Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1113

In Yuan Xinhai’s thoughts, everything is naturally to serve his own interests, otherwise he would not have to start this event.

But now let him release most of his benefits to defeat Xu Fu, he is absolutely unable to do it.

Yuan Cheng left Yuan Xinhai’s study and went out of the house directly. He checked his watch. It was only about three o’clock in the afternoon.

He thought about it, and drove to that place.

He didn’t want to be here, but now he is still here, maybe he is biased towards failure in his heart.

In Central Park, although it is autumn season, you can still see some evergreen trees, and the flowers and plants are always green.

Especially the chrysanthemums, clusters of flowers, still look colorful.

Yuan Cheng parked the car in the parking lot near the park, and walked in by himself.

On the road by the side, someone sold some small crafts, but they could buy one for ten dollars. Yuan Cheng chose a grasshopper in it, and then paid for it.

He continued to look around, but did not see the person he wanted to see. After thinking about it, he came to a bench and sat down, and in front of him were some cheerful children. Playing on the grass.

A child was crying, but he didn’t know where his parents went, just let him cry there.

At this time a young man went up and made some faces at the child, and then the child really stopped crying, as if he was still very happy.

The man smiled and walked towards Yuan Cheng.

This man is not someone else, who happens to be Xu Fu.

“You came here a while late, and I don’t like people who are late.” Yuan Cheng said to him.

Xu Fu smiled and said, “I also don’t like people who are late, but the person who is late is not me. I have been here early in the morning, but you didn’t notice me.”

Yuan Cheng ignored whether Xu Fu’s self-diagnosis was true or false, and just continued: “I came here not because I promised you, but I want to tell you that I will not betray my foster father. You may be wrong. Everyone.”

Xu Fu did not follow his words, but said, “You know, there is actually a very virtuous wife in my family. She loves me very much. She prepares dinner for me every day and waits for me to return, and I love it too. With her, she will care about her body, and she will say something self-conscious.”

Yuan Cheng looked at Xu Fu suspiciously, not knowing what he meant by this.

At this time, Xu Fu pointed to a very beautiful woman in the distance and said to Yuan Cheng, “Did you see that woman? Is she very beautiful?”

Yuan Cheng looked in the direction Xu Fu was pointing, and he did see a very slender woman. Although she couldn’t see her face clearly, it wouldn’t be too ugly to think about it.

Yuan Cheng nodded and said, “It’s very beautiful.”

Xu Fu smiled and said, “She is Lu Xin, and she is my lover.”

Yuan Cheng was not surprised, but he was surprised that Xu Fu told him to love his wife just now: “Then what happened just now, are you just lying to me?”

But Xu Fu shook his head and said, “I didn’t lie to you. It’s just that I love someone. It doesn’t mean that I won’t love other things. It’s like I like money, but I also like women. This is not a contradiction. Yes.”

It is difficult for Yuan Cheng to understand this. He himself is a relatively conservative person. Although he is rich, he never uses a wallet to raise a lover. He thinks this is an insult to love.

Xu Fu said at this time: “I tell you this is not for you to raise a woman, but to tell you that not betrayal is not contradictory to what you are doing now. It is just two different choices. If you lose one of them One, you still have a way out, it’s just that.”

His words were like the whispers of the devil, Yuan Cheng could only say that he seemed to be moved.

Xu Fu smiled and said: “Think about it for yourself, and when you come here, I know you already have the answer in your heart, but you don’t need to rush to give it out. When everything is over, my door will still be open for you, but That is the premise, it may be cruel.”

With that said, Lu Xin had already walked over, and Xu Fu stood up and said, “My woman has come to look for me. I don’t think you want to let the meeting between us be seen. Then I will leave first. ”

After speaking, Xu Fu walked towards Lu Xin, as if he had said something, but Yuan Cheng couldn’t hear it anymore. He was still thinking about what Xu Fu had just said.

And when he came here, he really seemed to be talking about what he really wanted in his heart. If he didn’t want to, he could not come here at all. The so-called is to tell Xu Fu his own thoughts. This sounds like a sophistry. reason.

But he has no other choice.

Yuan Cheng still didn’t leave in the end. Since three o’clock, he has been able to make the night fall. Seeing the darkness around him, he still did not decide. Once again, it was the foster father who was kind to him, and the other side was the possibility of living.

It seems really difficult to choose.

“Do you think he will agree to come down?” Chen Feng asked Xu Fu, who was standing aside, and the place they saw was the bench where Yuan Cheng was. How long did Yuan Cheng sit here, then they watched here. how long.

Xu Fu shook his head and said, “I’m not a god, how can I know what this guy is thinking, but I think he must have been shaken now, as long as he adds another fire, he will be completely betrayed.” Things, but at that time, he is useless, and I won’t want him again.”

Chen Feng said in astonishment, “I told him that he would accept him there.”

Xu Fu smiled and said: “A betrayer can now betray his adoptive father in order to live, then he can one day betray me for other things, and for such a person, I don’t think anyone will stay by his side, just use He just put him on the edge.”

Chen Feng shook his head and smiled. Sure enough, these guys are the cruelest, playing with people’s hearts, but making them desperate where they hoped.

Lu Xin said to the side, “Does Shao Chen think he is very pitiful.”

Chen Feng looked at Lu Xin unexpectedly, and he did think so. He asked, “Isn’t it? He just wants to live.”

But Lu Xin shook his head and said, “If you can make this kind of decision if you have to, then there will be no heroes in this world, and the world will be much bleak. Although I am only a woman, I also know that betrayers are the least worthy of living. In this world, and I think if Xu Shao falls one day, I will die with him.”

Chen Feng looked at Xu Fu, wanting to see his opinion.

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