Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1139

“So you think the Chen family, who is as powerful as your father, can help you get everything you want.” Chen Feng said softly.

Sun Yongxu nodded and said, “If there is no way for the Chen family in this world, then I don’t even know how to achieve that position.”

Chen Feng looked at him, wanting to know if he was cheating.

After all, they are two hostile parties, and now they suddenly ask for help, which will make people vigilant anyway.

But he also knows Sun Yongxu’s status in the Sun family. It’s not surprising that he has this kind of thought. After all, watching his two brothers vie for property, and he is also the same identity but is to be excluded, he still thinks no matter what. Would feel unfair.

Chen Feng couldn’t be sure whether this was a trap or not. There were risks in this, but there were also opportunities. If he really wins over Sun Yongxu, then it would be a good choice to bring down the Sun family.

After thinking about it for a long time, Chen Feng said, “I know what you think, but some things can never be done with simple imagination. You want to sit in that position, but there are indeed two brothers in front of you. Dashan, as long as the two of them are in front of you, you have no hope.”

Sun Yongxu didn’t know, but he was not reconciled.

“I have thought of many ways, but my father never saw me.”

“But you can’t even do anything about it yourself. How can you ask me to help you? It’s impossible that you want me to kill your two brothers.” Chen Feng chuckled.

But it was a joke, but Sun Yongxu really thought about it seriously. He said, “If you kill them, you can let me sit in the seat of my father. There is nothing wrong with it.”

When he finished saying these words, Chen Feng had to look at him differently. There has never been a history of carnage, but it is also something that those cruel and cruel talents can do.

And Sun Yongxu in front of him didn’t look like this kind of person.

“Even if you have this idea, there may be no way. Not to mention the status of your two brothers, there must be someone around you to protect them, and the strength is definitely not low. And even if your two brothers are dead, in your identity, your father It’s easy to think that you did things, and this will only make him hate you more.” Chen Feng analyzed.

But Sun Yongxu said unwillingly, “But even if they are dead, then I am his only son. Can he still give this family property to outsiders?”

Even so, Chen Feng couldn’t predict whether or not such a thing would happen when the hatred reached a certain level.

“If you really want to try, I don’t mind, but I will never help you in this regard.”

But if Chen Feng would not agree, then this idea was just a joke from the beginning.

Sun Yongxu looked at Chen Feng helplessly, and said, “But if it weren’t for this direct method, I really wouldn’t think of any way to get me to sit in that position.”

Chen Feng had some thoughts in his mind, but he was reluctant to say it for a while. This chapter is not finished, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

“I can’t promise you anything right now. After all, you have given me the intention of cooperation. I even have to think about it again. If this is not a good decision, I think I will still reject you.”

Chen Feng saw that Sun Yongxu’s face clearly showed some loss, and Chen Feng continued: “But I think I can tell you that even if this matter will not succeed, we will not betray you. After all, it’s just you. It doesn’t do any good for us.”

Sun Yongxu also considered the risk, but his current position, even if someone knows something, can he lose anything? He is barefoot and is not afraid of wearing shoes, so he is not worried that Chen Feng will threaten him, but Since he promised not to speak out, he was still very happy.

“It’s just that I hope that Shao Chen can think about it. If you really help me sit in that position, I will definitely return Shao Chen.”

As for this return, Chen Feng didn’t really care, but he still said, “Looking at what you said before, benefits are eternal. Even if it’s for ourselves, I will still consider it carefully. I just don’t know. When will you leave Yanjing? If it takes a long time, I can give you an answer before you go back. Whether you agree or not, I will give you a result.”

Sun Yongxu said, “I can wait until Shao Chen gives me a reply before leaving Yanjing.”

This guy is really crazy, but Chen Feng didn’t care, and said, “Well, let’s go, after I have discussed it, I will go to you again, and you can leave me a contact information.”

Sun Yongxu happily gave his business card to Chen Feng, and Chen Feng casually glanced at it and placed it on the table.

“You can go,” he said.

Sun Yongxu was a little embarrassed, but didn’t dare to offend Chen Feng, so he nodded and said, “Then Shao Chen, I will wait for your message.”

After he left for a while, Xu Shuzhen came to Chen Feng. When he entered the cafe just now, Chen Feng knew she was following him, but he didn’t care, and let Sun Yongxu leave and Xu Shuzhen came over.

“I didn’t expect you to be here?” Chen Feng smiled, “I thought you were gone, why? Are you still interested in the treasure in me?”

Standing in front of Chen Feng, Xu Shuzhen nodded and said, “Yes.”

She was really sincere, and Chen Feng suddenly didn’t know how to proceed.

“But you should also know that I will never take things out. If you still do it for this purpose, then you can go now.”

But when Chen Feng finished speaking, Xu Shuzhen sat down instead.

“How do you want to lend me something? I really just borrowed yours to have a look. I will definitely exchange it back.”

Chen Feng said, “If you say this, it is better to talk about how you can make me believe you, and you will definitely return.”

“I…, I don’t know.” Xu Shuzhen was said to have no choice but to say a word.

“If this is the case, then I can’t help it, and even if you convince me, I won’t lend it out. This is my own will and it has nothing to do with anything, but I don’t like it.”

With that, Chen Feng stood up with a chuckle, took a look at Xu Shuzhen, and said, “Although I don’t know your identity, there are not many people with the surname Xu in the southeast. As long as I check it carefully, I can still find you. identity.”

Xu Shuzhen looked at Chen Feng in amazement.

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