Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1120

“Why don’t it seem that you two don’t look like friends.” Qian asked in a puzzled manner.

Chen Feng looked at him now. He was a very young person. Although he knew that he was still in school and may not be very old, he was still a little surprised to see him.

When Chen Feng looked at him, he also smiled slightly at Chen Feng. In fact, there may be nothing in the smile, but in Chen Feng’s eyes, he felt that this guy’s smile was very uncomfortable.

Perhaps it was just the first impression, and Chen Feng’s attitude towards this person was not very good.

“Don’t you think we are not?” Chen Feng said coldly.

Qian Tongli didn’t know how he had offended Chen Feng, but his posture was pretty good, and he still smiled: “I didn’t mean that. I just looked at you as if you were cold to Miss Lu. I thought you guys. What happened in between!”

Lu Xin also looked at Chen Feng from the sidelines, seeming to have a playful meaning, wanting to see how Chen Feng would answer.

Chen Feng said: “Even if what happens, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you.”

No matter how good the temper is, Qian Qiang knows that Chen Feng is now angry. If he actively says anything, he won’t answer calmly. He simply smiled at Chen Feng and then whispered to Lu Xin.

“Miss Lu, it is really a pleasure to meet you today. If I have this honor, I think of Yanjing, I can also invite you out. I don’t know if I have this honor.”

Lu Xin whispered, “It’s my honor.”

After the two talked, they exchanged contact information in a friendly manner.

Looking at them, Chen Feng didn’t know what Lu Xin’s feelings for Xu Fu were. If it was the kind of love that lasted until death, then sadness should be Lu Xin’s normality, not just chatting with another man like this. It’s hot.

After thinking about it, Chen Feng still didn’t take it too seriously. Anyway, after waiting for Yan Jing and arranging for her, Chen Feng would not have any more contact with her.

At this time, the plane was about to be whereabouts, and a notice came from the radio, and Lu Xin both quieted down.

“Here! Here!” Seeing Chen Feng from a distance, Lin Wanqiu was already waving the pick-up card, and Chen Feng saw her at a glance.

Lin Wanqiu missed Chen Feng very much. When he left, she was always alone. She obviously had a boyfriend, but she lived a single life. Even her friends were worried about whether she would break up, and he was also I can only explain to them every time.

But the number of times like this is so high that friends rarely see Chen Feng’s figure. They can only think that Lin Wanqiu can’t let it go, so they know what’s going on and don’t ask more.

But Lin Wanqiu also knows what her friends think, but she can’t follow others to tell them that she didn’t break up, just because of some things, Chen Feng left.

Therefore, she was very depressed and didn’t know how to say it.

Fortunately, now that Chen Feng is finally back, she can justly bring Chen Feng to her friends and let them know that she is not single.

Even when there was a lot of grievances against Chen Feng, when Chen Feng came back, all her grievances were gone, just thinking that Chen Feng could accompany her more.

“Miss you. Lin Wanqiu.” Chen Feng stood in front of Lin Wanqiu and said softly.

But just with this call, Lin Wanqiu was very happy. She threw herself into Chen Feng’s arms and hugged him tightly.

Even under the curious gaze of others, she didn’t care, she just wanted to be with Chen Feng.

“Well, you hug so tightly, are you still afraid that I will escape?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

Lin Wanqiu nodded repeatedly and said, “I’m just afraid that you will run away. You don’t know how long you haven’t returned.”

Lu Xin came out with Chen Feng, and when she came to Lin Wanqiu, she could only stand and watch, as if Lin Wanqiu only had Chen Feng in her eyes, and she hadn’t noticed her until now.

Lu Xin was a little curious about how Lin Wanqiu would react if she noticed her, and it would be boring for her to stand by and watch the embrace between lovers.

“I should not leave, I will accompany you well and make up for the missing days.”

“Well, this is what you said, you can’t go back.”

Having said that, Lin Wanqiu finally let go of Chen Feng. She hooked Chen Feng’s neck and looked at Chen Feng’s face, as if she wanted to see more clearly and how it changed when she left.

But at this time, his eyes finally focused on Lu Xin, who had been standing beside him.

And Lin Wanqiu was first amazed. She saw many beautiful women, even the wife of Chen Feng was a rare beauty. But when she saw Lu Xin, she still felt a little bit ashamed. Come out of poetry and painting in general.

It’s just like the work of nature, it is a beauty that can be born with great care.

In addition to being surprised, he was immediately vigilant. This woman appeared next to Chen Feng, but it was not a happy clearing.

She knew that men are not loyal animals, so she looked at Chen Feng, with some guarded eyes in her eyes and asked, “This is what you brought back?”

Knowing that he still has to face it, Chen Feng said to Lin Wanqiu, “A friend, but only an ordinary friend. Her name is Lu Xin, and she is my brother’s woman.”

Lin Wanqiu looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, and naturally still couldn’t believe what Chen Feng said.

“Your brother’s woman, how did you bring her to Yanjing.”

Chen Feng also knew that Lin Wanqiu would definitely ask, and he was about to explain, Lu Xin introduced herself: “Hello, my name is Lu Xin.”

Lin Wanqiu looked at her, these words seemed to be provocative, she smiled very well, but the more so, the more Lin Wanqiu felt that Lu Xin had any intentions.

“Hello!” Lin Wanqiu also smiled softly: “Welcome to Yanjing, I think Miss Lu Xin, such a beautiful person, can definitely live well here.”

Chen Feng couldn’t see the idea that the two were already competing, he just thought the two of them laughed really beautifully.

“Maybe!” Lu Xin replied somewhat lonely.

Lin Wanqiu was a little strange, she was fine just now, how she talked about how beautiful she was, she was in a silent posture.

But it was not easy to ask for a while, so I had to look at Chen Feng again, wanting to hear Chen Feng’s explanation.

Although Chen Feng guessed Lu Xin’s mood, he only said, “Go back, there are still so many people watching.”

Lin Wanqiu nodded: “I made a lot of food for you, including your favorite braised prawns and braised hoofs…”

Chen Feng smiled and looked at Lin Wanqiu’s count.

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