Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1108

Chen Feng thought that this would make men feel better, but he didn’t expect the man to directly anger Chen Feng: “I’m talking to my woman, what’s the matter with you here. Dog stuff.”

Chen Feng’s brow furrowed even more severely.

He looked at each other and said lightly: “You better keep my mouth clean.”

The calmer Chen Feng is at this time, the more angry he is in his heart, and if it is normal, he may have already started, but now in front of Xiaole, he wants to give Xiaole some face.

But the other party regarded Chen Feng’s patience as a bark, and sneered: “Why, you still dare to beat people, I tell you, I know people in this place.”

Xiao Le really didn’t want this kind of thing to continue. She knew the temper of the man next to her, and she didn’t want Chen Feng to be hurt, after all, Chen Feng had helped her.

She pulled the man’s clothes and said, “Forget it, he really has nothing to do with me.”

With a wave of the man’s arm, he avoided Xiao Le and said, “Now this is not your business. This guy is cruel to me. I have never met anyone who dares to be so rude to me.”

Chen Feng sneered, and didn’t talk nonsense with him. After he talked, Chen Feng just kicked this guy’s stomach with great strength, and directly kicked this guy three or four meters away.

Xiao Le became nervous immediately. She looked at the guy who fell to the ground, as if she was unconscious, she rushed over, but no matter how she called the other party’s name, this guy couldn’t wake up.

If he hadn’t had some breath, Xiao Le might have died.

Chen Feng said to Xiao Le at this time: “I can’t do anything about encountering this kind of guy. If you want to blame me, I can’t do anything, but I won’t apologize, and you don’t have to persuade me. I’m not afraid of him. ”

Listening to Chen Feng’s words, Xiao Le raised her head. She didn’t do what Chen Feng said, but as if she was about to cry.

This made Chen Feng a little flustered, he didn’t expect Xiao Le to cry in front of him.

“You…” Chen Feng paused, not knowing what to say.

Xiao Le cried and shook his head, and said, “I’m fine, and I didn’t blame you. Let’s go. If he wakes up, he will definitely argue with you.”

Chen Feng thought, but still did not leave, saying: “Why do you know such a guy, he doesn’t look like a good person. At least he has a bad temper.”

Xiao Le said: “I don’t know either.”

Like a silly girl, she was doing things that she couldn’t even make clear when she looked back.

Chen Feng didn’t know how to persuade, he just shook his head and said, “If this is the case, do you need me to help you? I think I should be able to do something.”

But Xiao Le shook his head and said, “You better go!”

Helpless, Chen Feng glanced at Xiao Le, and then walked away.

This incident might have some consequences, but Chen Feng naturally didn’t care, but was a little worried whether Xiao Le would be retaliated by the man for it.

But then he also shook his head. Some things are chosen by himself, so he can only try it himself, and others cannot help you.

The next day, the sky was covered with clouds. It seemed that some clues could be seen last night, but that was not obvious enough, but now, it seems that the sky is going to rain.

Xu Fu sent a call early in the morning, which should have been the assistant he promised to give to Chen Feng last night.

But not long after the message was sent, the phone rang.

“Is it Mr. Chen? I was introduced by Mr. Xu. Is it convenient for you to meet now?”

The gloomy sky outside seems to be even deeper, and the whole city seems to be oppressed by this dark cloud. Sitting indoors, if there is no overhead light, the whole room is invisible.

When Chen Feng passed by, the guy was already waiting there.

But Chen Feng was still a little surprised. This person is very special. He is blind in one eye and wears a blindfold, but he looks young.

Because of curiosity, Chen Feng naturally focused his eyes on his eyes when he saw him, but he didn’t mind, and even said generously: “Because of an accident, my left eye broke, because my naked eye The words seemed scary, so I covered it with a blindfold, hoping that Mr. Chen would not mind.”

Chen Feng shook his head, naturally he wouldn’t think too much about the time, and this person was introduced by Xu Fu, and Chen Feng would not have any idea of ​​judging people by appearance. I can even think that this person is talented, otherwise Xu Fujue Will not let him come to help himself.

Chen Feng sat in front of him and asked, “Have Xu Fu talked to you about specific things?”

Liu Xing nodded and said, “I also know a little bit about the general things, but how to start with Mr. Chen specifically, I still need some help from Mr. Chen.”

Chen Feng said, “Of course, I will take you back to Lisa and let them show you the information, but before that, I want to ask you, who are those guys?”

Liu Xing said: “I thought Mr. Chen already knew, I wanted to jump over it directly, but fortunately, I did some research before, but it might be more troublesome if I tell Mr. Chen carefully, I think we might as well go straight. Just go to visit one or two, so you can understand more directly.”

Chen Feng didn’t expect that he would go to the other party’s house as soon as he came up.

“Is this too direct?”

Liu Xing smiled and said, “Since the opponent has already made the move, things like appearance identity are still to be done. Even if you don’t let it go, even if you win, the opponent doesn’t necessarily know who’s losing it.”

He was crazy, and Chen Feng felt that he saw Xu Fu’s shadow. No wonder Xu Fu said that this person had been with him for a long time and knew him well.

Chen Feng thought about it, and didn’t think there were too many problems. Anyway, he still had to meet.

“Then I will go with you!”

After sitting down for a while, the two got up again.

At this time, the rain outside finally came down. It was not too heavy. It was just a drizzle, and it still felt a little wet on the face, but if it stayed for a long time, it would still be soggy.

When the two got on the car, Liu Xing reported a place that Chen Feng didn’t know, but he thought it was the planner of this event, and Chen Feng suddenly wondered who the other party was.

And suddenly Chen Feng felt that he could feel that Xu Fu was keen to fight in the magic city. This kind of war in another field is always like a real struggle. Before the result comes out, no one knows whether the victory is. Lost, but seeing the opponent fall is definitely the most exciting moment.

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