Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1110

There is still some time for dinner, but before again, I didn’t talk about the jewelry industry at all. It was like Chen Feng really came to visit Yuan Xinhai after he came to the magic city. They just told some stories about the magic city, and some happened economically. Big thing.

Time flies quickly, and with the Yuan family chef, there is actually no problem in preparing a big meal.

So when Chen Feng and the others were seated, the scene was very rich, and the various foods were also exquisite.

“Come on, do it separately.” Yuan Xinhai said so, even Liu Xing was seated together, as if Yuan Xinhai didn’t know that this guy could be a Xu Fu person at all.

And Liu Xing didn’t have that self-consciousness either. He sat down straightforwardly. Looking at the good dishes on this table, he was the first to move his chopsticks even more unceremoniously.

Even Chen Feng felt that this behavior was a bit rude. The Yuan family and his sons naturally frowned, but only for a moment, they still smiled and said, “Let’s eat, let’s see how our chef’s craftsmanship is?”

Men naturally need wine to eat, and the good wine that they have collected for many years is also suspected of showing off, but Liu Xing and Chen Feng naturally don’t mind such showing off.

Especially Liu Xing, he didn’t care at all. He even started drinking it by himself. Eating vegetables is like chewing a cow, anyway, eat it first.

Chen Feng even suspected that at the beginning, Liu Xing might have agreed to come down so that he could eat the good dishes at this table.

In comparison, Chen Feng is naturally more gentle, but he still eats seriously. He is not the kind of person who is willing to wrong himself.

After drunk, things still have to be discussed.

It’s just that Chen Feng, the first person, didn’t expect to be Liu Xing. He looked a little drunk, but his thinking was still very clear.

“Boss Yuan, this time Chen Shao is here, not just for your meal.”

Yuan Xinhai was also a little surprised. He asked, “Why, does Chen Shao also help Xu Fu deal with us?”

These words almost showed the meaning, and the smell of gunpowder suddenly became heavy.

Even Chen Feng could feel that just now, he looked happy and happy, but now it seems to be arrogant, making people feel that things are really impermanent.

But naturally Chen Feng is not worried about the showdown. He came here to show his position.

Liu Xing said, “No, no. Boss Yuan got it wrong.”

Yuan Xinhai was startled and wondered: “Why, is it true that Shao Chen just came to visit me? Then I had a lot of comfort for this meal.”

But Liu Xing still said, “Boss Yuan still didn’t say it right.”

Yuan Xinhai thought that Liu Xing was teasing him, and immediately lost his face. He glared at Liu Xing, wanting to see what explanation he could give.

Liu Xing just pretended that he didn’t see Yuan Xinhai’s expression, and said in an indifferent expression: “Chen Shao came here this time. He came to deal with Boss Yuan on his own behalf, because Boss Yuan broke Chen Shao without saying a word. You said, should he come to ask for an explanation.”

Yuan Xinhai was taken aback. It was naturally impossible for him to think of this possibility. He looked at Chen Feng and wanted to confirm with Chen Feng whether it was so.

Chen Feng smiled and nodded, and said: “My wife has a jewelry design company in Mojo. A batch of gold jewellery has already been made and has been put on the counter, but suddenly he was returned, and finally inquired. Only then did I know that Boss Yuan’s people did it, so I had to find someone to visit Boss Yuan, and by the way, I was also asking for an explanation for myself.”

But even if Chen Feng said so, Yuan Xinhai was still looking at Chen Feng, wanting to see if what Chen Feng said was true, or whether Chen Feng was just looking for a ground to target him.

But looking at Chen Feng’s expression, it seems that something is true, but for Yuan Xinhai, he also has no choice. This is part of his plan.

Now that Chen Feng’s accident occurred, he wondered if he wanted to remedy it. Chen Feng’s reputation is already very large in China, and many people know what Chen Feng did. No one can even understand his assets. , Just know that he is rich.

Therefore, Yuan Xinhai must consider that if he is on the opposite side of Chen Feng, it means that he has to face Chen Feng and Xu Fu that strong opponent.

No matter what he thought, he didn’t think it was a wise choice.

He hurriedly smiled and said, “Shao Chen, if this is the case, then I am here to make amends for you. As for what happened, I will naturally arrange for someone to remedy what happened. If Shao Chen is willing to forgive me, I will toast.”

With that said, he already raised his glass and drank it all in one fell swoop.

Chen Feng was stunned. This seemed a little different from what he had imagined. The purpose of waking up with Liu was just to test the other party’s details, but before this started, the other party had already given up.

Do you really agree with that sentence, as long as I admit defeat fast enough, you can’t beat me.

Chen Feng didn’t know how to do it. He just looked at Liu Xing and wanted to know what he meant, but this guy pretended to be dead there, and didn’t give Chen Feng any sign at all.

Chen Feng thought for a while. The original purpose of this matter was to solve Lisa Jewelry’s matter. Now that the other party gave in, he didn’t need to really get involved in their struggle with Xu Fu.

Thinking of this, he also picked up the wine glass and drank it all in one fell swoop.

“Boss Yuan is a refreshing person, and naturally I can’t help but simply. After drinking this glass of wine, I just assume that nothing happened. I just hope that I can take care of it in the jewelry industry in the future.” Chen Feng laughed.

Naturally, Yuan Xinhai was also straightforward.

After that, it was almost over. Under the warm reception of the Yuan family and his son, Chen Feng and the two left the mansion.

“What do you mean, did you think that the other party would succumb to me from the beginning?” Chen Feng finally couldn’t help but asked on the way back.

Liu Xing blinked that there was only one eye that he could use, and smiled.

“Is this Xu Fu’s meaning?” Chen Feng asked again.

Liu Xing said, “Of course this cannot be what Mr. Xu meant, but I have looked for Chen Shao’s information. I know that Chen Shao doesn’t like this meaningless competition, and I happen to know that Yuan Yuan The boss knows the identity of Chen Shao, and he seems to admire him, so I thought of letting him yield directly to you. This saves time and effort.”

Although Chen Feng knew that all this was Liu Xing’s plan, but he solved his problem so easily, Chen Feng still admired this guy, and it was not unreasonable for Xu Fu to trust him.

“Forget it, as you said, this kind of money game is still too monotonous for me.”

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