Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1102

But I can’t believe this, in Chen Feng’s opinion, he still has a guilty conscience.

Lin Lu really felt that Chen Feng’s identity was far beyond her imagination. At the beginning, she just felt that Chen Feng was just a rich second generation following Xia Mengyao, and even only had two money, but it was worthless in itself.

But following the contact with Chen Feng, she knew that Chen Feng was a lot better than she thought, and she also felt that Xia Mengyao was able to look at Chen Feng and it didn’t seem to be a wrong decision. After all, in Lin Lu’s impression, Xia Mengyao is the kind of perfect woman, and a man who can be worthy of Xia Mengyao must be at least good enough.

But until now, Lin Lu has once again changed her impression of Chen Feng.

Lin Lu knew about Xia Mengyao’s career and even some capital flows. Xia Mengyao would often ask her for help, so she knew exactly how rich Xia Mengyao was.

But that was already a wealth she couldn’t imagine. After all, this was not something ordinary people could achieve. At least he could not do it with his ability. She even felt that Xia Mengyao was the one percent rich.

But it wasn’t until she met Chen Feng that she could now report 10 billion people at will, and even in Chen Feng’s eyes, this was not enough to look at, she thought that maybe Xia Mengyao had climbed Chen Feng.

But she can’t say anything about this kind of thing. After being shocked, she relaxed in the eyes of Chen Feng staring at her. After taking a deep breath, she said: “Mr. Chen, this money It’s already too much, and it doesn’t need that much.”

Chen Feng still has some worries: “But we don’t even know who the other party is. If the other party can also put out so much money, wouldn’t it be very detrimental to us.”

Lin Lu can only think helplessly in her heart. There are not many people who can spend so much money at one time in China. Maybe Xu Fu is one, but there is only one magic capital in the financial center. How could it be possible? Some people will come up with so much money at once.

But Lin Lu seems to know one thing too, that is, Chen Feng doesn’t seem to have much idea about large sums of money. One billion may be in his mind, which is similar to one billion.

Lin Lu said: “Mr. Chen, you can rest assured. If you really encounter the situation you mentioned, the other party will not really spend 10 billion to smash it.”

Chen Feng nodded slightly, and said, “So it’s like this!”

And looking at Chen Feng’s expression, Lin Lu didn’t know whether to envy or laugh, but because Chen Feng’s performance made her at least as nervous as she was at the beginning, she suddenly felt relieved, as if she knew that even if she fell If it falls, there will be Chen Feng supporting her behind.

After leaving the office, Lin Lu checked the actual situation, and as she thought, all the pre-ordered containers of Lisa Jewelry were returned, and the other party definitely targeted them.

Lin Lu didn’t know for a while, exactly who would be targeted, because they had never offended anyone, and they were just doing their own thing.

But now that the other party has made a move, she can’t shrink back.

She asked Zhou Chen on the side, “Have you contacted these jewelry stores?”

Zhou Chen said with a somewhat sullen expression: “We have already contacted, but they all just refused.”

“Have you ever asked who on earth robbed our container?” Lin Lu put down the information in her hand and continued to ask.

Zhou Chen shook his head and said, “I have also asked, but they didn’t say anything. They also said that they had signed confidential matters with the other party, and they couldn’t disclose it.”

Lin Lu sneered and said, “These guys are just looking at the money. Any non-disclosure agreement is bullshit.”

Zhou Chen looked at Lin Lu unexpectedly. He had never heard Lin Lu swear, but because of this, she would actually curse.

Lin Lu noticed Zhou Chen’s gaze, glared at him, and said, “Why, I haven’t seen a curse!”

Zhou Chen waved his hands again and again, “It’s just that I have never seen President Lin so angry. It seems that these guys have done too much.”

As he said, he also said frustratedly: “But President Lin, this time being targeted in a comprehensive manner, the other party is definitely not easy to provoke, and this time we have also advertised, if there is really nothing, for us to come. Said it was a big loss.”

Fortunately, only a few people know about this matter for the time being, so the entire company will not lose its fighting spirit.

Lin Lu looked at Zhou Chen and knew that if she didn’t even have the idea of ​​fighting, then she would really lose herself without fighting. She comforted: “Mr Chen has already spoken. If the other party wants to fight viciously, He can provide funds to inject Lisa over.”

As soon as Zhou Chen heard that there was financial assistance, he was energetic, and hurriedly asked: “Mr Chen is so grand, but will this upset the big boss?”

The big boss mentioned by Zhou Chen naturally refers to Xia Mengyao, the legal person of this company.

Lin Lu shook her head and said, “I don’t think it should be. Maybe this manager Chen is the gold master behind the big boss.”

It’s like talking about gossip, and the gossip about love is the easiest to notice. Zhou Chen curiously said, “How is this possible? Didn’t you say that the big boss is rich? Even those assets really explode, yes. On the Forbes list.”

Lin Lu nodded and said, “Mr. Xia has a lot of assets, but this does not hinder who is behind her.”

As she said, she seemed to want something, and said: “Don’t talk nonsense everywhere, if you get into the ears of the big boss, you and I will be worn by Mr. Xia.”

Zhou Chen also hurriedly promised not to speak out.

But the spread of this matter in the office can definitely catch up with the rockets, but in an afternoon, these people have a lot more thoughts about Chen Feng.

“This is no longer simply being rich, rich and handsome, this should be the legendary rich, rich and handsome.”

“You idiot, the rich world is beyond your imagination.”

“But President Chen doesn’t look like a rich man. If he is with us, I think he is just an ordinary working class.”

Anyway, there are various discussions, Chen Feng doesn’t know.

He was not in a good mood at this time, but this kind of thing that he just wanted to do was directly targeted, and he might not feel happy when he put it on anyone.

But now he can only trust Lin Lu, and he has to go to the bar to have fun.

“Let’s go together, wait until tomorrow for something annoying.” Speaking of going to the bar, Chen Feng thought about calling Lin Lu up. After all, he was a man who used to drink, but it was really too monotonous.

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