Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1105

He also smiled and stretched out his hand, and shook hands with Qian Lao. The two of them may have seen the dawn of victory, and both smiled.

In front of Lin Lu’s apartment, Chen Feng supported some Lin Lu who was unsteady.

He didn’t expect that Lin Lu, who was still okay just now, would be drunk soon.

It may be that the back of the neck of the wine came up, and Lin Lu might think that there was nothing but two more glasses.

Lin Lu was very light, and Chen Feng could hardly feel anything. He took Lin Lu up the stairs and walked towards the elevator.

There were people passing by the road. Seeing the posture of the men and women, they naturally thought that some primitive sex had gone. Maybe they would still criticize Lin Lu’s frivolity because of the high morality, so when he looked at Lin Lu with that kind of contempt, Chen Feng was also very upset.

Chen Feng glared at the man before he fled.

“I’m not going back, I’m going to play, it will be boring to go back.” Wrapped around Chen Feng’s neck, Lin Lu was talking about alcohol.

Chen Feng also did not expect that the steady Lin Lu would have such a posture after drinking.

He smiled and comforted: “Okay, okay. I’ll take you to have fun later, OK?”

Having said that, the elevator door has been opened, and he headed towards the floor of Lin Lu’s house.

But when he got out of the elevator, Chen Feng saw someone waiting at the door of Lin Lu’s house. He was a boy and a half, but he was in his early twenties.

Chen Feng looked at him curiously. He also looked at Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng and Lin Lu together, Lin Xiangyu laughed and said, “You are the brother-in-law.”

Chen Feng listened to him. This guy should be Lin Lu’s younger brother, but he called his brother-in-law the first time he met. Isn’t it too weird?

Chen Feng asked with confirmation, “Who are you?”

Lin Xiangyu smiled and said, “Lin Lu is my sister, I’m waiting for her here.”

Chen Feng looked at Lin Lu. Lin Lu seemed a little confused, but when she heard the voice, she finally looked at Lin Xiangyu. She exclaimed, “It’s you.”

Lin Xiangyu nodded repeatedly.

And Chen Feng also believed that Lin Lu did know each other.

But then Chen Feng saw Lin Lu take out the wallet from her backpack, and then got some money from there.

“Give you!”

Chen Feng is a little strange, but after all, it’s just a matter of other people’s siblings, and it is not easy for Chen Feng to ask anything.

Lin Xiangyu took the money from Lin Lu. He clicked carefully, then smiled and said to the two Chen Feng: “Then sister, brother-in-law, you are busy, I won’t bother you.”

After speaking, he trot and walked away.

Chen looked at him and probably thought of what was going on, but he didn’t say it just now, and now he doesn’t say anything anymore.

He just helped Lin Lu into the room, put her on the bed, and went back by himself. Naturally, it is impossible for something to happen.

The next day, Chen Feng received a call from Lin Lu, but she didn’t mention drinking at all. She seemed to remember how she was drunk, so she was even more embarrassed to say something.

What was said on the phone was only about gold jewelry.

Chen Feng also found it inconvenient on the phone, Lin Lu just mentioned it, and he rushed to the company directly.

Seeing Chen Feng coming in, the company’s employees kept casting their sights, and they seemed to be very curious about Chen Feng.

Chen Feng also found it strange. Why did he suddenly feel that these people’s attitudes towards him have changed a lot, as if he didn’t know him, but he has come to the company several times, and even several people can remember their names. .

He didn’t know what was going on, but he didn’t ask these people, he just walked to Lin Lu’s office with doubts.

After greeting Lin Lu, Chen Feng sat aside and asked, “How are you feeling? There is nothing uncomfortable anymore.”

Lin Lu knew that Chen Feng was talking about drinking last night, and when she thought of this, Lin Lu blushed immediately, and she replied with a little shame, “Nothing, thank you Mr. Chen for caring.”

Chen Feng knew that Lin Lu blushed, so he couldn’t continue to talk about this topic, so he turned the topic off and said, “Can you find out who is targeting us behind?”

Lin Lu nodded, took a file from the side, and handed it to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng took it and glanced quickly, mainly staying on the name of a company.

“Crescent Moon Jewels?” Chen Feng asked.

Lin Lu nodded and said, “This is a company that has only recently been registered. I have checked it. There are many companies that have injected capital behind him, and they have a large amount of capital. They should have been in the jewelry industry this time. Premeditated and well prepared.”

This kind of thing is naturally not surprising, but from Chen Feng’s perspective, that is, funds are looking for more suitable places to make money.

But Chen Feng asked strangely: “Then why is it so strong that it directly squeezes out opponents from the market. This could have been milder, and relying on their funds, they can definitely quickly use quality to occupy the market. Doing this is not too anxious. , And the impact is not very good.”

Lin Lu also shook her head and said: “I don’t know what the specific situation is, but they choose to use this method. Not only us, but many jewelry designs have been excluded. It seems that they are very anxious and seem to want to use the fastest. The speed of annexing the entire Demon Capital’s jewelry industry, and this looks a lot like Xu Fu’s approach.”

When it comes to Xu Fu again, Chen Feng is also puzzled.

Chen Feng said, “Should I call and ask?”

Lin Lu is also noncommittal. She cannot make decisions for Chen Feng, but whether it is Xu Fu or not, even if they bypass themselves, other jewelry design companies will definitely have no retreat. At that time, the entire market will still be dominant. .

Lin Lu thought to say: “Since they are seizing the market in this way, I think they will come to the company to talk about mergers and acquisitions in the next step. Since they want to seize all the markets, absorption is more important than suppression.”

Chen Feng also knows what she meant, but now it is not a matter of one family, but a matter of the entire industry, it is not that simple to think about it.

Looking at Lin Lu, he was helpless. Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “I still go to Xu Fu to confirm with him what the situation is. I think even if it is not what he is doing, I will definitely talk to him. There are some relationships, and the demons are almost all his powers, and he must have a better understanding of what happened.”

Lin Lu can only nod her head. This time the confrontation is too strong, and she even has no confidence, but fortunately, there is something else Chen Feng can do.

She feels that she is still lucky, at least at this time there is still Chen Feng.

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