Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1138

But someone came over to break the silence of Chen Feng here.

It was a man in a suit, tall and straight, at least this suit did not look out of proportion to him.

He walked over with the wine glass, Chen Feng looked at him curiously, and finally confirmed that the other party was looking for him.

“Shao Chen, hello,” the man greeted.

“You are? Do I know you?”

The man shook his head with a smile, and said, “Naturally, Shao Chen will not know a small person like me, but I know Shao Chen. It is really an honor for me to meet Shao Chen here.”

Chen Feng wondered: “Should you not introduce yourself first?”

The man smiled apologetically and said, “Sorry, my last name is Sun, Sun Yongxu, Chen Shao may not know him, but my father Chen Shao must know.”

This guy’s surname is Sun, and he specifically mentioned his father. The best thing Chen Feng can think of is Sun Tianxia.

“Sun Tianxia?” Chen Feng asked.

Sun Yongxu smiled and said, “Sure enough, I remember my father’s name, Chen Shao.”

Chen Feng just looked at him faintly, wanting to know what he wanted to say.

But Sun Yongxu didn’t say this to him. Instead, he looked around and said, “The owner of this family is friends with my father. I also came to contact him. But I didn’t expect it would be so boring. It seems that there will always be only those vain comparisons.”

He showed a touch of disgust. No matter what this person is, Chen Feng felt that what he said was not wrong.

“Then what do you think they can say, leave the group, then they can only climb to a higher position, so that they can appear to be superior.”

Sun Yongxu smiled and said, “Chen Shao really has a good opinion. I don’t know if Chen Shao is such a person.”

“Probably so. I don’t care who I am. It’s good to live freely, so I don’t evaluate other people’s lifestyles, as long as they don’t influence me.”

These words secretly said about Sun Yongxu, because he was the one who cared about others.

If some people live uncomfortably, they naturally want to find self-satisfaction by criticizing others’ lives.

It seems that only he is more noble, and the world is filthy and unbearable.

Sun Yongxu heard what Chen Feng said, but he just grinned and said, “I found that Shao Chen is a very in-depth person, and what he said is very interesting.”

Chen Feng took a sip of wine and said, “If you just want to discuss these philosophical issues with me, then forgive me for not wanting to accompany me. I don’t want to find the meaning of life. Those are not helpful to me.”

Sun Yongxu said, “Since Chen Feng is so direct, I won’t talk nonsense with Chen Shao. I wanted to get closer to Chen Shao.”

“Your words are already nonsense.” Chen Feng said coldly.

Sun Yongxu was taken aback, but then smiled: “Okay. I came to Yanjing to find Chen Shao, but I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“What are you looking for?” Chen Feng asked.

“Come to help Shao Chen.”

“Help me?” Chen Feng laughed: “You seem to have mistaken the object. Between me and your father, if I remember correctly, we should still be enemies.” This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue. read! Page 1 of 2

Sun Yongxu said: “This is naturally correct, but hasn’t Chen Shao heard that there are no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits?”

Chen Feng’s real beginning was to look at the son of Sun Tianxia.

This man named Sun Yongxu, as far as Chen Feng knows, he is the third son of Sun Tianxia, ​​and he is obviously the least hopeful person in the family to be the position of Sun Tianxia.

Sun Tianxia likes his second son, but the eldest son has been with Sun Tianxia for the longest time and is also the one with the deepest roots. Even if Sun Tianxia wants his second son to take his place, the elders next to Sun Tianxia will not. agree.

But no matter what, these things naturally won’t have anything to do with Sun Yongxu next to him.

“Benefits? What benefits do you think you can give me. If it’s Sun Tianxia, ​​I think you might not even be able to touch the corners with your power. At best, you are nothing more than a son who doesn’t have to worry about food and clothing.”

Chen Feng’s words seemed to poke Sun Yongxu’s sore spot, and he always looked gentle and there were some changes.

“Shao Chen, if I am the elder brother or the second brother, and can get the support of the family or the support of the elders, then I will not come here and talk to Shao Chen.”

Chen Feng sneered. Although he didn’t really look at this person, he still had to let him finish his words, and he never hesitated to give people opportunities and hope.

“If you can impress me, you are giving up some benefits to you, and I can introduce them.” Chen Feng said.

Hearing what Chen Feng said, Sun Yongxu’s eyes lit up. As expected, Chen Feng was the one to consider.

“Chen Shao is really a refreshing person.” Sun Yongxu smiled: “And the promise I can give to Chen Shao will not disappoint Chen Shao.”

Chen Feng sneered and said, “You don’t need to talk to me about your promise. To me, he is worthless. All I want to hear is your purpose.”

Sun Yongxu was stunned for a moment, but he was also self-aware. What Chen Feng said naturally was that he had no real power right now, and his promise naturally had no effect at all.

He thought for a while, and said, “Shao Chen, my goal is actually very simple. That is to defeat my eldest brother and second elder brother, and then sit in the seat of my father.”

While he was talking, he looked at Chen Feng carefully, and even he himself knew that this idea was actually a bit exaggerated, but since he is Sun Tianxia’s son, all this is not completely impossible.

Chen Feng didn’t show his expression, just said, “Go aside, there are many people here.”

Sun Yongxu really didn’t know what Chen Feng thought. Although his statement was exaggerated, he really felt that he had hope, but he was missing an opportunity.

He thought Chen Feng might be that opportunity.

“Okay!” Sun Yongxu agreed and followed Chen Feng out.

The two came to the coffee shop downstairs and each ordered a cup of coffee to sit down. Chen Feng asked, “Then why did you find me? I am very interested in this. After all, the Chen family and Sun Tianxia have never sat down. . For example, like you and me.”

Sun Yongxu nodded and said: “I know my father’s suppression of the Chen family, but this incident has not been effective for so many years. Doesn’t this mean that the Chen family can rival my father? My father is very respectful, he is very strong, but unfortunately he never put his sight on me.”

This may be the disadvantage of a family with a large number of people, but if you just want to live a peaceful life, naturally you don’t have these troubles.

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