Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1117

But Chen Feng thought, even so, it has nothing to do with him.

So he still rejected Liu Xing’s suggestion, but Liu Xing sounded very disappointed, and finally said: “If Chen Shao changes his attention, remember to contact me. I can find a way to get it back for a few days here. It’s a question of more and less, but over time, those who are staring at the Xu family will never let go of the fat meat of the Xu family.”

Chen Feng and Liu Xing ended the call. He thought of Lu Xin who was still in his room. She hadn’t spoken all the time, but now Chen Feng knew what caused her to look like now.

If the Xu family loses Xu Fu, they can still get Xu Fu’s property. This is stipulated by the law. However, when Lu Xin loses Xu Fu, she really loses everything. She has always relied on Xu Fu only.

Chen Feng understood that she would be so painful, but Chen Feng could not help her.

He walked into the room, it was quiet, it seemed that Lu Xin was just asleep.

Chen Feng remembered what Lu Xin said at the time, if Xu Fu fell, she and Xu Fu would die.

Chen Feng became a little frightened. He was afraid that Lu Xin would die if he couldn’t think about it.

So the steps under his feet are also a few minutes faster, but fortunately, Lu Xin is just lying on the bed, as if he is not dead.

But after Chen Feng came in, Lu Xin opened his eyes.

Chen Feng thought that he had come in and woke up Lu Xin, so he hurriedly apologized, “I’m sorry. I’ll go out now.”

But just about to turn around and leave, Lu Xin stopped and said, “Can you not leave, I’m afraid.”

Chen Feng thought that when he saw Lu Xin, it was just not long after Xu Fu died. When he came to Lu Xin, he might have seen Xu Fu’s death with her own eyes, and it is natural for her to be afraid. Feel good.

Chen Feng thought for a while and stayed.

He walked to the bed, sat down, didn’t talk much, just sat quietly.

Lu Xin said, “Can I say something? It’s too quiet.”

Chen Feng thought for a while, and had no choice but to say, “Don’t worry, I can guarantee your future life. At least I won’t let you sleep and eat.”

Lu Xin said softly, “Thank you.”

But after saying this, Chen Feng didn’t know what to say, and fell into silence again, this time it was Lu Xin who spoke on his own initiative.

“Do you need me to do something?”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “No, as long as you don’t want to die, it’s fine.”

But this sentence seemed to be wrong, and Lu Xin said in a low voice, “Do you also think I should die.”

Chen Feng was also anxious. Knowing that he shouldn’t mention this word, he hurriedly said, “I didn’t mean that, I was just afraid.”

Lin Xin said: “I really want to die in the past. I think that Shao Xu is already dead. Then what is the point of being alive? Maybe I should die too, but every time I think of death, I will Feeling scared, I’m like a shameless coward, I don’t even have the courage to die.”

Chen Feng said, “Don’t think about it this way. Death is something that people should be afraid of. This is normal, and you don’t have to die. Your life is not just Xu Fu, you still have many things to do. .”

“What else can I do?” Lin Xin asked.

Chen Feng couldn’t answer.

After all this, there was still silence.

After a while, Chen Feng heard Lu Xin say: “Can you let me hold it for a while?”

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment, then nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Then can you sleep over?”

Chen Feng was even more surprised, but felt that this kind of thing shouldn’t be a problem as long as he didn’t make a mistake, and now Lu Xin is just a frightened bird who always needs comfort.

So Chen Feng and Yi slept in, and as soon as he slept in, he rushed to a big octopus to catch him and bound him firmly, making him immobile.

What made him even more surprised was that he could feel that Lu Xin was not wearing clothes, and everything seemed to become attractive.

What he wanted to say, Lu Xin went to block his mouth and said, “Don’t say anything, and don’t move. I just want to lie down quietly. Don’t worry, I won’t move you.”

This promise made Chen Feng finally relieved. He leaned against Lu Xin and could hear her heart beating.

Everything else was quiet, as if the sound was swallowed by darkness.

When the next day came, Chen Feng actually didn’t sleep all night, with a slender body beside him, how could he fall asleep? It was not easy for him to restrain himself, let alone sleep.

And it seems that Lu Xin’s person is deep, Chen Feng gently removed the body she placed on Chen Feng, and got up quietly. Lu Xin still did not wake up, glanced at Lu Xin, and Chen Feng put the quilt on. Covering her again, also covered the spring light inside.

After washing his face in the bathroom, Chen Feng felt that he was going to wake up a little bit.

He walked out of it, but saw Lu Xin sitting there.

“Can you take me in?” She said to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was stunned, but he couldn’t answer this question.

But Lu Xin continued: “I can be your lover.”

Chen Feng looked at this woman in shock, as if for a moment he felt that he could not recognize her, he was not a lustful person, and even from the beginning, he had not thought about doing anything to a woman like Lu Xin.

He helped Lu Xin only because of Xu Fu.

And now that Lu Xin said this, Chen Feng was a little angry, and said, “I hope you say this again, or I will definitely throw you out, no matter what you look like.”

Lu Xin looked at Chen Feng with scorching eyes, as if he wanted to see some disguise, but it was a pity that this was the truest side of Chen Feng.

Chen Feng said: “I’m going to prepare breakfast, you clean up.”

Lu Xin seemed to finally recognize that Chen Feng was serious, and she covered herself again with the quilt.

Chen Feng glanced at her without showing any feelings, just a light glance, and he went out.

As for what happened just now, Chen Feng must think of a reason, otherwise he will definitely think of a way to throw Lu Xin away. What he can’t stand is betrayal. Even if Xu Fu is dead, he won’t be sorry for him. matter.

Chen Feng thought for a while, and could only use Lu Xin to say such words because he felt helpless and scared, instead of thinking about finding another patron immediately after the death of one patron.

Although Xu Fu didn’t know exactly how Lu Xin thought about it, he gradually agreed with his reasons, at least so that he would not do anything excessive to Lu Xin.

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