Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1109

At Yuan Xinhai’s home, he was sitting in the study room and looking at the materials in the past few days. They have done almost all of the occupation of the jewelry market. The rest is to merge these companies, if they can’t be convinced. , Then let them disappear completely.

Yuan Xinhai also feels that this kind of thing is too cruel, but he also knows that shopping malls are like battlefields. If you are not cruel, then you are the one being cruelly treated.

He couldn’t estimate the life and death of others, before again, he wanted to prevent himself from being swallowed by Xu Fu.

Xu Fu’s victories on other battlefields made him feel threatened, and part of his investment was defeated by Xu Fu, but this did not threaten his survival.

But he also knew that if he didn’t see him again as an ostrich, he would definitely be on the list of those hapless guys.

He put down the information in his hand and breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking of Xu Fu’s failure in the future, he laughed from the bottom of his heart, but then calmed down. He told himself that it was still not the time to relax.

The door of the study was knocked, and Yuan Xinhai let the other person in.

That was one of his godsons, and the most handy person under him. He looked at this kind of godson very much.

“Yuan Cheng, you are here.”

Yuan Cheng is a young man less than 30 years old, but he looks very calm, with the calmness he should never have at his age, just like an old man.

But it was this kind of calmness that made him more cautious in doing things. The things Yuan Xinhai entrusted him had never made any mistakes in his hands, and this was what made Yuan Xinhai most satisfied.

“It’s a foster father, you call me?”

Yuan Xinhai smiled and said, “I heard you went out to play recently?”

Yuan Chengdao: “He Yue’er went to Europe recently. I just came back the day before yesterday. I should have told my foster father about this matter.”

Yuan Xinhai waved his hand and said, “I just ask a little bit of concern. I don’t care where you go, but if you call you back this time, you should know what it is, right?”

Yuan Cheng nodded and said, “When I came back, I had heard from my family. It was because of a confrontation with Xu Fu.”

Yuan Xinhai nodded and said, “It’s indeed like this, but it’s not just that. I’ll take you to meet someone. This time, this matter is very important. I hope you can resist this important task.”

Yuan Cheng didn’t seem to think that his adoptive father would be so serious, so he nodded seriously.

But at this time, the outside door was knocked again.

Yuan Xinhai frowned unnaturally. He didn’t like being disturbed when talking about things. The family knew this habit, but even if he chose to knock on the door at this time, it was important to think about it.

Yuan Xinhai shouted, “Come in!”

Outside the door was the housekeeper of the Yuan family. After he came in, he didn’t expect Yuan Cheng to be inside, so he greeted him politely and looked at Yuan Xinhai. He didn’t know he could say it.

Yuan Xinhai said, “Let’s talk about it, Cheng’er is not an outsider.”

The steward said, “Liu Xing came to the door, and he also brought someone he had never seen before.”

Yuan Xinhai was surprised: “Liu Xing? It’s that Xu Fu’s subordinate, why did he come over? Are they ready to enter the jewelry market?”

But naturally no one can answer these things. After Yuan Xinhai said to himself, he also looked at the housekeeper and asked, “Did they say what they were going to do?”

“They said they came to visit. If they didn’t know Mr. Yuan in the magic city, they would just talk in vain about knowing the economy of the magic city.”

Yuan Xinhai laughed. He just listened to such a compliment, but he wouldn’t take it seriously. He knew exactly who the other party was.

“Forget it, I can’t think of anything when I think about it here. You ask them to wait for me in the side hall, I’ll come over in a while.”

After speaking, the butler retired.

Yuan Xinhai looked at Yuan Cheng again and said, “You come with me. After all, you are about the same age, so you might know what they are thinking better.”

Yuan Cheng nodded quietly.

Chen Feng and Liu Xing followed the housekeeper to the Yuan family’s mansion. The magnificent Chen Feng here was not too surprised. It was just that a few precious oil paintings were hung in the hall just like that, which made Chen Feng a little surprised. Yes, after all, they are all antique-level things.

But this is also the owner showing his wealth, and Chen Feng can’t comment on it.

Liu Xing said: “After Mr. Xu’s investigation, he found that the leader of the matter was Yuan Xinhai, the rich man in the magic capital. The Yuan family came to the magic capital more than ten years ago and has been able to overcome obstacles all the way to achieve the current status of one of the best. How much blood was eaten in it, I’m afraid ordinary people can’t imagine it.”

While he was talking to Chen Feng, Yuan Xinhai brought Yuan Cheng in and they heard what they said just now.

But Yuan Xinhai still smiled, just as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Chen Feng looked at this nearly half-hundred man, and his smile contained a lot of things, which made people feel like a fox who had always been scheming.

Yuan Xinhai smiled and said, “I didn’t expect you to be able to come to the shabby room. I just don’t know if this is Xu Fu’s meaning, or if you want to visit yourself.”

Liu Xing also laughed and said: “This is not my own opinion, but this President Chen came to the magic city for the first time, so I took him to visit Boss Yuan, otherwise if he wants to do business in the magic city in the future, But it’s hard to move.”

Liu Xing introduced Chen Feng, and naturally Yuan Xinhai also set his sights on Chen Feng.

He recognized Chen Feng at a glance, and said in surprise:

“Chen Feng?”

Chen Feng was also taken aback. He didn’t expect that the other party would recognize him, so he laughed and said, “When I first came to the magic city, I naturally wanted to visit one or two, and I hope Boss Yuan will not mind.”

Yuan Xinhai said: “Don’t dare, no one knows what Shao Chen’s name is. You come to visit like this, but it’s really brilliant. It’s just that you come to the magic city and tell me. I will definitely bring someone to Shao Chen. Feng, but it’s a pity that I didn’t meet Chen Shao the first time, but it’s okay. Chen Shao must give me this face tonight, and I will have dinner here.”

Chen Feng smiled bitterly in his heart. He really didn’t expect the other party to be so enthusiastic, but in essence, they should look like enemies. He didn’t know how the other party would react if they made it public.

Liu Xing also smiled and said, “Since Boss Yuan knows him, it saves me to introduce it. I think it’s okay to eat, Shao Chen, so don’t refuse.”

Chen Feng didn’t know what he thought, but since he said so, Chen Feng nodded and agreed: “Well then, let’s eat here.”

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