Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1125

Chen Feng opened the car door and walked down.

Xu Shuzhen looked at Chen Feng with some horror. She thought Chen Feng would do something to her: “What do you want to do?”

Could it be that the bad guy Chen Feng said before was referring to himself? Xu Shuzhen couldn’t help but think so.

But Chen Feng just walked down, opened the door of the rear seat, and smiled: “Since you don’t want to come up by yourself, I have to come down and invite you. You shouldn’t let me do it. You should know how good I am. .”

Xu Shuzhen did see how Chen Feng defeated those guys. She believed that her martial arts could not defeat Chen Feng.

But she also didn’t think there was someone else who wanted to send someone off specially, she had already refused, but Chen Feng still wanted to do it forcibly.

Therefore, she can only think about the bad things about this matter, is it possible that Chen Feng wants to take her somewhere and then do something terrible.

Looking at her changing expression, Chen Feng couldn’t guess what she was thinking, but he just thought this woman was interesting and wanted to give her a ride.

“Come on! I just want to send you back. I will never do anything.”

Not to mention it’s okay, when Xu Shuzhen said that she was even more panicked, her body retreated back, wanting to escape immediately.

Chen Feng watched her movements, knowing that he might have scared her, he shook his head, and said, “Since you don’t worry, then forget it. It will take at least two or three hours to walk back from here, two or three hours. , You can imagine whether you can hold it.”

With that, Chen Feng was about to return to the car.

Seeing Chen Feng suddenly retreat, Xu Shuzhen felt that Chen Feng might really just be kind.

She thought about the two or three hours that De Chen Feng told her, and she really didn’t want to walk back on her own.

After thinking about it, she tentatively asked, “Are you really just sending me back, won’t you do anything else to me?”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Do you think what I will do to you? I seem to have told you before. Even if you want to give it to me, I don’t want it. I think of many women. That’s not a joke.”

Up to now, Chen Feng is still talking such annoying things, and Xu Shuzhen, who didn’t have a lot of affection for Chen Feng, frowned at this time.

Chen Feng wouldn’t pay attention to Xu Shuzhen’s feelings for him. After meeting this time, he didn’t even know if he would see him again next time. He didn’t need to accumulate good feelings in front of a stranger.

He just opened the door of the rear seat again and said, “Come on, I have sent you here, and I have to go back by myself.”

Xu Shuzhen walked in after weighing it up again and again.

Chen Feng smiled and shook his head, and closed the door for her. He mocked himself as being bored and doing this kind of thing.

After getting in the car, Chen Feng asked, “Where are you going? Is there a hotel or accommodation here?”

“Hotel, Holiday Inn.”

Chen Feng was a little familiar when he heard that, it seemed to belong to the Chen family.

Naturally, the speed of the car was much faster than walking. In less than a while, the two of them had already entered the city. Chen Feng did not ask her anything along the way. It was impossible to tell Chen Feng as if she was so scared. what.

Finally arrived at the door of the hotel and the car stopped there.

“Here, you go down!”

It seemed that she was really just sending herself back. Xu Shuzhen felt that she might have blamed Chen Feng. She said softly, “Thank you for sending me back.”

When she got out of the car, Xu Shuzhen watched Chen Feng leave before she entered the hotel.

But this time, Chen Feng did deliberately walk around again. Ten minutes after Xu Shuzhen entered, Chen Feng also walked into this hotel.

And he went directly to the front desk and said to the front desk lady: “Find someone for me. This is Chen Feng. If you don’t know me, you can call your manager out.”

The lady at the front desk did not know Chen Feng, but she knew Chen Feng’s name. If she really was the big boss, she would not dare to make a decision at will, so she called their manager directly without thinking about it.

The manager looked at Chen Feng and didn’t seem to know him either.

“Are you really President Chen?”

Chen Feng had no choice but to say, “If you are not sure, give me the phone number of your boss and I will talk to him.”

The manager apologized: “Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry, we really haven’t seen you, so confirmation is also a necessary program, I hope you don’t take offense.”

Chen Feng feels that this rigorousness at least shows that the management of this hotel is pretty good, and it won’t break the rules just because he just said a name.

However, the confirmation process was very fast. The boss heard Chen Feng’s voice and naturally confirmed Chen Feng’s identity, but because of this, he had to criticize the manager. Chen Feng stopped him and did not continue to curse.

“Mr. Chen, who do you want to find?”

The lady at the front desk said nervously.

Chen Feng said with a smile, “Just find an acquaintance, not someone special.”

The lady at the front desk didn’t expect the big boss to be so young and so kind. She nodded and said, “Mr. Chen, can you name that person?”

Chen Feng naturally shook his head, but he never asked Xu Shuzhen’s name.

“Then do you know when she moved in?”

Chen Feng still shook his head.

The lady at the front desk is also a little bit troubled, there is no information about this, how can she find it.

“Then can you tell what she looks like? I can remember it for you.”

Chen Feng said, “I’m a young woman, but she is about 20 years old, with a small face and a pretty face.”

But just to say these conditions, the lady at the front desk quickly called up some information and said: “Ms. Xu is what Mr. Chen is talking about.”

Chen Feng looked at the ID photo on the computer. It was indeed the woman just now, named Xu Shuzhen, aged 19, from the Southeast.

And through these messages, it was still difficult for Chen Feng to figure out what force Xu Shuzhen came from, and he didn’t care, anyway, he was just curious.

“Okay, thank you.” Chen Feng’s smile was flat, but the little girl at the front desk was still a little dazed.

When Chen Feng left the hotel, she woke up, but when she thought that the woman Chen Feng had contacted was Xu Shuzhen, she was a little inferior. After all, she was really not as beautiful as Xu Shuzhen.

Xu Shuzhen did not have the ability to think of Chen Summit to investigate her identity. She just returned to her room, then lay down on the bed, thinking about what happened tonight, she felt a failure.

The thing was not done, Chen Feng showed her looks in the end, and she was finally sent back by Chen Feng. She was really such an incompetent herself. If she was a little tougher, she wouldn’t really sit there. Get in Chen Feng’s car.

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