Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1119

Now that the arrangements have been negotiated, it is still Lu Xin’s business now.

Chen Feng said with some distress, “Since you are going to follow me to leave the magic city, Lu Xin seems to have to take it away. Unfortunately, if I bring it back to Yanjing myself, it may be very troublesome.”

Liu Xing immediately understood Chen Feng’s distress, but the hostess at home would not agree, and might still be jealous.

He smiled and said, “If Chen always finds it troublesome, you can let me take it. I am still alone, and I am not afraid of gossip.”

Nothing happened between Chen Feng and Lu Xin. He was right and he was not afraid of shadows, but a woman was jealous, but he never dared to test it. It was the same as knowing that it was a thunder and having to step on it. Do.

Chen Feng sighed, “That’s the only way to go. When I get to Yanjing, I will find someone to make arrangements for you.”

The tramp who was sleeping in the hall suddenly turned over and knocked over a chair. The sound immediately awakened the waiter who was napping at the counter. He woke up, looked around, and saw that it was a chair. When it came down, he eased down.

The conversation between Chen Feng and Chen Feng was also over. The two smiled, and they also left the place with a little warmth in the city.

But Chen Feng didn’t know if he could go back. Lu Xin was still in his room, and when she left, I still remembered clearly what she said.

If he went back now, would it be embarrassing? Chen Feng was a little bit crazy, and he didn’t expect that he would be so troubled by someone else’s mistress.

In the end, he didn’t go back either, just returned to the fast food restaurant just now, and then learned that the tramp spent the night in a chair.

Flying to Yanjing at this time of winter is very unwise. The winter in Yanjing is very cold, and it often freezes when just a pot of water is spilled on the ground.

But Chen Feng hasn’t returned for a long time.

Things in the Demon City are still in chaos, but Chen Feng only waited until Xu Fu’s funeral was over and took Lu Xin to Yanjing. He didn’t want to bother about the messy things. As for the foreigners, or the locals, he thought. To take a bite of what Xu Fu left behind, you have to compete with countless people who have the same ideas as them. Naturally, there can be no win-win situation for this kind of thing. In the end, someone will inevitably fail miserably.

But they didn’t care, and Chen Feng, who was watching the excitement, naturally didn’t care.

It just annoyed him that in the end, he took Lu Xin and Liu Xing was about to leave, but he had to deal with some of the Xu family’s tails, saying that he would not come to Yanjing until the handover was over.

Chen Feng had no choice but to buy all the tickets, and it would be troublesome to change the plane. In the end, it was only the plane built by him and Lu Xin.

But it also seemed that because of what happened that day, apart from basic communication, there was no more words between the two.

Apart from feeling a little weird when talking, Chen Feng didn’t think there was anything, and even this way he could be completely relieved and would not let him really hate Lu Xin.

The plane was flying smoothly in the stratosphere. After Lu Xin sat down, he was reading a fashion magazine. Chen Feng just glanced at it casually, but he felt that the models in those magazines might not look as good as Lu Xin, although Chen Feng was right. Lu Xin’s character is a bit skeptical, but Chen Feng also praises her for her beauty.

Chen Feng had nothing to do, so he wanted to go to sleep.

But as soon as I closed my eyes, I heard someone next to me say: “Miss, you look really familiar. I seem to have seen you somewhere.”

Chen Feng didn’t care either, but still closed his eyes, he also wanted to hear how Lu Xin would deal with the guy who hit up.

“Really? I think you are familiar, but I just can’t remember it.” Lu Xin smiled lightly.

Chen Feng didn’t expect them to actually talk, but they didn’t get up just now, and now they still pretend to be asleep, wanting to continue listening.

“Let’s talk, the lady has an impression of me too. I think we must have seen it before. It’s better to introduce each other, maybe you can think of more.” He smiled at Lu Xin, who thought he was very charming, and continued. “Since I mentioned it, let me introduce myself first! My last name is Qian, Jin Wanliang, and the same name. I have just returned from studying in France. Although I am not in China, I think I and Miss I must have seen it in an unexpected place.”

Chen Feng really couldn’t accept this guy’s method of accosting. It was so numb to say that he couldn’t help getting goose bumps on his body.

But Lu Xin didn’t seem to care: “My name is Lu Xin, not as grand as Mr. Qian, just an ordinary little girl.”

Qian Qianyi waved his hand and smiled: “Ms. Lu is not ordinary at all. I don’t think ordinary young women can sit in the first-class cabin. In my opinion, Miss Lu’s temperament is that everyone is beautiful, and urban ladies are also inferior to Lu. Miss, in case, I just want to come. Only in the poem can you praise. The smile is to describe you, Miss.”

Lu Xin covered her mouth and chuckled: “Mr. Qian is really good at joking. I am not as good as you said, and that’s the description of Gillian, who is the queen.”

Qian said in the same way: “If Miss Lu lived in that era, it would be more than enough to be a queen.”

When Chen Feng listened to them so jokes, he felt bored, even inexplicably annoyed. He didn’t know. Although he hadn’t seen the face called Qian Tongli, he was already very annoying.

He thought, tilting his head to the other side.

“Is Miss Lu alone?” Qian asked in the same way.

Lu Xin glanced in the direction of Chen Feng subconsciously, and then said, “No, with a friend.”

“Is this the one next to you?” Qian said, pointing to Chen Feng in the same way.

Lu Xin nodded.

And hearing the two talk about him, Chen Feng seemed even more unable to get up now, making it as if he had been listening to them.

But the two only mentioned one sentence, and then there are still some popular topics between men and women, fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

And soon they were like familiar friends, chatting and laughing.

Chen Feng hadn’t fallen asleep either. He listened to the words in such a daze. After two or three hours were over, the plane finally heard the message that it was about to land.

Chen Feng sighed, he was finally liberated.

“Your friend wakes up!” Qian Tongli saw Chen Feng opened his eyes and sat up, he said to Lu Xin.

Lu Xin turned around and just took a look, but they didn’t say anything between them, so she just took a look.

Qian Tongli looked at the two people as if they were not familiar with each other, and it was also very strange.

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