Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1118

Chen Feng no longer thinks too much, but can only observe first. If he really finds that Lu Xin’s nature is much different from what he thinks, he will abandon this woman without hesitation.

At this time, he has already walked out.

Liu Xing asked him to meet. Although Chen Feng had rejected his opinion, many things still needed to be discussed with him.

In the early hours of the morning, even in the magic city, there are very few people on the street, and there are very few shops on both sides of the street that are still lit.

But what Chen Feng and Liu Xing met was a 24-hour fast food restaurant. When Chen Feng passed by, there were a few chairs side by side in the shop, and there was a person sleeping on it. Rest here.

The waiter at the counter was also napping with his chin. When Chen Feng entered, he did not respond.

But Chen Feng didn’t come to eat, and naturally he wouldn’t come to look for him. He glanced inside and Liu Xing sat by the window.

Chen Feng walked over, and Liu Xing kept looking at Chen Feng with the intact right eye.

“Why do you look at me like this?” Chen Feng asked curiously before sitting down.

Liu Xing shook his head and said, “I’m just wondering what you think in your mind. You don’t want to put such a big fortune. Are you not interested in money?”

Chen Feng also laughed, and said, “Naturally, it’s not that I’m not interested in money, and I’m not an English teacher.”

Hearing Chen Feng’s joke, Liu Xing also smiled.

Chen Feng continued, “I don’t want to do this because of Xu Fu.”

Liu Xing was a little excited and said, “If you say it’s for Mr. Xu, I think my plan is really for Mr. Xu. From the very beginning, Mr. Xu’s family was just a decoration. In his eyes, the Xu family is what he hates the most. If it weren’t for the family, he might have dealt with those corpse position vegetarians. Without them, Mr. Xu might have already dominated the entire magic capital.”

Chen Feng raised his hand and waved to make Liu Xing not be excited: “That’s Xu Fu and the Xu family’s business. I can’t care about it. You don’t need to be excited. Now that Xu Fu is dead, he still thinks about how to organize his funeral. ”

Liu Xing still persuaded, “Shao Chen, this is the best opportunity. If you miss it, what you lose is Mr. Xu’s efforts for so many years. Do you really bear the heart to watch such a huge industry fall?”

Chen Feng froze for a moment. In his thoughts, although the relationship between Xu Fu and the Xu family was not good, their belongings should be theirs. Although they can take these away by themselves, they are still Xu Fu’s relatives. , They are qualified to get these things, at least that way, maybe that person can get part of it.

Chen Feng was only concerned about Xu Fu’s wife.

He thought for a while and said, “You don’t need to say, I know all about it.”

Liu Xing looked into Chen Feng’s eyes. Even if he saw a glimmer of hope, he might not give up persuading Chen Feng, but in Chen Feng’s eyes, he didn’t have such an idea, he knew it would be vain to continue.

He sat back down and said, “Then you can only look at the changes in the magic capital. The Xu family members of Mr. Xu’s wealth will never be able to keep, but I don’t know who will end up in the hands of someone.”

Chen Feng knew that he was a little depressed, but still asked, “Now Xu Fu is dead, and Lu Xin is with me. Her mood is very unstable. I want to wait until her mood stabilizes and give her a sum of money to let her stay in the magic city. After buying a house, you may need to take care of it. After all, I can’t be in the magic city very often.”

Liu Xing asked curiously, “Where is Lu Xin?”

Chen Feng told Liu Xing about what happened today. Naturally, Chen Feng didn’t say what happened in the hotel room at night.

Looking at Liu Xing’s listlessness, Chen Feng said again: “Actually, I thought about you too. After all, I want to give you Lu Xin. I also need to take care of your treatment. If you want to stay at Xu’s house, I You can tell the Xu family that although Xu Fu is not there, I think the Xu family will still look at my face, but if you don’t want to stay at the Xu family anymore, you can also consider coming to my side. Since Xu Fu believes in you, then you too It’s someone who has the ability. I naturally don’t reject those who come. I just don’t know what you think?”

Liu Xing only cheered up when he heard Chen Feng talking about himself. After listening to it, he was still a little touched. Naturally, he himself considered his future, but Xu Fu died. He was most concerned about the industry, so he was more specific. Didn’t think too much.

Now that he has time, he can seriously consider it, and it is not realistic to stay in Xu’s house anymore. After all, those mediocre talents can’t show his ability.

Without hesitation, he asked directly: “If I want to go to Chen Shao’s place, what will Chen Shao tell me to do?”

Chen Feng really didn’t think about it, after all, he just had this idea.

He thought about it and said, “I can ask you questions, but I think in Chen’s company, you should have no problem managing a company. I just don’t know if you have condescended, but if you want, I can ask You are in the head office.”

Liu Xing was unmoved. Although Liu Xing was asked to manage a company from the beginning, this may have been a very high salary for people Chen Feng had only met a few times, but Liu Xing didn’t think so.

If Chen Feng did not give the highest treatment, then he would also find it meaningless.

Chen Feng glanced at Liu Xing’s eyes, but he didn’t seem to have any emotions, nor did he have the joy that Chen Feng thought.

He believed in Xu Fu, and naturally also believed in Liu Xing, but after all he knew less, and Chen Feng didn’t dare to let him achieve a high position. But now looking at Liu Xing, Chen Feng thought for a while and said, “Chief Personnel Officer, this is the highest position I can give you now, but if you can’t complete this position, I can drop you down at any time, but if you do well, the position of executive officer is for you.”

This is like putting the entire enterprise under the care of Liu Xing. The handwriting is not trivial. After Liu Xing heard it, he was a little surprised. He knew that Chen Feng would not underestimate him, but he did not expect to value him so much. .

But he is by no means a self-defeating mediocrity or a mediocre mediocrity. Since Chen Feng has given him a chance, he can naturally give Chen Feng what he wants.

He straightened up a little, and said with a chuckle: “Since Chen Shao, no, President Chen, it is so important, I can only do my best, and I will definitely not let President Chen down.”

Chen Feng laughed too, but he had some headaches about how to arrange the family affairs after he returned. After all, those guys wouldn’t give up this position easily, maybe he was going to use some tricks.

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