Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1098

Xue Leng lowered her head, as if she could not make a decision.

Zhou Zhiyong looked at her and looked at Xue Leng’s expression even more annoyed. He yelled, “I don’t need you to pity me, it has nothing to do with you. Kill me, as long as you kill me, no one will I’m here to disturb you.”

Xue Leng finally looked at the other party again, and it seemed that she was about to do something to the other party, but then she said, “I will let you get what you want, but before that, I must tell you that those things have nothing to do with you, they Damn, but you are innocent.”

Zhou Zhiyong was still angry and said, “I said I don’t need you to pity me. If you don’t kill me, I will find a way to kill you. They are my relatives, and I cannot live alone in this world.”

After speaking, he rushed over. Although he also had moves, his anger had already destroyed his moves unreasonably, even as if they were fighting with children, there were flaws everywhere.

Xue Leng stood up from the sofa, but with only one move, he knocked this guy out, and then threw him on the sofa.

Without the noise of this guy, everything feels quiet.

Chen Feng walked up to Xue Leng and asked, “You didn’t kill him?”

Xue Leng glanced at Chen Feng, had no idea at all, just nodded.

Chen Feng still asked, “Don’t you want to tell me who this guy is, and now he looks like this, when he wakes up, what do you want to do, continue to knock him unconscious.”

Xue Leng said: “I don’t want to.”

Chen Feng was also helpless, but he had no choice but to walk over, wanting to see who this provoked Xue Leng was.

But as soon as he approached, Xue Leng, who had already walked upstairs, suddenly turned to Chen Feng and said, “You better not kill him.”

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment, then raised his head to look at Xue Leng, and said, “As long as you don’t kill him? What about other things?”

Xue Leng said, “Other things are up to you.”

After speaking, she completely ignored it and walked upstairs.

Chen Feng walked in front of Zhou Zhiyong. In fact, this guy didn’t seem to be very old, he didn’t even look like twenty, and if you talk about ten years ago, maybe he was just a few years old, but Xue Leng is no different. I’m only a teenager, but it sounds like what happened is serious.

Could it be that Xue Leng had already killed people at that time, and it seemed to be related to this guy.

Chen Feng thought for a while, then gave Zhou Zhiyong a vigorous massage on an acupuncture point, and it didn’t take long for this guy to woke up leisurely.

Zhou Zhiyong opened his eyes, saw Chen Feng in front of him, and asked in astonishment: “Who are you? Where is that woman?”

Chen Feng smiled and said: “She is not here, now I am the only one here. As for who I am, does this matter? Don’t you just want to kill that woman? Actually, I can help you.”

Zhou Zhiyong still looked at Chen Feng in confusion, and said, “You want to help me? Why?”

Chen Feng said, “I have to do things according to my mood. You also don’t care about it. I just ask you, what is the relationship between that woman and you.”

Zhou Zhiyong looked around and found that he was still in the room just now, and it seemed that it hadn’t been long since he passed out in a coma, but the woman was no longer there.

He wanted to stand up, but was immediately suppressed by Chen Feng. Chen Feng said, “You’d better answer my question.”

Zhou Zhiyong wanted to struggle, but Chen Feng’s strength was too great. He couldn’t get out of it anyway. He could only look at Chen Feng angrily and said, “What do you want to do?”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “I just want to know your relationship with that woman. Tell me, I will kill her for you.”

But even though this guy wanted to kill Xue Leng, he was not a fool. He still looked at Chen Feng on guard and said, “Why should I believe you? You and that woman are obviously in the same group. Why are you? Don’t ask him directly.”

Chen Feng thought that if Xue Leng had told him, he would not ask here.

“Why, it’s just that your life is in my hands now. If you don’t say anything, I will have to make you suffer.”

As he said, the hand he placed on Zhou Zhiyong’s shoulder used a little bit of strength, and Zhou Zhiyong’s painful expression immediately changed.

Seeing this effect, Chen Feng naturally didn’t have to continue. He let go of his hand and continued: “If you want to survive, just say it.”

However, Zhou Zhiyong gritted his teeth and still did not want to disclose.

Chen Feng had to repeat the old trick, but the effect was not good. He didn’t expect this guy to be so real in this kind of thing.

“Either you kill me, anyway, I’m the one to die.”

If it weren’t for Xue Leng who said not to kill him, Chen Feng might really not mind one more life in his hand. This guy is not dead now, and one day he will still die somewhere.

Without continuously asking what he wanted to know, Chen Feng was very annoyed, but thinking that he could not let him run away, he directly knocked this guy out.

He glared at each other before going back to sleep.

But when Chen Feng was going out the next morning, the guy had disappeared.

Chen Feng looked at Xue Leng there, and he asked, “Where is that guy?”

Xue Leng said, “The person has gone?”

Chen Feng frowned and said in doubt: “That guy can’t have left so easily, he is like that, but with your life-and-death attitude, how could he have left like this?”

But Xue Leng still said, “If you don’t believe it, you can find it yourself.”

Chen Feng couldn’t find this guy by himself, and he didn’t have to, but he was just curious about the relationship between Xue Leng and that person.

But it was also the same thought that starting from today, he will leave, and these things naturally have nothing to do with him.

“Forget it, let’s go. Anyway, it has nothing to do with me. However, just looking at his attitude yesterday, I think he will definitely come to you. If you are impatient, kill him. The body is not good. Deal with it, I can help you too.”

Chen Feng also didn’t expect that he could say such dark words, cruel and inhumane.

Xue Leng glanced at Chen Feng with a look colder than usual, and said, “I said I wouldn’t kill him.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “If you don’t want to do it, I can do it for you.”

Xue Leng was immediately annoyed, stood up and stared, “Dare you!”

Chen Feng said, “If I want to kill someone, do I still need a reason? I want to kill him, then he will definitely die.”

Xue Leng said annoyed, “If you dare to move him, I will kill you.”

Chen Feng really didn’t think that this person would be so important to Xue Leng, and he could actually do something to Chen Feng for him.

But Chen Feng didn’t really want to take the matter seriously.

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