Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1104

“Let’s go, if you are here, someone will definitely come around.” Chen Feng said to Lin Lu.

Lin Lu also smiled and nodded. She was as happy as she did this thing herself. She also knew that Chen Feng could do it, and she asked Chen Feng to do it, so this is part of her in itself. Of the credit, she naturally has a reason to be happy.

When the two of them walked out of the bar, the outside wind blew on their slightly hot faces, and they felt a lot cooler, and this kind of cozy and comfortable feeling made people a little fascinated for a while, I just hope that it will continue to be so.

At this time, in a private mansion, a black Mercedes drove into the big iron gate and walked towards the door of the mansion.

When the door was reached, someone came up to open the door immediately, and then a stern looking guy got out of the car. He looked at the front door of the mansion, and the waiter who opened the door said: “Old Qian, my host is already waiting for you inside. .”

Qian always glanced at him, and walked in directly.

When he reached the door, someone immediately opened the door for him, and when he entered, it was also decorated with magnificent decorations, and he knew it was a rich family at a glance.

A man of the same age sitting on the sofa in the lobby hurriedly stood up, and he greeted Qian Lao.

“It’s really brilliant for Qian Lao to come to the humble house.”

Qian Lao’s face was serious, and he knew that he was an unsmiling person when he looked at him, so he at least nodded slightly in response to the enthusiasm of the other party and said, “I’m here for business.”

Yuan Xinhai knew Qian Lao’s temperament, and would not be offended by his indifference, so he hurriedly invited Qian Lao to sit inside.

After the two of them sat down and the tea was over, Yuan Xinhai said: “Knowing that money is old and time is precious, then other vernaculars will not be spoken much, just talk about occupying the market in the jewelry industry this time.”

Old Qian picked up the teacup, took a sip, moisturized his lips, and nodded.

Yuan Xinhai went on to say: “Xu Fu is in the industry not involved in the magic city, this jewelry industry is the most profitable point, but with Xu Fu’s greedy nature, we estimate that he will definitely reach out in the near future, so we will do it this time too. prepare in advance.”

Old Qian said: “I understand what you mean, but how do you really want to defeat this person.”

In fact, Qian Lao himself does not belong to the economic circle of Demon Capital. He came from Yanjing and was invited by the Demon Capital group. However, he did not come alone, but with a lot of funds, in order to encircle Xu Fu this time. In the process, share a piece of the pie.

Yuan Xinhai knew in his heart that if he couldn’t come up with a way to convince him, this guy would definitely return to Yanjing with his money, and would never even take another look.

But he was not worried either, because this time dealing with Xu Fu, almost the entire Demon Capital’s enterprises had been dispatched, whether it was defeated by Xu Fu or those who had not yet contacted Xu Fu.

Everyone is afraid of Xu Fu. This guy is like a devil born out of the sky. He is greedy and devours everyone’s territory, but he won’t even give others a chance to survive. It is like killing his parents. This This kind of deep hatred is simply everyone’s condemnation.

With such a powerful force gathered, Yuan Xinhai really didn’t know what he had to fear.

“Hold him in the jewellery industry, and then let other people attack together in other areas where Xu Fu lacks funds. Without funds, he is just indistinguishable from an ordinary person. Even if he has the magic spell He was helpless, and at the same time, public opinion was also aggressively suppressing him, creating a negative impact on him and making people believe that this guy is no longer good.”

Qian Lao thought for a moment. He was not optimistic about this approach, and he also believed that Xu Fu would be defeated, but he always felt that Xu Fu was underestimated. He slowly said, “What if he sees through your plan? If he doesn’t If you will step into the jewelry industry, your preparations will not be burned.”

Yuan Xinhai also smiled. He was a little thirsty as he said just now. He also picked up the teacup, pretending to be suspicious, and didn’t immediately say it.

Qian Lao didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He knew that Yuan Xinhai was just showing his self-confidence. He also appreciates this self-confidence, because only confident people may be the final winner.

After Yuan Xinhai moistened his throat, he said again: “Old Qian, I know what you are worried about, but Xu Fu, I have been studying for a long time. Since his first acquisition in the magic city, I have been studying him. NS.”

Having said that, Old Qian looked at Yuan Xinhai curiously and said, “You actually started so early?”

Yuan Xinhai smiled and said: “It’s so early, because he has been a little surpassing since his first commercial war. I expected him to be a great weapon at that time, but I didn’t expect him to do such an angry and grieving thing. .”

Old Qian also chuckled lightly and said, “You should have suppressed him early then.”

Yuan Xinhai shook his head and said, “Who knew that this kind of thing would happen, let’s not talk about it, let’s not talk about it.”

He went on to say: “As for Qian Lao’s worry, I think I can tell you that he will definitely come in, and he must come home in a big victory.”

Old Qian was puzzled: “Why?”

Yuan Xinhai said: “Because he is now a proud soldier. From the moment he took the Xu family’s funds to the magic city, he has never lost. In any industry he enters, he can always kill other people’s movies. A didn’t keep it, and finally ate it all.

This man is greedy and arrogant, and his constant victories have made him forget his failures. He is now defiant and has no humility at all, so I am sure that he will never withdraw, but will continue to be in this industry. Here and we get the results. And he is doomed to fail, because the arrogant soldier will lose. ”

His words finally convinced Qian Laojue. He knew that he had come to Demon Capital. This time, as long as he eats a little bit, he can quickly gain a foothold in Demon Capital. As for the things that follow, it is not impossible that he even wants to become Xu Fu’s second place, but these are naturally not things to consider now.

He nodded and laughed. This was the first time he showed his face and smiled after entering the door. Although that serious face was really not good-looking, but at least, this was also showing his attitude.

“I hope the cooperation is happy.” He proactively stretched out his hand.

Yuan Xinhai also laughed. Greed is indeed everyone’s nature. He knew that the most attractive thing for the other party was not to beat Xu Fu, but to split the pie after that.

But Yuan Xinhai didn’t care, because as long as he defeated Xu Fu, how to divide the pie would not be so easy.

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