Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1107

Standing there, Chen Feng would look unremarkable, just like ordinary people visiting the scenery on the opposite side.

“Do you know what someone is doing in the jewelry industry recently?” Chen Feng didn’t have to go around with Xu Fu, he asked directly.

As a business talent in the magic city, Xu Fu naturally knew about this.

“I know, someone wants to fight with me, that’s why they invest in it. Why do you care about it? Don’t you always care about how much money you can make?”

Chen Feng said: “It didn’t have anything to do with me, but I bought three gold mines some time ago, so I wanted to make some jewelry to sell, but I never thought I would encounter this kind of thing in the devil.”

Xu Fu was surprised: “Three gold mines, have you guessed the shit?”

Chen Feng said irritably: “Fuck you, this is what Lao Tzu has done desperately for.”

“You can trade for three gold mines with my life, and I also use my life to exchange it. I was killed and alive in Demon Capital, and I didn’t get as much as you did!”

Chen Feng didn’t want to wrestle with him about this kind of thing. He said, “If you are willing, I will take you. But before this, you still told me clearly what happened now?”

Xu Fu waved his hand and said, “Forget it, I just made a joke. I’ll go with you. My fate may be gone, and there may not be a gold mine. But now, I think you have to forget about it. , Surrendering is the best plan.”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I’ll give up before I fight. I’m not this kind of person.”

Xu Fu said, “If you feel unconvinced, I will avenge you when I enter the arena, and I will definitely make them suffer severely.”

“I know you have this ability, but this kind of thing is my own.”

Xu Fu glanced at Chen Feng and found that he was serious when he said this, but it was still a bit strange. After all, Chen Feng never paid attention to it. His money was too much to spend, and the stable income every year Enough for him to do anything, even if he admits defeat this time, nothing will count, and he can spend a lot less energy.

Xu Fu thought, shook his head and said, “Although I don’t know why you are so persistent, they were originally prepared for me in this matter, so their strength is very strong. If you insist on being tough with them, it’s true. It’s thankless, but if you really want to help me, I thank you too, but I don’t really need it.”

Chen Feng couldn’t think of why he was obsessed with this kind of thing. He had left all this to Xia Mengyao. He was only responsible for throwing money. But this time, without Xia Mengyao, he wanted to try it out. There is a problem.

“It shouldn’t be for you. I also know that you have this ability. It is not my turn to help you.” Looking at Xu Fu’s contemptuous gaze, Chen Feng smiled: “Naturally, if you ask me for help, I will definitely still do it. Help you, as long as you have a word, nothing will be a problem.”

When he said this, Xu Fucai smiled on his face.

And Chen Feng went on to say: “But no matter what it is, it may be just a breath. Before you go off the court, I can try their depth.”

Xu Fu had an indifferent expression. He even said with some regret: “If it is true, it really makes me feel a pity. I can’t just beat them down. This group of guys must think they can continue. Fight with me.”

He shook his head: “But since you want to play, then I have to let you.”

Someone leaned on the railing by the river and took pictures. They signaled to the two Chen Feng and asked them to pass quickly.

Chen Feng glanced at the two taking pictures, and unexpectedly discovered that the girl among them was actually Xiao Le, and Xiao Le also saw Chen Feng, but it seemed that because of the man next to her, she just didn’t know him.

Chen Feng gave a wry smile and ignored it. He knew that Xiao Le was afraid of his new boyfriend’s misunderstanding.

It’s just that this action is very secretive, and Xu Fu didn’t notice it either.

“I think if you really want to end, I’ll send someone to you. She will have some experience in handling these things, and after staying with me for so long, she has mastered my logic.” Xu Fu Said thoughtfully.

Chen Feng didn’t expect it, but he naturally thanked Xu Fu.

“That’s the best, but I’m still worried that throwing out my money will be ruined.”

Xu Fu smiled and said, “If you are really afraid that the blood you have transfused will be lost, I will keep an account for you. After I beat these people down, I will let them vomit it out for you.”

Chen Feng also smiled.

The river breeze blew on his face, which happened to blow away the irritability when he was indoors, and the empty night scene made people feel much better.

After separating from Xu Fu, I thought Lu Xin would go back by himself, but when he returned to the restaurant, Lu Xin was there waiting for him.

Chen Feng also really admired this woman’s thoughts, and could capture Xu Fu in such a small place at all times. It is estimated that Xu Fu will not be able to escape the palm of this woman’s hands in this life.

But this kind of woman, Chen Feng, always stays away. They are delicate in their minds, and naturally they have more than others want, and Chen Feng doesn’t want anything fighting to happen next to him, and he doesn’t want to be bothered. .

Seeing Lu Xin helping Xu Fu to leave, Chen Feng had no choice but to get ready to hit one and walk away.

But at this moment I saw Xiao Le again, and she was happily walking with the man towards the restaurant next to Chen Feng. It seemed that it was also because of this crab, and at this point in time, it was naturally empty inside. from.

This kind of face-to-face, Chen Feng didn’t want to avoid it like just now, so he smiled at Xiao Le.

Xiao Le looked at Chen Feng and had no choice but to smile back.

The man saw Xiaole know Chen Feng and asked, “Is it your friend?”

Xiao Le said: “I only met friends from two sides.”

Although she was right, it sounded a little alienated. Chen Feng saw Xiao Le several times, but she didn’t seem to be from this kind of force, but she didn’t know why she had such an attitude this time.

And Chen Feng soon learned. When the man heard Xiao Le say this, he immediately became a little unhappy, and said angrily: “I didn’t tell you, don’t know this kind of inconsistent man. Why don’t you listen mine.”

Seeing his appearance, even Chen Feng frowned. This guy is really making a fuss a little bit unreasonably, even if he knows a friend, he has to be so angry.

But looking at Xiao Le’s confession, Chen Feng was really hard to do what he did. After all, this was something Xiao Le was willing to do. Could he still force Xiao Le to be a man immediately.

Naturally, he couldn’t do it, so he had to persuade: “I met her only because of questioning.”

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