Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1134

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Don’t tell me that you are going to trade your chastity. Then I will be disappointed, because any woman has that kind of thing, and I am also a person who does not lack women. A woman just happened to want to be my mistress before.”

Chen Feng just saw the look in his eyes, and the other party was embarrassed because of Chen Feng’s shameless words.

Just like an innocent girl who hears a yellow joke, her face will turn blush.

For Chen Feng, who has experienced a lot, this kind of scene is still quite rare. When a woman reveals this side, it is already very difficult to find a sense of restraint. Chen Feng is even very difficult now. Lin Wanqiu saw this shyness in her body, but she was more unrestrained with him.

Chen Feng can’t be said to dislike, but sometimes he misses the shyness at first sight.

But now that he saw it, or guessed it from her eyes, Chen Feng would still find it strange.

“Don’t say that, I’m not that kind of casual person.” She said.

Chen Feng asked, “Then what do you want to take out, and the kind that is very precious.”

The woman said: “Nine Buddha Lotus Seeds.”

“You actually have that kind of thing?” Chen Feng asked incredulously.

If Taihao’s secret collection is a false propaganda that unlocks the secret existence of the master, then this Nine Buddha Lotus Seed is the real secret existence of Qingzhi who guards against the collapse of the world’s power.

But it seemed that even Qingzhi was still looking for it. Chen Feng could not expect to see a pure woman here, but she knew about the Nine Buddha Lotus Seeds, which was really incomprehensible.

The woman was also very surprised. She didn’t expect Chen Feng to know this. She thought she had to explain it clearly to Chen Feng.

“It’s fine if you know, and I will explain to you again if I save it. I think you should know the value of this thing. It should be no less than a secret treasure in your hands.”

Chen Feng nodded. If she does have such a thing in her hands, then according to Chen Feng’s understanding, his value is more valuable to Chen Feng now than “Return to the Sea”, but it is only part of it. value.

After all, there are nine Nine Buddha lotus seeds, and what she gave out was only one of them. To Chen Feng, it was still tasteless, because he might not gather all the nine lotus seeds in his lifetime.

In that case, this one is no different from waste.

Chen Feng sighed, “Unfortunately, I still can’t promise you.”

“Why, don’t you know the importance of the Nine Buddha Lotus Seeds? And I just exchanged them. After I finish reading them, I will still return the things to you.”

Chen Feng still shook his head and said, “I am not interested. Talking to you is just because I am curious about what precious things are in your hands. I never even thought about trading with you.”

“You…you, you are a liar.” The woman suddenly said angrily, but there was no way to vent, she could only verbally accuse Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled at her and ignored her, just returned to his car.

After starting the car and the woman standing there, Chen Feng stretched her head and said to her, “You should go back. This is not for you. If you encounter any bad guys and you can’t beat them, it won’t be fun.”

With that said, Chen Feng smiled and drove forward. There is no reason why the construction is still ahead. Those are just excuses for the guys who have already escaped.

But the result made Chen Feng a little speechless.

When he got there, he really found that the road was cut off due to construction, and the car couldn’t get past no matter what.

“It’s not that you put up the sign, why are you still running over, let’s go, here is construction.”

An elder brother wearing a hard hat shouted to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng turned around a little awkwardly, he could only count the embarrassment on those guys.

If you meet them next time, you must teach them again, Chen Feng thought.

On the way back, Chen Feng took a special look, and the woman in the woods had already left.

He didn’t care too much, and continued to drive forward.

But after a while, I saw the back of the woman just now, and she seemed to have taken off her mask.

Chen Feng’s car accelerated, and then stopped directly in front of the opponent.

Xu Shuzhen couldn’t believe that Chen Shengeng had come back again, and when she saw Chen Feng’s smiling face, she was naturally horrified, because Chen Feng had seen her appearance, which was the last thing she wanted.

But now it’s too late even if you want to cover it.

At this time, Chen Feng leaned against the window and smiled and said to Xu Shuzhen: “I can’t imagine that you look pretty under the mask.”

What Chen Feng saw was a woman with a small face, her black hair looked a little fluffy, and her facial features were also exquisite like toys.

If this is a child, Chen Feng can believe it, but her figure tells Chen Feng that this is not a child.

“Why are you back again?” Xu Shuzhen complained.

Now that Chen Feng had seen it, she was helpless, but in her heart she blamed herself for not expecting Chen Feng to come back.

“The road ahead is under construction, and I didn’t expect that those guys were actually doing business, making me think that they were blocking the road here just to stop me.”

Xu Shuzhen was annoyed, and Chen Feng saw her appearance for such a simple reason. If Chen Feng suddenly wanted to come back, she might still feel that she was calculated by Chen Feng.

But now she can only complain that God is at work.

“Then what do you do first, I want to go back, you blocked my way.”

Chen Feng said, “If you don’t mind, I’ll take you back. Do you want to go to the city?”

Xu Shuzhen was naturally puzzled. She suspected Chen Feng had any intentions.

“No, I just go back by myself.”

“If you go back to the city here, it is very far. I will send you a lot faster, and it will save you time and effort than if you ran back.”

Xu Shuzhen was a little moved. She came by taxi. Seeing those guys who were going to stop Chen Feng, she thought that she might see Chen Feng too, but she forgot that it was so desolate and it was not easy to go back. The car was hired.

So now, she can only go back on her own, and after walking for a short while, she feels a little tired, so now Chen Feng says she wants to send her off, she wants to agree.

“Really no, I have nothing to do with you, and you don’t have to treat me like this.” Xu Shuzhen said still stubbornly.

Chen Feng smiled slightly, but he could see that the woman was already a little moved.

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