Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1129

Hearing Chen Feng’s name, even if you don’t know Chen Feng, you have heard of Chen Feng’s name. After all, the entire company belongs to him. This is the biggest boss in the company.

“Really, the big boss is so young.”

“No, is it the same name and last name.”

“This is too handsome, I want to give him a monkey.”

Sure enough, with the aura of identity, people will become handsome, and Chen Feng is also helpless.

The person in charge also knew that he seemed to have provoke someone who shouldn’t be offended, and immediately panicked.

“This…, this.” He was already speechless.

But Liu Xing didn’t think about what he would really do to him. He just said, “Let’s go. I just inform you that this matter will be discussed later by the leadership, and someone will come to hand over with you.”

“Let’s go out for dinner, the afternoon notice will come down, and you will also have the opportunity to see this new personnel manager.”

Chen Feng said to the people who kept on watching.

It is a pity that these people are not seeing Liu Xing, but him.

Although Chen Feng had finished speaking, there were still many people around. Chen Feng had no choice but to ignore him, and had a meal with Liu Xing, and went to sit down by the window.

“This is only the first day. I’m really afraid of what you will do later. I can tell you that although such a big company belongs to me, you will make everyone run away.” , I can’t support it alone. You will have to compensate me for the loss at that time.”

Although Chen Feng said so, he did have a joking tone.

Naturally, Liu Xing would not take it seriously. He said, “Although strictness is not liked by others, it is also a helpless thing. Human inertia must use a certain system, but as long as it can be compensated in other welfare places, as long as it is compared with peers. It’s better, that’s enough.”

“I’m not as clear as you know, but these are all things you categorize, but there is one thing I want to make clear to you.”

Before Chen Feng could speak, Liu Xing said, “Is that the financial institution?”

Chen Feng froze for a moment and said, “You know?”

Liu Xing said: “I just checked some information. Since Chen’s company established itself in Yanjing, and rejected the investment cooperation with that person, the grievances between Chen’s and the other party seem to have always existed.”

Chen Feng nodded and said, “There is no way to do this. He is rich, and at the same time, he also appreciates Chen’s amazing earning ability. What he wants is naturally to come in and get a share of the pie. Rejected decisively, knowing that it was only infiltrated by someone, then it would be impossible to say who the Chen family was going to say then.”

“The old lady really has foresight, and the sovereignty rests with me, so that I can go further, otherwise it is just a vassal of others, and as a dog, many people look down on it.”

Chen Feng admired the old man the Chen family most. It seems that since the death of the old man, the Chen family really hasn’t had any genius, just lying on the top of the previous foundation.

“Nevertheless, after all, that person is also looking at the Chen family. I invite you to Yanjing, hoping that you can find a way to solve the other party.

As for the things we discussed in the hotel before, I thought about it. Although it is still not clear, I want to do something meaningful, such as charity, so that more people can get the benefits of development. ”

Liu Xing looked at Chen Feng and said seriously: “I said I was just a wage earner. Since Mr. Chen has this idea, then I will find a way to get in touch in this regard. I know some friends who specialize in charity, and I want to come to meet you. It’s easy to make.”

Chen Feng nodded: “That’s good. As for the financial crocodile, if you don’t have an idea, don’t worry, after all, he has no way to take us down for the time being.”

Liu Xing thought for a while, and said, “This matter should not be too late. If the Chen family wants to develop, then this giant crocodile must be bypassed, and this battle must be won.”

Chen Feng stared at him in a daze, and said, “Are you not sure about this person’s strength?”

Immediately he explained: “The entire Southeast Asia and even Europe, his assets are distributed, relying on overseas investment, cross-border transactions, stock trading, annual income can buy a Pacific island, not to mention, he is still there. A few words of expansion kits, those high-quality assets that he has been eyeing, have never missed, and trying to shake this crocodile can not be done by courage.”

But even though Chen Feng said so, Liu Xing was still not salty or indifferent.

“The rice is of Chinese descent. He started his family in China, and after several financial turmoils he has risen to his current height suddenly. He is a very smart man who can grasp the opportunity. Otherwise, he will never reach his current position. Know that he has a weakness.”

Chen Feng asked in surprise, “What weakness?”

Liu Xing said, “That is the law of heaven and earth.”

“What’s the meaning?”

Liu Xing smiled and said, “Mr. Chen, do you know how old Sun Tianxia is now?”

Chen Feng said: “It’s over eighty, and the exact age is not clear. Do you want to say that he will die soon?”

But Chen Feng himself shook his head and continued: “His body is very good now. Death is still too early for him. He himself has predicted his life expectancy, at least ten years.”

Liu Xing still kept that smile: “But ten years were only given by God. It’s just that other people will let him live to that time. It’s not certain. Mr. Chen should know that Sun Tianxia’s three sons and Si A daughter, this is not his illegitimate child, are these people staring at his wealth?”

It seems that Chen Feng doesn’t recognize Liu Xing. This is not a serious way.

And here is not the place for these things, he said: “We will find a place to discuss these later, and if possible, I will support you to do our best.”

Liu Xing also raised the water glass on the side, and said, “Look forward to the future.”

Chen Feng also cooperated and said, “I look forward to your performance.”

The food is indeed a bit unpalatable, mainly because it is too perfunctory and completely lacks the taste of the dishes. The ingredients are okay, and the meat and vegetables are matched, and they are still complete.

Chen Feng also felt that it was necessary to change it, and now only Liu Xing mentioned it. Sure enough, many people in the company are just blind people and can’t see what they don’t want to see.

After two o’clock in the afternoon, someone came to the office and called Chen Feng.

“Mr. Chen, the high-level meeting is about to begin.”

Chen Feng put away the “Return to the Sea” in his hand, and then stood up: “This is the way I am, you can go first.”

“Return to the Sea” is a transcript, and Chen Feng is not curious about what Qingzhi and Qianxunjian want.

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