Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1096

“Is there no way? I don’t have much hatred with you, and even for the research you have done, I am very interested. If you really fight against each other, it will be a bit unsightly.” Chen Feng again Persuaded.

Tang Fengting shook his head and said, “After playing, I liked you a lot, but now I don’t like it anymore.”

Chen Feng smiled and asked, “Why?”

Tang Fengting said, “Because I really didn’t expect you to be such a hard-working person, so I decided to do it directly.”

And he did what he said, as soon as he finished his words, he had already hit a punch. The punch was quick and strong, and he still aimed at the position of Chen Feng’s heart. It seemed that he was going to take Chen Feng’s life.

Even Chen Feng did not expect him to be like this, after all, there was no grudge between the two.

But his movements were not slow, and one stepped back a few steps, just to avoid the opponent’s moves.

Tang Fengting chased after him, turning over with another punch. It was as heavy as the punch just now. If he hits Chen Feng, he will be hammered into powder even if he is a steel and iron bone.

Chen Feng dodges, although he has strength, but the speed is a little bit behind Chen Feng, Tang Fengting’s attack can not keep up with Chen Feng for a while.

He hit four or five punches in a row like this, almost all seemed to be exhausting, but he didn’t even touch the corner of Chen Feng’s clothes.

Tang Fengting finally knew the gap between himself and Chen Feng. He stood there and shouted to Chen Feng: “What’s the point of dodging like this? There is a kind of head-to-head encounter with me.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “You all said that I am a smart person. Naturally, I can’t do such a stupid thing. I don’t want to fight with you. You can go.”

But Tang Fengting was unwilling. He just assumed that Chen Feng was taunting him. He was very hot. He was so angry that he was so angry that he even forgot the bet with that woman. Thinking that he would beat Chen Feng to death no matter what.

So, rushed up again.

Chen Feng knew that if he could not be defeated, this person would not leave, so he would simply not play the game of evasiveness, and he would just punch him.

But Chen Feng didn’t aim at the opponent’s fist, but after avoiding it, he punched Tang Fengting’s chest again. Although there was a muscle buffer there, Chen Feng’s fist was also heavy. After a punch, Tang Fengting felt The entire shoulder blade must be broken.

He was beaten back, and if he wanted to move forward, he had to weigh a little bit. Chen Feng was indeed stronger than him, and it seemed that Chen Feng hadn’t exerted all his strength yet.

Tang Fengting knew that if Chen Feng’s punch was an attitude of killing him, now he was lying on the ground, and he even felt scared for the recklessness just now, but he never expected Chen Feng to be so strong.

Chen Feng finished with a punch and did not continue. Standing some distance from Tang Fengting, he slowly said, “Those who go back and tell you, when the old man is dead, I will go and see what you are doing, but the old man’s business. , Don’t think about it anymore.”

When Chen Feng finished speaking, Tang Fengting didn’t say a word. After looking at Chen Feng, he left.

“Who is he?” Xue Leng suddenly walked out from the side.

Chen Feng didn’t seem to notice her just now, and said in surprise: “Why are you here?”

Xue said coldly, “I just came back and saw you and this person come out. I was afraid that something might happen to you, so I followed over and took a look, but your martial arts are really good.”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t know who this guy is. But he shouldn’t come again.”

Xue Leng nodded and said, “I hope this is the best way. If Grandpa’s cultivation is disturbed, I won’t bypass you.”

Chen Feng looked at Xue Leng suspiciously. She saw that she made a move just now, but she still said this kind of thing. Doesn’t she think she is so powerful?

Chen Feng didn’t know, Xue Leng had already turned and left.

But he looked at it and couldn’t see the details of Xue Leng, so he had no choice but to go back with him.

The sound of washing clothes by the river has also stopped, but the fighting just a few minutes ago is still too quiet, and even the sound of washing clothes has not been overpowered.

The old man’s body is really worse than every day. Once a person loses his energy, his body will slowly lose its vitality.

Every time Xue Leng came back, he was so exhausted, not only physical exhaustion, but also spiritual pain caused by the weakness of the old man.

But even so, the old man still didn’t make it through in the end, as if he had ended his life suddenly and quietly. The old man just leaned on the recliner, then closed his eyes, and never woke up again.

When Xue Leng entered the yard, she thought that the old man was just lying on a chair and fell asleep. He went to find a blanket to cover him, but when Xue Leng approached the old man, she found that the old man had lost his breath. I was shocked on the spot.

Even for a while, she didn’t know how to do it, or whether she should cry.

But after a long time, Xue Leng still did not shed tears. She just glanced at the old man silently, still covered the old man with the blanket in her hand, and then walked to her house.

When Xue Leng came in, Chen Feng was reading a book. He raised his head when he heard the movement of the door, and saw Xue Leng’s expression, lonely like a withered flower. Chen Feng knew what had happened. He didn’t say a word. Instead, he put the book in his hand aside.

He stood up, walked to Xue Leng’s side, hugged her gently, but Xue Leng did not push away, even at that moment, she needed someone to comfort her.

In Chen Feng’s arms, everything is quiet.

Chen Feng also felt Xue Leng trembling slightly. He wanted to say something, but when all the comforting words came to his mouth, he still didn’t say anything. He knew that it was useless to say nothing now. Quietness is the best. Something that heals people’s hearts.

After standing like this for a few minutes, Xue Leng left her arms. She said, “I’m fine, can you help me with the next thing?”

Chen Feng knew that she was referring to the old man’s aftermath, and Chen Feng nodded. At this moment, everything was too cruel for Xue Leng, and he also had the responsibility to do it.

But the next day, someone came to the door.

The headed person is a woman, wearing black sunglasses and black plain clothes, and behind her is Tang Fengting, the defeated man of Chen Feng.

Xue Leng saw that they didn’t speak. She knew Chen Feng could solve it, but she knelt and sat in front of the old man’s mourning hall, burning yellow paper.

But Chen Feng stood up at this time, and he walked over.

“We are just here to pay homage, so there is no malice.” Before Chen Feng could speak, the woman said softly.

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