Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1114

Xu Fu waved his hand and said, “This is not what I meant, and I don’t think I will have the day of downfall. At the end of this time, the magic city has nothing to defeat me.”

Chen Feng shook his head. He knew Xu Fu’s self-confidence, but he still felt that this guy was too mad, and this kind of person did not end well in the end, just like the overlord of Wujiang who squatted himself.

Chen Feng knew that he couldn’t persuade him, and if he said more, it would make Xu Fu hate, and he would simply maintain this state. If one day, Xu Fu fell, he would give him a way to evacuate.

But Chen Feng also knew that even if he gave Xu Fu such a path, Xu Fu would never really go down, he would rather die with the country he fell.

“Let’s go, we have been here for two hours. What if someone sees us thinking that the three of us are fools?”

Xu Fu said, and walked to the side by himself.

Lu Xin smiled at Chen Fengqian and followed Xu Fu over.

The green evergreen trees in the park looked dark and terrifying in the darkness, like monsters with teeth and claws.

And under the neon lights on the side, it seemed to have come to another world.

The three of them were walking towards the parking lot, and Chen Feng saw that there seemed to be someone surrounding and fighting by the parking lot.

“It’s really passionate! If I were younger, I would definitely go up to that person. To be a knight with a sword.” Xu Fu said with a smile when he looked there.

Chen Feng seems to have seen a familiar figure. Although he has only seen the other person, he has a good memory. He can always remember people who have met once.

Lin Xiangyu was being blocked by a few people in the corner. One of the guys yelled: “Fuck, if you owe money, you are looking for death!”

Lin Xiangyu hurriedly begged for mercy: “Brother, you can give me another two days. After two days I get the money, I will definitely send it to you. You believe me.”

But at least that person’s slap was slapped in exchange for these words, saying: “You are an idiot when you are Lao Tzu. Now let you go, and you won’t run away. My damn thing is going to find you somewhere, and Lao Tzu also There is not that time yet.”

Lin Xiangyu said, “Big brother, I dare not run, I will definitely come back with the money.”

But the response to these words was still constant beatings.

It looks a bit pitiful.

After Chen Feng recognized that he was Lin Lu’s younger brother, he had to stand up. He could never see familiar people or just ignored him.

“You stop first. I know this person. I will solve something for him.” Chen Feng said to the group of people.

A 30-year-old man at the head turned his head and looked at Chen Feng with ferocious eyes.

“You know this guy, that’s really great, he owes money, you can pay it back for him.”

Chen Feng also guessed that besides money, this group of people is unlikely to have other reasons.

“It’s just money, it’s not going to beat people like this.” Chen Feng looked at Lin Xiangyu, who was already bruised and swollen. If he didn’t remember him clearly, he wouldn’t even be able to recognize this person.

“Stop your damn nonsense. Three thousand dollars. If you pay it back for him, we will let him go. If you don’t have the ability to pay it back, let me go away.”

Chen Feng didn’t have the money with him. He looked at Xu Fu on the side, and immediately Lu Xin took out three thousand yuan from his Louis Vuitton bag.

She walked up to the group of people, handed the money over, and still chuckled and said, “You can tap it.”

But those gangsters have never seen such a good-looking woman. She is even more beautiful than the big stars on TV. He just nodded stupidly, and even the nearest guy wanted to reach out.

Xu Fu said coldly, “If you don’t want that hand anymore, you can try again.”

The guy seemed to be really scared, so he retracted his hand like this, but he didn’t even know why he was scared of Xu Fu. This guy didn’t seem to be any great.

“Hurry up!” Xu Fu shouted again.

This group of people glanced at Chen Feng. Now that they have got the money, they naturally don’t need to stay here, and they seem to be able to think that Chen Feng is not easy to provoke, so they just looked at this beautiful woman. understood.

When they left, Chen Feng came to Lin Xiangyu and said, “How are you?”

Lin Xiangyu couldn’t open his eyes, but he still recognized Chen Feng with the only light that entered his eyes. He was pleasantly surprised: “Brother-in-law?”

Chen Feng smiled bitterly, and when he saw it in his heart, this title is probably destined to die, but he thought of his relationship with Lin Lu, almost this title was still acceptable.

Chen Feng said: “What is the situation, why are you mixing up with these guys?”

But Lin Xiangyu didn’t seem to want to answer. He stood up with some difficulty and said to Chen Feng, “Brother-in-law, don’t tell your sister about this matter. I’ll be fine. I will pay you back afterwards. of.”

It was only three thousand yuan, and Chen Feng didn’t take it to heart. Perhaps Xu Fu didn’t even think about letting Chen Feng pay it back.

“You are seriously injured like this. I will take you to the hospital.”

But Lin Xiangyu still shook his head, and then walked away alone, holding on to the wall.

Chen Feng didn’t have any responsibility to him, and he had already done what he could do. As for other things, he didn’t want to take care of it so meticulously, so he just watched Lin Xiangyu leave.

“You really don’t care about him, but he called you brother-in-law.” Xu Fu laughed.

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “This man is an adult. Can I still watch him fail, and do what he thinks.”

As for whether or not to tell Lin Lu about this matter, Chen Feng thought for a while, and felt it was over.

It was just a delay of some time, and the three of them didn’t take these seriously. Maybe they would have forgotten it after today.

But Lin Xiangyu couldn’t. He was lying in the underpass. He is now penniless and naturally can’t afford to live in any hotel. And he is like this, he doesn’t dare to go to his sister, so now he can only be here. Plant a place to stay overnight.

This kind of underground is actually colder at night, but fortunately, there are a few discarded clothes left by former homeless people. Lin Xiangyu is wrapped in his body, which can still resist the cold of the body.

He suddenly felt that he couldn’t get ahead, maybe it was just that he hadn’t met a person who could give him a wealth of money, and he believed that one day he would stand at the top of this city and let everyone surrender.

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