Xiao Le left.

Chen Feng drank the coffee in his hand and threw the empty cup into the trash can. Someone stopped him again.

“Mr. Chen Feng, right?”

He had to take his hand back from the trash can and looked back.

This is a man in a suit with sunglasses, standing upright in front of Chen Feng, with a serious expression, like a professional bodyguard.

Chen Feng asked suspiciously, “Who are you?”

Chen Feng asked, the other party seemed to have confirmed his identity, and did not answer Chen Feng, but shouted into the microphone on his collar: “Identity has been confirmed.”

Chen Feng was even more puzzled, but although this type of bodyguard was more powerful than ordinary people, it was just a bit of effort, and he was not worried about what the other party would do to him.

After informing the person at the signal end, the man in the suit continued to say to Chen Feng: “Sorry, Mr. Chen. You have come to the magic city, and we have to make some targeting. This is for your safety and for our own sake. ”

Chen Feng just looked at him coldly and asked, “Then what do you want to do?”

The man shook his head and said, “Mr. Chen, don’t worry, we are not the enemy of the husband. We just want to find the husband and talk about the matter.”

“whats the matter?”

“Mr. Wu’s matter.”

Chen Feng was stunned, and then asked after calming down, “Who are you anyway?”

And this time the other party finally answered: “We are just a group of people who are trying to solve the riddle of the master of the martial arts world. I think Mr. Chen is also trapped at this stage. Didn’t you think that one day you can break the limit and rush to Grandmaster Realm?”

This time Chen Feng had to make a guess about the identity of the other party. Since the Grand Master can be involved, it is unlikely that they are just ordinary people.

When the other party asked him, Chen Feng did not answer.

The man continued: “We know that Mr. Chen has entered the Taihao Secret Treasure and brought things out of it. It has always been suspected that there is a way to break the restrictions, but now it seems that Mr. Chen hasn’t To reach the master, it is not real enough to come.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Couldn’t it be me who is still preparing?”

The man laughed and said, “We did think this way, but Mr. Chen said it by himself, so the truth of this idea will be reduced.”

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment. The other party deliberately didn’t mention that he just wanted to see Chen Feng’s own attitude, but he didn’t think much and said it directly, making him guess something.

Looking at Chen Feng’s expression, the man also smiled casually, and said, “But no matter what, we have been observing Mr. Wu for too long. If Mr. Wu dies, we hope that we can treat him as soon as possible. Do some testing.”

Chen Feng said, “You are worried that I will stop you, so come over and say hello to me in advance?”

That humanity said: “It is almost like this. I hope that Mr. Chen can agree to it. Naturally, we are not completely letting Mr. Chen agree. If we really know something, we will share it with Mr. Chen, and at the same time about our previous Research can also be shared with Mr. Chen as appropriate.”

His words were polite enough, but the matter was about Mr. Wu, and Chen Feng could not ask them to do any tests. This in itself was disrespect for the deceased.

Although he was also curious about what the so-called research has found out and whether this puzzle can really be answered, but considering his relationship with the elderly, he can’t do these things.

Chen Feng said, “Sorry. I can’t agree.”

The man heard that his face was a little disappointed, but he didn’t react too much, and said lightly: “We did not expect Mr. Chen to agree immediately, and Mr. Wu’s situation seems to be fine for a while, so in the next step In the time, I hope Mr. Chen will think about it, after all, this secret is about the entire martial arts world.”

After speaking, he bowed slightly to Chen Feng, turned and left.

Chen Feng stood there, looking at his back, but he still didn’t understand what happened just now.

But then when I think about it, he is a little shaken, after all, the temptation of Grandmaster Realm is still a bit bigger.

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