Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1126

With just such a sentence, Chen Feng understood that she must have encountered something, and those painful memories made her reluctant to mention it again.

It was quiet outside the car window, the flow of traffic seemed to be silent, the noisy crowd became silent, and the quieter than all of this was inside the car.

The silence made Chen Feng reluctant to say a word to break the silence, what he wanted to say, but he didn’t know what to say.

“I don’t want to go to the supermarket, take me to the beach.” Lu Xin said coldly.

There is no reason for Chen Feng to agree to such an unreasonable request. Even if he is in a bad mood, going to the beach is a long process. Yanjing here is not the capital of magic.

But he couldn’t say a word to refuse. He glanced at Lu Xin with despair in his eyes, like the helplessness of a child.

Chen Feng couldn’t think of what happened, so Lu Xin could be so sad just by mentioning it.

“Okay! I’ll take you to the beach.” Chen Feng agreed.

But it still takes three or four hours to get from Yanjing to the nearest seaside. Chen Feng checked the time. If it is fast, he can arrive before evening.

But he still embarked on the road to the sea without hesitation.

After just saying such a sentence, the two of them lost their voices again and walked all the way quietly.

The sun has already set behind him, and it is getting lower and lower, the pine wood on both sides of the road, straight into the sky, behind the pine wood, is a patch of village fields, at this time the harvest is over, only the roots of the rice are left. Still lined up among them, it looks a lot lonely.

But finally came to the beach after the sun had completely set.

It’s a pity that the sea here is not so beautiful, it’s dark, and the dim sky is even more silent.

It was so silent that people couldn’t bring up any emotions.

Chen Feng might not want to come here to be a very cheerful place. He wanted to take Lu Xin away, but when he looked at Lu Xin, he felt that she was at ease. She seemed to like the depression.

Maybe a lonely person just wants to find another equally lonely person, not necessarily comfort and admonition.

If you don’t think of being together, you won’t feel such pain.

Chen Feng had nothing to say, just standing behind Lu Xin, watching her walk forward along the desolate sandy land, leaving footprints one by one, getting longer and longer.

But when the wave came over, it was all gone, just soaked in the soles of Lu Xin’s shoes, and then backed away again.

The sea breeze has a salty taste and a hint of coolness.

Chen Feng asked, “Should we go back!”

Lu Xin shook his head gently, and said, “Let me be quiet for a while. I like this place. It is simpler and quieter than the sea of ​​the magic capital.”

Chen Feng didn’t understand the meaning of Lu Xin’s words. He just heard the sound of the waves. It was not quiet. As for the simplicity, he knew it better. Maybe this was just what Lu Xin thought.

In the corner of the sky, the crescent moon has been secretly exposed, and the other side is almost settled. In less than ten minutes, it may be all black.

It seemed that he could no longer see the path under his feet, but Lu Xin kept moving forward, seemingly unwilling to stop.

Chen Feng felt that she couldn’t let her go crazy, so he wanted to stop her.

But as soon as he was about to step forward, the light of a flashlight suddenly lit up in front of him. The bright light was dazzling, and Chen Feng covered it with his hand.

“Who are you?”

It was an old voice, he asked both Chen Feng.

Lu Xin replied: “Looking at the scenery.”

“A liar, what can you see here in such a dark sky? If you want to seek excitement, it is best not to be in such a place. When the waves are up, you can’t go anymore.”

Looking at us, a man and a woman, we thought of Chen Feng as a ridiculous couple.

Chen Feng said at this moment: “We will leave now.”

But coming down from there, the way back is a long time. Chen Feng hesitated. Fortunately, the man said, “Go up here. It will take you half an hour to go back. This black lamp is blind, if you are taken by the waves. After leaving, even people don’t know where they will float to.”

Chen Feng was afraid that Lu Xin would change his mind, and he had been by her side long ago.

Shouted to the front: “Okay!”

The flashlight in front dropped a direction, and Chen Feng finally saw the road. The sound of the waves echoed constantly in his ears, crashing and falling, very comfortable.

After walking not far, I saw a wooden house high above. Lu Xin suddenly shouted to the uncle in front of him: “Uncle, can we stay here for one night?”

The flashlight dropped its direction again and turned towards Chen Feng and the others.

“What do you mean? I am not a hotel, and there are no extra beds.”

Even Chen Feng was curious about what Lu Xin said, but he did not agree to stay here.

Lu Xin said, “We are here from Yanjing. If we go back, it will already be midnight, so I want to wait until tomorrow morning before leaving.”

It sounds reasonable.

“I really don’t understand you young people. Why don’t you feel comfortable at home when you come to such a place at night?”

Lu Xin used her advantage as a girl, pretending to be pitiful, and said, “Please, uncle, just stay one night. We will leave early tomorrow morning.”

The other party was also helpless by Lu Xin, so he had to agree: “Okay, then you will stay with me for one night, but don’t do strange things.”

Chen Feng didn’t understand what the strange thing was.

The man’s house is an old wooden house. The wooden floor has been decayed by the sea breeze for a long time. Stepping on it makes a creaking sound, and the same is true for the handrails on the side.

“Don’t touch the handrail, it may break,” the man reminded.

When I entered the house, I felt a lot warmer. The wood was burning in the center of the house, and hot water was warmed above the flame.

Under such light, Chen Feng finally saw the other’s face clearly.

His voice was the same, he was a somewhat older uncle, his beard was not taken care of, and he looked a little sloppy.

He walked to the side table, found two cups from inside, then wiped it with the cloth on the side, and took them to a small folding stool by the fire.

“There is nothing better here. Just use it. The sea breeze is blowing outside. It’s a little girl’s house. If you freeze your body, you won’t be able to cure it with any amount of money. Drink some hot water first. To keep warm.”

He carried the kettle and gave water on both cups.

Lu Xin smiled and thanked the man, and then she held up the tea cup, but she looked a bit cold, and she felt warm when she was holding the cup.

Chen Feng also took the teacup from there and put it in his hand to heat it together.

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