Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 113

An anger flashed across Xu Dongliang’s eyes. He pursued a goddess that he hadn’t chased for four years. He married a takeaway delivery man. The damn thing was that the takeaway delivery man hadn’t protected his goddess. The goddess is going to be a mistress!
He couldn’t swallow this breath!
“Oh, Brother Liang, you are too kind.”
“That’s right, the little bitch Xia Mengyao was really blind back then. He didn’t marry the unsophisticated jade like Brother Liang, and ran to get married with a takeaway delivery person, and his mind was caught in the door.”
“She must regret to die now.”
As soon as everyone spoke, a taxi stopped in front of them.
Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao got out of the car.
Everyone has different expressions, but they came by taxi? Xia Mengyao’s husband is indeed a veritable rubbish, unable to even afford a car.
Seeing Xia Mengyao, Xu Dongliang’s eyes suddenly flashed hot. After three years, Xia Mengyao has not become ugly, but is more beautiful than before, with more mature temperament and fuller body.
But when he saw Chen Feng holding Xia Mengyao’s hand, Xu Dongliang’s expression became gloomy again.
“Meng Yao, long time no see.” Although Chen Feng was upset, Xu Dongliang smiled and said hello.
“Long time no see.” Xia Mengyao also responded politely.
“This is your husband?” Xu Dongliang’s eyes moved to Chen Feng again, but the coldness in his eyes was very obvious.
“Well, his name is Chen Feng.” Xia Mengyao smiled.
“Hello.” Chen Feng also smiled and stretched out his hand, but Xu Dongliang just glanced at Chen Feng, and did not intend to shake hands with Chen Feng.
Is this trying to give yourself power? Chen Feng smiled playfully, then withdrew his hand.
Xia Mengyao frowned and didn’t say anything. She immediately looked at Wang Jiameng and Li Xue, but found that apart from Wang Jiameng, the others had their hands around their chests, and looked at him coldly, with disgust in their eyes. Cover up.
Xia Mengyao couldn’t help but wonder, what happened?
“Since everyone is here, let’s go.” Xu Dongliang said with a smile.
“let’s go.”
“Mr Liang, you have to be prepared for heavy bleeding today. After all, we invite so many classmates to eat, not to mention, but also to bring some dead skinny outsiders.”
“Mr Liang definitely doesn’t care about this, but to be honest, some people have a thicker skin than the city wall. When they heard that they were going to eat at the Huaqi Mansion, they dragged their families over.”
The yin and yang ridicule of several girls, needless to say, Xia Mengyao can guess, they ridiculed herself and Chen Feng, why are they so hostile to them today?
Xu Dongliang waved his hand and said, “It’s okay. Everyone finally got together and said that if there is no bleeding, a meal is only three to four hundred thousand. I can afford it.”
Xu Dongliang’s words had a strong sense of ostentation, as if three to four hundred thousand were about three to four hundred yuan.
After speaking, he glanced at Chen Feng without a trace, as if he wanted to see Chen Feng astonished.
But Chen Feng was expressionless, three to four hundred thousand, perhaps to Xu Dongliang, it was about three to four hundred yuan, but to himself, it was about three to four mao. After all, his card was still lying down. One billion.
“Okay, let’s not talk about it, everyone, let’s go there. I think a lot of classmates are driving here. Let’s gather together. Four or five people will take a car and go directly. There is no need to take a taxi.” Xu Dongliang laughed.
“Mengyao, take my car.” After saying that, Xu Dongliang smiled and looked at Xia Mengyao again.
Xia Mengyao shook her head and said, “No, my husband and I will take a taxi.”
Xu Dongliang frowned, a little unhappy, he said so, Xia Mengyao even didn’t give herself face.
Li Xue also noticed that Xu Dongliang’s expression was wrong, and hurriedly stood up to teach: “Mengyao, the taxi is very jammed at night, besides, if you don’t go with us, we have to arrive first. You haven’t arrived yet, let us Waiting for you there?”
“Yes, Mengyao, let’s go in Brother Liang’s car. Brother Liang is a Range Rover. You must have never ridden in such a good car before. I just feel it today.”
Several girls who had a good relationship with Xu Dongliang stood up one after another. They could tell that Xu Dongliang was still unhappy with Xia Mengyao. At this moment, he would speak for Xu Dongliang, and Xu Dongliang would definitely take more pictures of them.
Xia Mengyao opened her mouth, she didn’t know what to say. The driver of Qiao Xiaoyue has been driving her four-eight Rolls-Royce to pick her up, a Land Rover Range Rover, what is it?
“Well then, my husband and I will take Xu Dongliang’s car.” Xia Mengyao said helplessly.
“Let your husband go to another car, this car has no seats, Jiameng and I, and Xiaoqian, the three of us, plus you, there are exactly four people, and then we will be overloaded.” Li Xue She smiled, what Xu Dongliang thought, she naturally knew, if Chen Feng got in his car, how would he hook Xia Mengyao.
“Li Xue is right. Let your husband take another car. There are many students who drive today. Anyone can ride.” After that, Xu Dongliang glanced at a young man in a flowered T-shirt and asked. : “Sun Liang, do you still have a seat in that car?”
“Yes! Brother Liang, let this brother come and ride in my car.” Sun Liang said heartily. He was Xu Dongliang’s attendant when he was in school, and now he has become Xu Dongliang’s confidant. As long as Xu Dongliang’s look is in his eyes, he can understand What did Xu Dongliang think.
“How about, Mengyao?” Xu Dongliang asked with a smile.
Xia Mengyao gave Chen Feng a little embarrassed, she was afraid that Chen Feng would think more about it.
Chen Feng smiled, and said, “Well, you can take his car. I can take any car.”
“Mengyao, get in the car, we sisters, but we haven’t seen each other for several years. I have a lot of things to tell you.” Li Xue smiled enthusiastically.
Immediately dragged Xia Mengyao into the Land Rover Range Rover.
Xu Dongliang was the last to get in the car. Before getting on the car, Xu Dongliang glanced at Chen Feng jokingly, and then gave Sun Liang a look. Sun Liang also nodded, expressing his understanding.
“Everyone get in the car and follow Brother Liang.” Sun Liang looked at everyone and said with a smile.
Chen Feng didn’t think much, and walked towards Sun Liang’s car.
But when he arrived in front of the car, Sun Liang stretched out his hand to stop Chen Feng and asked with a smile, “What are you doing?”
Chen Feng frowned and said, “Take a car.”
“Take a car?” Sun Liang smiled jokingly and said, “I’m sorry, my car is full. Go and take a taxi yourself.”
Chen Feng also smiled, and even played tricks for himself?
“Dude, didn’t you deliver food? How about your electric car that delivered food? Why didn’t you see you riding out?” Another young man with triangular eyes who had a good relationship with Sun Liang smiled.
“Broken.” Chen Feng said lightly

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