Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1140

“How do you know my name?”

Chen Feng smiled and walked outside.

Leaving Xu Shuzhen sitting there, looking at Chen Feng’s leaving behind, she seemed to have failed again. Perhaps all she could do was to go back and listen to the arrangements at home, and then spend her life with someone she didn’t like.

But thinking about it, she felt that this kind of life was definitely not what she expected.

“There must be a way, otherwise, I will stay here for the rest of my life.” She thought secretly in her heart.

Chen Feng returned to the banquet hall. Everything was still going on. Now it was not time to cut the cake, so no one left.

Lin Wanqiu came to Chen Feng’s side and asked, “Where did you go? I haven’t found you for a long time.”

“I met a friend and went out to chat.” Chen Feng was unwilling to involve work matters into his life.

Lin Wanqiu wouldn’t ask about this either, just smiled and said, “You don’t want to disappear when you cut the cake.”

Chen Feng nodded, and Lin Wanqiu kissed Chen Feng on the cheek and walked away to find his girlfriend.

Chen Feng was still bored, so he walked to the balcony alone.

But it seems that someone will always recognize him, but he can’t tell who the other party is?

A man in a white suit who was leaning on the railing and looking outside suddenly said, “The man who went out with Shao Chen just now seems to be the third son of Sun Tianxia, ​​Sun Yongxu, right?”

Chen Feng looked at him curiously.

And he continued: “If people know that Sun Tianxia, ​​who has always suppressed the Chen family, his son and Chen Shao, the owner of the Chen family, are walking together, I don’t know what kind of wave this message will brew. I think the first stock market There will definitely be a big change.”

Chen Feng also knows that if this information is confirmed, then not to mention Sun Tianxia’s shares, but his Chen’s share price will fluctuate sharply.

This is naturally good news, but the volatility will also be huge.

“Who are you?” Chen Feng asked.

“It’s just an unknown junior, Master Chen doesn’t need to remember, I just saw it accidentally, but I have always been a strict mouth, and I will never tell this matter to the outside world.”

Chen Feng didn’t care about his threats, and chuckled: “Even if you say it, it will have no effect on me. At most, the third son will be blamed, but since he came to me, he has already thought about going. I have to bear these.”

The man looked into the distance and whispered, “Shao Chen doesn’t believe that I am also normal.”

“But you still refuse to reveal your name, how do you think I should believe you.”

“Name?” He was whispering, as if he was hesitating for a long time just because of the name.

“But I didn’t use it a long time ago. If Shao Chen really wants a code name, then you can call me zero. I like this number. He is the beginning of everything. At the same time, it is nothingness. It is mysterious, but it is so heart-warming. Yearn for it.”

“Zero?” Chen Feng repeated: “A guy can even throw his name away. It seems that you are a person with a very good story. But unfortunately, you will never tell anyone. Zero means you. I don’t care about anyone, not even myself.” This chapter is not over yet, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

Ling laughed, and said, “I heard that Shao Chen is a very smart person a long time ago. I saw it today and I was smarter than I thought.”

“You’re welcome!”

Ling shook his head and said, “I’m not praising Shao Chen, but with some derogation. Everyone says Shao Chen is wise and even smarter than I thought, but I don’t know why Shao Chen did it. Something so stupid.”

Chen Feng asked curiously, “Stupid things? I’m not perfect. I don’t think that a person can make mistakes, or even anyone can make mistakes. It’s just that mistakes can be big or small, but I don’t know the stupid things you said. What the hell is it? Could it be that you are playing mystery here.”

“Naturally, I won’t be aimless, Chen Shaoke still remember that Xiaoyao sword?”

When he was able to mention Xiaoyao Sword, Chen Feng had already listed this guy in the martial arts world, after all, most people would not know his name.

“Naturally know, but it seems that I haven’t had any contact with him either.”

“How come Chen Shao didn’t come into contact with him? Didn’t Chen Shao bring him the copy of “Return to the Sea”?”

I thought the man in front of me was just an ordinary guy, but when he talked about Xiaoyao Sword, Chen Feng paid more attention to it, but now he still talked about “Homecoming”, which made Chen Feng unable to put him down anymore. NS.

He solemnly said, “Don’t you think I should give that book to Xiaoyaojian?”

Ling smiled and said, “Indeed, and this thing is also the stupidest thing Shao Chen has done.”


“Because “Return to the Sea” will make him have no opponents from now on, and a powerful person will do some crazy things. For a long time, if he does not have the pursuit of martial arts, then this world will become his pursuit. the goal of.”

Chen Feng said in amazement, “You said he would threaten the world? Do you think too much.”

However, Zero shook his head. Although he was talking about this sensational thing, his expression was not astonished at all, it was just the same as Chen Feng’s gossip.

“Do you think the current power can really stop Xiaoyao Sword? As long as there is someone else to control everything, then he is invincible. He can kill anyone, as long as they dare to resist him.”

Chen Feng always felt that what he said had no logic, it was just a fantasy.

But he couldn’t tell what went wrong. He seemed to vaguely feel that this kind of thing would really happen, but Chen Feng was unwilling to argue about this possibility. He himself was meaningless.

“But everything has happened now. If he really has this idea, then no one can stop him. As for whether this matter is stupid or not, it is still unclear, but I think since you mentioned it, Then there must be some way to stop it.”

But Ling still shook his head and said: “There is no way, only to wait until he does crazy things, and then controls everything. In the end, if there is no other genius comparable to Xiaoyao Sword, then the world should be ruled by him. , But none of this has much to do with unknown people like us. After all, the earth will still run, and only people will change.”

Chen Feng thought about it, the whole martial arts world might have the greatest impact. After all, he wants to get this world, then the martial arts world may be his biggest resistance.

Maybe that time is the real dark hour.

“Well, I have talked so much to Shao Chen, and I have fulfilled my responsibilities, and I will leave.”

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