Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1116

“Xu Shao!” This time Yuan Cheng no longer had the arrogance he had when we met last time, and he respectfully greeted Xu Fu.

“I’m really sorry, the traffic jam.” Xu Fu perfunctorily said the reason for apologizing.

But even if Yuan Cheng knew this was just an excuse, he would not say anything.

“I came to find Xu Shao, I think Xu Shao should know what I mean. I…”

But before Yuan Cheng finished speaking, Xu Fu interrupted him and said, “If you don’t tell me clearly, how do I know what you mean?”

Yuan Cheng looked at Xu Fu embarrassedly. He also knew that Xu Fu was humiliating him, but after thinking about it, he endured it and said, “It’s about me taking refuge in Xu Shao.”

Hearing Yuan Cheng’s words, Xu Fucai seemed to have realized it suddenly, and said, “It turned out to be this.”

Yuan Cheng still didn’t respond to Xu Fu’s expression, as if Xu Fu was not mocking him.

Yuan Cheng continued: “I just want to ask Xu Shaohui how to arrange me.”

Xu Fu thought about it, and then said, “You only came to me now. It seems that it is a little late. I told you that if your decision is later, the more you will pay. .”

As he spoke, he smiled and looked at Yuan Cheng’s reaction.

Yuan Cheng frowned slightly, looking helpless, and asked, “Then what is the price Xu Shao said?”

Xu Fu became serious. He looked at Yuan Cheng and said, “I only have one condition. If you agree to me, I will agree to let you join in, and I will give you a lot of fortune, too much for you to imagine. Wealth.”

Yuan Cheng looked at Xu Fu seriously, and he was also curious about what the conditions were.

Xu Fu continued: “Kill Yuan Xinhai.”

Yuan Cheng was shocked: “How is this possible?”

Xu Fu sneered, “What’s impossible? The current result is not much different from death for him, and you just made a knife to send him to death.”

Yuan Cheng was silent, and there did not seem to be too many difficult changes from the shock just now to the silence now.

Xu Fu knew that he must be tempted, so he was not in a hurry, just waiting for him there.

One minute passed, but as long as a year passed, Yuan Cheng was thinking, and Xu Fu looked at him from the side.

Lu Xin watched from a distance, she always had a bad premonition, but she couldn’t tell what this premonition was, she just thought it was very bad.

She was waiting for Xu Fu, waiting for him to go back, where the wind was a bit louder, blowing on her face, it was easy to make her face dry.

But the next moment, she saw something incredible.

She opened her eyes wide in amazement, she couldn’t believe this happened.

And the terrible premonition just now seemed to indicate this kind of thing.

Not far away, the dagger in Yuan Cheng’s hand was deeply inserted into Xu Fu’s heart. Even at the moment of Xu Fu’s death, his eyes still looked at the guy in front of him in an incredible way. The person who eats food will actually kill this person.

But why, he didn’t know why.

The wind is very big, really big. In the sky, you can hear the howling of the wind, and the leaves of the woods are accompanying the sound of the wind. For a time, the whole world is the biggest stage.

The two people who fell on the bench were just solitary backgrounds.

But the occurrence of this kind of thing is incredible for anyone to think about.

At least some pedestrians passing by saw what happened, and they suddenly exclaimed. Soon the police sirens sounded, and everything was noisy and calmed down.

When Chen Feng saw Lu Xin, she was in a very bad state. Her pretty face looked like a lunatic madman, and Chen Feng almost didn’t recognize her.

But Lu Xin just shivered in Chen Feng’s arms.

No matter how Chen Feng asked her, Lu Xin couldn’t say a word, she was like a fawn panicking.

Chen Feng had no choice but to take her to the hotel’s own room. He put Lu Xin on the bed while he went out.

When the news of Xu Fu’s death was known, it was already in the middle of the night. It was reported in the news, and the murderer caught it on the spot.

Chen Feng looked at the facts in the news in disbelief, but he saw Yuan Cheng’s figure. Although he did not say it in the news, he recognized it at a glance. He recognized people very accurately.

But this was still enough to surprise Chen Feng. He never thought that Yuan Cheng would kill Xu Fu directly after this opportunity. What is even more strange is that after killing Xu Fu, he did not run away, just waiting to be captured.

Did he think that way from the beginning, or was it just what happened in it that made Yuan Cheng make this kind of decision?

Chen Feng didn’t understand, he had to call Xu’s family, but at this time Xu’s family was already in a mess. No one had time to talk to him. In their hearts, Xu Fu was not important, but Xu Fu’s money was important. .

Xu Fu has no heirs, so anyone who has a relationship with him will rob him, and chaos is inevitable.

Finally, after a round of contact with no results, Chen Feng contacted Liu Xing, the talented person under Xu Fu was just a half-blind.

“What the hell is going on?” Fortunately, Liu Xing’s phone can be reached.

But Liu Xing himself still didn’t figure it out.

“I also want to ask Shao Chen, this happened too suddenly.”

“I called Xu’s house just now, and it seems that no one answered it. Do you know what’s going on?” Chen Feng asked.

Liu Xing knew this message. He said, “Go and confirm Xu Shao’s death.”

Chen Feng thought about it and he should indeed do this, but he thought the matter should have been confirmed, otherwise the news would not be reported.

But when Xu Fu died, then the whole demon might be changing.

Liu Xing said at this moment: “Shao Chen, have you thought about the magic capital after Xu Shao’s death?”

Chen Feng was stunned, he didn’t know what Liu Xing meant by asking.

And Liu Xing went on to say: “If Chen Shao starts now, then I can help Chen Shao to take away the resources left by Xu Shao. Although there may be losses in some of them, at least I can keep them. Live in Xu Shao’s large amount of wealth.”

Chen Feng hesitated. They didn’t have eight hours after Xu Fu’s death. They were already thinking about Xu Fu’s wealth, and they felt very ruthless.

“Leave this to the Xu family. It was originally theirs.” Chen Feng thought for a while, but he was not ready to join in.

But Liu Xing persuaded: “Shao Chen, you think it’s just the people left in the Xu family, how could they possibly take it down, just a bunch of guys who have already been hollowed out by alcohol.”

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