Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1128

Liu Xing also laughed, and said, “Then, since then, I will work hard to bring all the geniuses here.”

“I think you still don’t worry about those things. Let’s go to the cafeteria for dinner first, and wait until the people who have seen the company in the afternoon.”

Liu Xing also knew that he was a little anxious, and turned around and smiled at Chen Feng: “Then go to dinner, this is a big deal.”

When going from the office to the cafeteria, many people don’t know Chen Feng. There are too many people here, and Chen Feng has hardly been here. Naturally, there are fewer people who know him.

But people in senior management know it naturally.

Wang Yuefeng, the general manager of the finance department, walked in front of Chen Feng.

“Mr. Chen, you are here.” He smiled.

Chen Feng nodded and said, “Bring the newcomer over and take a look.”

With that, he pointed to Liu Xing.

“Liu Xing, here comes from Demon Capital.”

Liu Xing also smiled friendly at Wang Yuefeng.

But seeing Liu Xing’s appearance, just the broken eye is enough to make people feel horrified. Wang Yuefeng has experienced many occasions, and he still can’t accept Liu Xing. Although he doesn’t know his personality, his appearance is still natural. To repel.

But his quality still made him smile and said, “If you want to come to Mr. Liu, you must be a talent. If you don’t want Mr. Chen to bring people to the cafeteria for dinner, the company hopes that we can cooperate more in the future.”

“That’s natural.”

“Then Mr. Chen, you are busy, I still have some work here and I have to go back in a hurry.” Wang Yuefeng said to Chen Feng again.

Chen Feng nodded, and he left.

“What do you think of this person? He is the company’s financial manager and a top student at Harvard Business School. He also has unique insights into domestic economic development and has strong business capabilities. Although I don’t care, he is still quite satisfied with his resume. .”

Chen Feng seemed to want to show off, after all, this is the company’s high-level management.

But Liu Xing did not expect Liu Xing to shook his head and said, “If it were me, he might be fired. He is not suitable for this position.”

Chen Feng looked at Liu Xing in amazement. Even the top students at Harvard were not up to the task, so how picky he was about this position.

“No, it was hired with a high salary, and even in order to get him to agree, the company also let him use a house in the city for free.”

But Liu Xing said: “A good financial officer does not depend on his academic qualifications, but whether he can bring down the company’s taxes. Even though I just glanced at it, I know that his temperament is arrogant, and he has that kind of intellectual independence. Some are pretentious.”

Chen Feng said: “Aren’t you a student? This seems a bit arbitrary, and you just glanced at him, how can you think he is arrogant.”

Liu Xing smiled lightly: “If Mr. Chen believes in me, he will wait until I find the right person and let him give up his position. Taxation is the most important thing. He can even save the group tens of millions every year.”

Chen Feng was silent, in the face of these slippery waves in the sea of ​​commerce, he believed that it was not a case.

“Since I have put you in this position, it is up to you to do what you do. As long as you don’t tear this place down for me, I don’t mind giving it a try.” Chen Feng also doesn’t matter, he doesn’t even care. How do you care about the influence of arbitrarily transferring a financial manager.

But things are not just as simple as imagined, but as to what impact it will have, it is also a future thing.

Chen Feng wanted to go to the small room with Liu Xing to eat, but Liu Xing refused.

“Look at the corporate culture.”

Chen Feng had to follow him to the dining window. Liu Xing looked at the food in the window and said to the chef who wears a mask: “Who is in charge here, can you let him come over? ”

His words are very plain, but they have attracted considerable attention.

Except for the chef who just looked at him in surprise, the employees in line beside him were also surprised. After all, they had never seen such a leader in the company.

So someone began to whisper, and the first thing to notice was Liu Xing’s eye with a blindfold.

“who is he?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen it before!”

“Isn’t it the outsider who came in to make trouble?”

The discussion also went into Chen Feng’s ears. He looked at Liu Xing suspiciously and asked, “What do you want to do, is there any problem with this dish?”

Liu Xing did not answer immediately, but looked at the chef just now.

Because he didn’t know Liu Xing’s details, and was afraid of causing any problems, the chef agreed and went to the person in charge.

“Don’t you think these are too simple? Chen’s company is not a small company. There are hundreds of employees here, and they are also some young people. They are also the most energetic group, but they eat like this. Simple, how do you think they will have a good impression of the company.”

Pop spoke softly, but the employees on the side were already very excited.

“What he said is so reasonable, I don’t want to eat here if I don’t have to eat.”

“But who the hell is this! I haven’t seen him before. Is his speech useful?”

“Maybe it’s just pretending to be here, and after leaving, what will happen or what will happen.”

The discussion was very quiet, but Chen Feng heard clearly.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “It looks like you will become a celebrity in the company after today, but if you are so arrogant, you are not afraid of offending people. Wouldn’t it be difficult for you to continue in the company in the future?”

Liu Xing also chuckled: “Isn’t I just here to offend people for President Chen? What does it mean to not let Chen Feng put me in this personnel position?”

Chen Feng didn’t expect Liu Xing to say his thoughts so bluntly, and he gave a perfunctory laugh.

And the person in charge of the canteen also walked out.

“It’s you looking for me? I don’t seem to know you.”

He knew the management of the company, but he didn’t know the two people in front of him, so he still looked down on Liu Xing somewhat.

“If you don’t like the food here, go outside by yourself. The conditions here are like this. We have to take care of the food for hundreds of people, but it’s not that simple to satisfy everyone.”

Liu Xing said: “If you can’t make hundreds of people satisfied, then I have to find someone who can do it. After all, this is the biggest logistical work, and everyone may take it seriously.”

“Who are you! Is there any place for you to speak here?” The man frowned and his face became a little ugly.

“Who am I, you can ask the one next to me.” Liu Xing pointed to Chen Feng next to him and said.

Chen Feng knew that he wouldn’t be able to come out. He smiled at everyone, and then slowly said, “My name is Chen Feng. This is the new personnel manager of the company, Mr. Liu, and what he said will be the same. It’s something to be discussed.”

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