Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1101

After speaking, the two closed the door and left.

Lin Lu sat back again. She looked at Chen Feng. Chen Feng was still very calm at this time. Although he heard this message, he was only a participant and he could not make a decision, so his rational approach was not to go. Speak, let Lin Lu make the decision.

Lin Lu was also very grateful that Chen Feng didn’t say anything just now, at least he didn’t make her lose face in front of her subordinates.

But this kind of thing still makes her very difficult to accept.

Now that there is no one, she also needs to explain to Chen Feng what happened.

“President Chen, regarding the previous events, there may be some situation.” Lin Lu said with a little frustration.

Chen Feng said, “Is it because of the return of the two products just now?”

Lin Lu nodded and said, “Yes. I told them not to come in and report, because even these two companies have already returned the goods, so there is nothing to spare in the other ones below. So this time, I think someone was paying special attention. Against us.”

Chen Feng was also surprised. He didn’t think he wanted to do something, so he was targeted.

“Do you know who is targeting us?” Chen Feng asked.

Lin Lu shook her head and said: “It’s still unclear, but this kind of thing does have a great impact on us. The initial publicity expenses have been paid out, but if it is not easy to see our goods in the market, this is not easy for us. The credibility of our company will be a big blow, and consumers may no longer trust us.”

Chen Feng can only hear and understand these things. After all, he is not a professional, but he knows that he must be in trouble now.

He asked: “Then how can the problem be solved.”

Lin Lu shook her head and said, “I can’t see clearly now. Only when we know who the other person is and what we want to do, can we find a countermeasure.”

Chen Feng nodded. He believed Lin Lu’s judgment, but after thinking about it, he still said: “If you need my help, you can just speak up. I think I can still provide it, you Do you know Xu Fu? I think we can ask him for help.”

Chen Feng also tried his best to express his thoughts. He felt that he encountered this kind of commercial competition in Magic City, so it might be a good idea to find Xu Fu directly.

Lin Lu was also surprised when she heard Chen Feng mention Xu Fu, and asked, “Mr Chen knows that person?”

Chen Feng remembered that Xu Fu’s reputation in the magic city seemed not good. He looked at Lin Lu’s expression and thought that she was also disgusted, but he had already said what he had to say, and he had to admit: “He has a good relationship with me. I can contact him if necessary.”

Lin Lu sighed, “If Xu Fu is really helping, then no one in the whole demon should dare to touch him.”

Chen Feng also gave a wry smile. He didn’t expect that Xu Fu’s reputation even Lin Lu knew.

“But I seem to have heard that his reputation in the magic city is not good.” Chen Feng also said honestly.

Lin Lu nodded and said, “The things Xu Fu did in the magic city really made many people dislike it. Most of the things he did broke the market rules. Relying on his own sufficient funds, he did evil competition. He has not been supervised, and the current Demon Capital can almost be said to cover the sky with one hand, but fortunately, he did not reach out to the jewelry industry, or even we will have to withdraw from the Demon Capital.”

Chen Feng didn’t have any direct impression yet. He just knew that Xu Fu was very powerful, but when he heard Lin Lu admire him so much, and just thought about it, he had directly surrendered, and he had no idea of ​​resisting at all, and he really felt that Xu Fu was powerful.

“That’s easy, even you think it’s okay to have him there, so I immediately call him to help me?”

But Lin Lu stopped him and said, “Mr. Chen, we don’t need to contact him for this matter yet. If we really let people know that we Lisa Jewelry and Xu Fu are standing together, then in the future, we may also It will be an object crusaded by those people, so it’s not a last resort, it’s better to rely on our own strength.”

This is what made Chen Feng not expect, if it is true, if Xu Fu can always cover the sky of the magic capital, then it will be nothing to take refuge in Xu Fu, and it can even be more nourishing, but Chen Feng also knows that prosperity is declining and arrogant. The soldier will be defeated.

He didn’t think that the current Xu Fu could go on like this. He aroused too many people and would definitely arouse public anger. At that time, he would either go down or make concessions.

But Chen Feng thought about Xu Fu’s temperament. He was a person who would never give in. His result would only be victory and defeat, and there would be no other possibility.

Because of this, Chen Feng nodded and said, “Well, don’t go to him for the time being, then there will be funds left. I can provide private investment from Chen’s bank account to Lisa. No one has moved the funds yet. , I can do whatever I want.”

The more Lin Lu listened, the more surprised she was. It was just a Xu Fu. She could accept it temporarily. After all, Chen Feng just knew him and he might not be able to do anything. However, Lin Lu had to seriously consider this direct capital injection.

She thought for a while and asked, “Mr. Chen, how much money do you prepare to save this incident.”

Chen Feng also thought about it seriously. Although the capital in the Chen family’s overseas private investment account bears the name of the Chen family, the person who actually controls it is still Chen Feng, so he has complete control. Now Lin Lu asks, he No specific information was reported at the moment.

“I don’t know this, you wait for me to make a call.” He said to Lin Lu.

Lin Lu nodded, and watched Chen Feng walk to the window and dialed a phone call. It sounded like the other person was a familiar person, and soon he hung up the phone and walked to sit in front of Lin Lu again. Come down.

“I have asked just now that there may not be much money. When investing overseas, the family divided a sum of investment out, so now it seems that only about 10 billion are left at their disposal.”

Chen Feng is also not sure whether these funds can save the entire Lisa. In his mind, this kind of capital war is a bottomless pit. It only depends on whether the two sides are willing to throw money.

And now Chen Feng doesn’t even know who his opponent is, so he is also afraid that he can put out more than 10 billion.

But this in Lin Lu’s world is completely different. This is no longer one billion, but one hundred Lisa, or even more.

Lisa’s registered capital is even less than 100 million, but now she has to attract a 10 billion investment, which in Lin Lu’s view is absolutely unimaginable.

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