Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1132

Chen Feng was forced by him to say nothing, and seemed unable to refute it. After all, he never took care of it, and when he used money, there was always money in his account, so he ignored the group. How did you make money?

“It’s a bit too much for you to say that, Jin Yue, don’t rely on you to be my sister and you can say that to me. If I am a pig, you who are related to me are a pig.”

After speaking, Chen Feng himself felt a smile.

Jin Yue looked at him with a cold face and said, “I don’t want to worry about what you are thinking. It must be a waste to put this person with you. You might as well give him to me. At least my company can treat him. Play his due role.”

Chen Feng was amused by himself just now, and slowly said, “Sister Yue, tell you, I don’t care about it now, but I don’t want the group to continue like this, so I brought him back from the outside with a natural purpose. Just to change this place, he, I use it a lot, so I really can’t lend him to you.”

Jin Yue was also taken aback, which was completely different from Chen Feng she had imagined.

“Do you really want him to rectify the entire Chen family for you?”

“I do have this idea, and I have communicated with him. He is a very thoughtful and smart person. More importantly, he is loyal. And I happen to need such a person. I think only I will support him. It’s not impossible for the entire Chen family to be completely renewed.”

Now that Chen Feng said so, she naturally didn’t want to continue chasing Chen Feng to ask for this person.

“Since you have ideas, if I continue to ask for it, it will be too bad for you. Although you are not a face-seeker, my sister still has to take care of you.” Jin Yue said lightly.

Chen Feng thought this nonsense: “Why don’t I lose face?”

But Jin Yue also sneered at once: “If you want face, you will leave the family for a woman and become the son-in-law of others.”

Speaking of these dark histories, Chen Feng has no room for refutation. After all, they are all real things.

He said in a very daunting tone: “Isn’t that the age of being crazy about love?”

Jin Yue’s experience with Chen Feng is arguably the most incomprehensible, and because of this, she resented Chen Feng for a long time, and every time she talked about it, she naturally felt that Chen Feng at that time was too stupid.

But now at least Chen Feng has changed a lot, and there is no need for her to poke Chen Feng’s scar.

“That’s your own business, and I can’t take care of it. But since you have the intention to manage the group, you should do it well. After all, the Chen family is not a small company. He is so big that it requires a certain amount of patience to complete Get better.”

This was a suggestion from a strong woman who is very experienced in business management, and Chen Feng naturally listened carefully.

He raised his wine glass and said to Jin Yue, “I will remember what Sister Yue said.”

He drank the wine in one fell swoop.

Jin Yue looked at him and drank the red wine in the glass in the same way.

Chen Feng suddenly remembered what Jin Yue had said before, and he asked: “Sister Yue, you said someone told you Liu Xing, who is that person! How did you know Liu Xing?”

But Jin Yue didn’t answer, but said indifferently: “It’s useless to tell you this, and that person doesn’t like being disturbed by others. I promised him, so it’s not easy to tell you more.”

Chen Feng was a little disappointed. Although he didn’t follow up, he was curious about the person who told Jin Yue about it.

“I won’t bother you.”

Since Jin Yue didn’t achieve her goal, she naturally wanted to leave. She didn’t like wasting time. Drinking here like Chen Feng was a waste of her life.

Chen Feng said, “Sister Yue, you are too unfeeling, can’t you talk with your brother more?”

Jin Yue said, “Why, do you need me to accompany you? You still want to get me drunk here and do something ulterior to me.”

Jin Yue is a very beautiful woman. Although she is cold, she can’t hide the brightness of her long hair, and even self-confidence is a plus for her.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t dare to do this. I just took a peek once, and it was an accident that time. It was Xu Fu’s own opinion.”

And speaking of Xu Fu, Jin Yue was also a little lonely, and she naturally knew the news of Xu Fu’s death.

“It’s up to you. I don’t have time to play here with you anyway.”

But Jinyue is not the kind of person who will cherish grief. She doesn’t like it. She will put more passion in life or career.

And watching Jin Yue close the door of the office again, she looked at the man standing there, wondering why there was a man with only one eye in the Chen family.

However, she only values ​​a person’s inner part more when she looks at people, and she has no contempt for appearance.

“You Mr. Chen is inside.”

Liu Xing nodded.

After Jin Yue finished speaking, he turned away.

Liu Xing also knocked on the office door.

Chen Feng was curious. He had just left now, why someone came again. He had to cover the wine before letting people in.

Seeing that it was Liu Xing, he relaxed, took out the wine glass again, and said, “Aren’t you still familiar with the company’s situation?”

Liu Xing said, “Come to you and ask for something.”

“What, I’ll find someone to get it for you.”

“Don’t worry, who is the woman just now, I heard she seemed to be looking for me, but when I met her just now, she didn’t know me.” Liu Xing asked strangely.

Chen Feng smiled, and then said all the things that happened just now.

“She didn’t know where she heard of you, so she felt that she must have been wronged by putting you here, so she wanted to pass you over, look at you, even when she first came to Yanjing, she was already anxious to ask for you. Are you really likable?”

Liu Xing also smiled and said, “I didn’t expect it either, but it must be better for that person than for you.”

Chen Feng was surprised: “What do you mean, do you really want to go to her?”

“People at least think they are beautiful women. It’s better to look at such a beautiful boss every day than to look at you.” Liu Xing said jokingly.

Chen Feng said, “You think it’s good to be beautiful. That woman is a workaholic. She has no feelings. If you follow her, you will definitely regret it, but I’m different. I will be related to the physical and mental health of subordinates. , And I think you must have been single for too long now. After get off work, I will take you to find the little girl.”

Liu Xing knew that he had been teased by Chen Feng on the other hand, and he hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, it’s fine for me to be alone now. Don’t look for anything for me.”

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