Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1136

After thinking for a long time, Xu Shuzhen couldn’t get Chen Feng out of her mind.

She had to sit up, then took out the phone and dialed a familiar number.

The call was quickly connected.

Xu Shuzhen said, “Brother, I failed.”

There was just silence on the other end of the phone.

But Xu Shuzhen knew the other’s temper. She was her willful choice when she came here, but now she has failed. In fact, she has no face to see him again.

“I will continue to think of ways. I will definitely bring back the things that Taihao hid, brother, you believe me.” Xu Shuzhen said pleadingly.

But there was a majestic voice on the other end of the phone, saying, “This matter has nothing to do with you, and there is no need to do anything with you. Come back soon.”

But Xu Shuzhen reluctantly said: “Brother, I won’t go back. When I go back, grandpa will let me marry the person I don’t like. As long as I hide Taihao and bring it back, you will no longer think I am useless. Then you won’t marry me to that guy again.”

“Marrying you to the Wu family was decided very early, not because you are useless. Come back soon, or I will go over and catch you back myself.”

“Brother, don’t come over. I won’t go back anyway. If you really want to come over, I will escape from the city you can’t find.”

The other end of the phone said angrily, “Shuzhen, what exactly do you want to do. Don’t you think about your brother and this family anymore?”

Xu Shuzhen also complained: “Brother, I don’t have one. I will go back when I get the Taihao Secret Collection. I promise you.”

“How can you guarantee? That Chen Feng, since he emerged in the martial arts world, he has been the enemy in the eyes of many people, and his side is bound to be full of dangers. With your little effort, it will be very dangerous there…”

But before he finished speaking, Xu Shuzhen had already finished the call.

She didn’t want to continue to listen to the long talk of the other party, and the final result was just to let her go back, and she would never go back before she got the Taihao Secret Store.

When she put down the phone, Xu Shuzhen was a little dejected. She didn’t expect Chen Summit to be so difficult to handle. Even the Nine Buddha Lotus Seed could not move him, but if this didn’t work, she didn’t know how to do it for a while.

But after thinking about it, she decided to wait here, and there might be some chance to suddenly appear in front of her.

Autumn is not a long season, as if it was just a short period of time from summer to winter, and the weather became cold all at once.

Chen Feng really didn’t want to get up. If it wasn’t for Lin Wanqiu who was pushing him by the side, he would really like to stay on the bed like this.

“Let me see if my little Wanqiu has grown up.” Chen Feng smirked at Lin Wanqiu.

Lin Wanqiu snorted and said annoyingly, and then ran away. She knew that if Chen Feng was caught, she would not think about getting out of bed for a while.

Chen Feng laughed and watched as he fled to Lin Wanqiu. During the past two months, the company’s affairs were still quite plain.

Liu Xing was only familiar with the company’s affairs. In addition to improving the canteen food and adding some additional subsidies, other personnel arranged for him and did not move, even quietly as if he was afraid of those guys, so he didn’t. Dare to do something. This chapter is not finished, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

But Chen Feng knew that Liu Xing was still investigating. When he became clear about some things, he would definitely make big moves, and this would also affect the careers of a group of people.

Chen Feng didn’t think that this kind of big move would affect him. Even if the group is turbulent, it will not affect his life for a while, because he has never lived on the group’s profits.

But if Liu Xing really succeeded in doing something this time, it must be a good thing for the entire group.

When Chen Feng thought of a vigorous group, he couldn’t help but become curious. He didn’t know what it would look like.

In addition to Liu Xing, Chen Feng has found a good vocal teacher for Lu Xin. He is said to be an old singer who retired from the National Song and Dance Ensemble. He also wanted to find a job because he was bored. Naturally, it also works with songs.

Chen Feng also found some relationship to get to this line. He naturally warned Lu Xin that if he could not persist, then he would withdraw all the help, and would never promise her anything like this again. And she would be a useless person.

Chen Feng knew that this had already hit Lu Xin’s self-esteem, and Lu Xin, who had re-acquainted himself, would not allow this to happen.

Chen Feng still remembers that woman’s strong and resolute promise to her.

And thinking, at this time Lin Wanqiu had already called him again.

“Today, I made an appointment to accompany me to my friend’s house. I promised my friend that he will take you with me. You can’t play tricks with me.”

Naturally, Lin Wanqiu had already told Chen Feng about this matter a week in advance, and Chen Feng had to agree to it. He didn’t know the meaning of such a boring birthday party.

But seeing Lin Wanqiu looking so expectant, Chen Feng had no choice but to go to Zuo first.

He still woke up slowly, and Lin Wanqiu there was already dressed up, a beautiful fuchsia long dress, accompanied by a black inner liner, it looked a little more mature.

Chen Feng glanced twice more before hearing Lin Wanqiu’s urging again.

“When you wash up and change your clothes, I will show you enough. Don’t grind now.”

Chen Feng gave a bitter smile, but he couldn’t help but was pushed into the bathroom by Lin Wanqiu.

It only took more than ten minutes for him to come out, and Lin Wanqiu had already walked out with a dress that looked very temperamental.

“I chose it after a long time. I originally wanted to make a gift for you, but I want to show those eight women how handsome my boyfriend is. See if it fits.”

Chen Feng smiled helplessly again. Even a woman with such a temperament as Lin Wanqiu couldn’t help showing off in front of her friends. He might have to obey Lin Wanqiu’s words honestly.

“By the way, I haven’t asked you yet, where are we going? If I’m far away, I don’t want to drive.”

Lin Wanqiu smiled and said, “It’s at the Holiday Inn, the one under your group, and is that my recommendation?”

Chen Feng smiled and nodded Lin Wanqiu’s nose, and said, “You lady boss finally knows to take care of her family’s business. It seems that she really has the consciousness of the host’s family.”

But after speaking, Chen Feng seemed to think of something.

Holiday hotel?

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