Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1130

Put the things in the drawer and lock them, and then Chen Feng left the office.

Almost all the senior executives of the company have arrived in the conference room, and they look very energetic.

The only empty spot in the field is naturally Chen Feng’s, which is naturally the top spot.

Chen Feng glanced at them. Liu Xing sat aside in the appearance of thirty or forty people, but he closed his eyes and slumbered.

“Good afternoon everyone, time is rushed, and I haven’t notified everyone in advance. I still apologize to you all for this meeting…”

With some polite words at the beginning, the normal meeting process began.

For Chen Feng, this kind of meeting is more important only to introduce and appoint Liu Xing. As for the reports of other departments, he also knows that it is probably the better results selected by each department, so Chen Feng apart from saying a few words. There is nothing else you can say if you try to praise.

It was Chen Feng’s turn to speak after the reports of several important departments were over.

The polite words are still hard work and prospects. Although everyone is familiar with it, this is the process, and no one can skip it.

After all these scenes were over, Chen Feng mentioned the appointment.

“Mr. Liu is the general manager of the magic city Tianhai, and because of my personal invitation, he is willing to come to us. I hope that everyone can get along with each other in a friendly manner. As for the future arrangements, they will be sent to the company by email. All employees.”

This kind of large personnel appointment naturally needs to be notified to everyone, and today it is only an introduction. Chen Feng thought that it should be over, and was thinking that Liu Xing could leave with a few words.

But the voice of opposition was heard from the people sitting underneath.

“Mr. Chen, I have something to say.”

Hearing the sound, almost everyone cast their sights over. Chen Feng was no exception. He was a mature-looking man with sparse hair and greasy face. Chen Feng didn’t remember who he was for a while, but this did not affect him. .

He said, “You say it!”

The man straightened his body and said seriously: “Mr. Chen, as far as I know, because of the accidental death of their executive director, the entire magic capital Tianhai is just a piece of loose sand, and this time comes to us. It’s just a deserter. When the company encounters a crisis, all I think of is to run away. I think there is a problem with the character of this kind of person.

I can’t influence the company’s personnel appointments, nor dare to defy Mr. Chen’s will. I just suggest that this kind of person is not suitable for entering the company, let alone being a group personnel officer. ”

Although he said so much and even expressed his own attitude, he personally knew that he was expressly opposing it.

And Chen Feng didn’t expect that someone would oppose him so directly, and his face immediately became a little ugly.

He didn’t think this was just the meaning of this guy alone, he must have been sent out as a representative.

“What do the rest of you think?” Chen Feng also asked the others.

When Chen Feng asked, someone said, “I disagree with his opinions. A character should not depend on whether he runs away. It is human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Since this Mr. Liu knows to stay in the capital Tianhai has no future, so it would be extremely stupid to continue to stay there.

So I don’t think there is any problem with this, but I still have a different view on whether Mr. Liu can be qualified as a personnel officer. If Mr. Liu is really a talent, then even if the executive director of Demon Capital Tianhai died unexpectedly, he should have the ability to stabilize, instead of completely crashing like he is now. That’s what I said, so I don’t agree with it either. ”

Although it was a rebuttal, the result was indeed the same, and Chen Feng sneered again.

“Anyone else to say?” He said coldly.

Everyone knew that Chen Feng was in a bad mood at this time, but they also knew that it was not a good thing for such an outsider to enter the company, and they also investigated Liu Xing. After all, Huaxia was so big and wanted It is not that difficult to find out the details of a person.

But what they knew was that Liu Xing was a stern person when he was in the magic capital Tianhai. Various levels are very strict, and this kind of person is also the most annoying for everyone.

I originally came to work, so hard working so seriously, can I give more of the money I earn?

The idea is also very simple, but for Chen Feng, it is not a good thing.

After Chen Feng finished speaking, several people successively said the reasons. Although it didn’t sound so radical, the basic meaning was to oppose Liu Xing’s entry into the company, and even posture here to force Chen Feng.

Chen Feng also knows the thoughts of these people, but if Liu wakes in, their lives will become worse, and some of the benefits may not be available.

But these Chen Feng didn’t want to think about them. He gave them treatment and gave them a platform. Then this place should not become a place for them to seek personal gain, but should be for the company to go further.

After a while, when no one spoke, he just waited, and the scene fell silent for a while.

No one knows what Chen Feng thinks, but the law does not blame the people. So many people have the same opinions. They believe that Chen Feng dare not really blame everyone.

Naturally, Chen Feng didn’t start all these people. After all, he couldn’t run the entire company by himself, even if he added a Liu Xing.

He was quiet for a while before he said, “Since no one is going to talk about it anymore, then let the meeting adjourn.”

But there was no conclusion about Liu Xing’s matter, and someone immediately asked, “Then Mr. Chen, what about Mr. Liu?”

Chen Feng wanted to save some face for them. He didn’t want to argue because he didn’t want to make things embarrassing, but this person still asked ignorantly, and Chen Feng naturally didn’t need to keep anything.

“What I said before is not discussing anything with you, but directly appointing me personally. Although I am not in the group, as the actual head of the group, I think I still have this right, and all you can do is accept That’s all, as for some people who cannot tolerate, since they can’t integrate into the will of the group, they have to ask him to leave. Whoever wants to, I will personally approve his resignation letter.”

After speaking, Chen Feng walked out directly.

And Liu Xing looked at the group of people who were stunned on the spot, and smiled happily, and followed Chen Feng out of the conference room.

The man who made the point at the beginning asked the man beside him, “What is the situation? How is this different from what we imagined.”

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