Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1141

Zero left the balcony, leaving Chen Feng alone.

He still can’t agree that a person’s ambition will really conquer the world. Does that make any sense?

But such people have always existed. Would it be weird to have another one now?

Chen Feng doesn’t know, but he knows what a person must pursue, and the Xiaoyao Sword that got “Return to the Sea” has reached the end in martial arts, and without the pursuit of martial arts, he might really pursue rights. **superior.

“What are you thinking about? So absorbed, come on, cut the cake.” Lin Wanqiu suddenly shouted in Chen Feng’s ear, also awakening Chen Feng.

“I may have done something wrong.” Chen Feng said subconsciously.

Lin Wanqiu smiled and said, “If you do something wrong, you can correct it.”

But suddenly I thought of something, and asked sternly, “You didn’t do anything to betray me, right?”

“No, if I really do, I will report to you.” Chen Feng suddenly laughed.

He wanted to understand that if it was really what Zero said, then this responsibility is not only for him, and it can be said that this is the fate of this world, no one can escape, thinking like this, he put it down. Also joked with Lin Wanqiu.

Lin Wanqiu scolded with a smile: “Dare you!”

But seeing Chen Feng’s mood improved, she was also happy.

When Lin Wanqiu returned to the hall, the seventh and eighth floors of the cake were already as tall as people. A woman in a gorgeous dress blew out the candles on the cake in front of the cake.

There was applause from the crowd, and it was very lively for a while.

Soon after, someone came up to cut the cake. Lin Wanqiu took two copies and handed one to Chen Feng.

“It’s so sweet!” Lin Wanqiu smiled while looking at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng also played intimately with Lin Wanqiu, and he enjoyed the happy time here with Lin Wanqiu.

But just after finishing eating the cake, the woman wearing gorgeous clothes over there just fell on the ground. All of a sudden, there was chaos. Lin Wanqiu saw that something happened to her friend, so she had to go over and have a look immediately, but He was held back by Chen Feng.

She looked back at Chen Feng, somewhat puzzled.

Chen Feng said: “Don’t worry, I will accompany you over.”

Lin Wanqiu eased up a bit, and let Chen Feng hug him to the place where the accident happened.

“Call the doctor, doctor?” someone shouted.

And then someone responded.

“I am the Chief Physician of the First Hospital. Let me give you a hand.”

Seeing a man of a certain age coming over, he immediately gave up a path.

He walked over and checked the woman’s condition, but soon shook his head and said, “She is dead.”

When this sentence was said, everyone was shocked.

“Xiao Luo.” Lin Wanqiu also shouted sadly.

The death of a good friend of his own in front of him was a blow to anyone. Chen Feng also felt sorry for Lin Wanqiu. He held her in his arms and gently stroked her back, hoping to make her feel better.

But Lin Wanqiu was still crying sadly.

The woman’s relatives naturally couldn’t accept this fact, and hurriedly asked, “Doctor, how could it be that you made a mistake in the examination? How did Luo’er die? Why was it all right just now, and now suddenly died. “This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

The doctor shook his head: “Her heart has stopped beating, and it is indeed dead. Judging from the state of her death, it may be due to some blood toxins. As for what it is, it needs to be identified. I can’t say. clear.”

After the death was truly confirmed, the sound of crying came, and when they heard what the toxin was, they also panicked a large number of people. They were afraid that they were also infected with this toxin.

“Doctor, please check for me to see if I am also poisoned.”

Someone immediately sought the help of a doctor, and when they saw someone worried, it spread to the crowd like a plague, and everyone panicked.

There was a moment of chaos, some people wanted to leave, and some people were still surrounding the doctor.

No matter how the doctor explained, no one wanted to believe it. They were more afraid.

Chen Feng stood aside, hugged Lin Wanqiu, and slowly retreated farther.

And the noisy banquet hall as more people fled, and soon there were only a few people left.

Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu stood there, but Ye Ziqing, whom she had seen before, didn’t go, but she seemed to have cried before, and her eyes were red, which made people feel pitiful to look at.

Apart from these friends, there are only relatives left.

The protagonist of the banquet was still lying on the ground and could no longer stand up.

“Why?” Lin Wanqiu leaned against Chen Feng’s arms and shouted in a low voice.

Chen Feng also knew her pain at this time, but he couldn’t do anything. No one wanted this kind of thing to happen.

When the woman’s body was taken away, everything gradually returned to calm. Chen Feng helped Lin Wanqiu, who was already crying, helpless, and walked out of the hotel.

Putting her in the car seat, Chen Feng could only accompany her there without saying anything.

Quiet is the melody at this time.

“I really can’t think of a girl like Xiaoluo, how could anyone want to kill her, she is only twenty-five years old, but now she is dead, just like that.”

Chen Feng comforted: “The murderer will be found, and he will also be punished.”

“Really? Will the murderer really be found?”

Chen Feng can’t guarantee it, but now in front of Lin Wanqiu, Chen Feng can only say this: “Yes, even if others can’t find the murderer, I will help you find that guy.”

In the midst of crying, Lin Wanqiu finally couldn’t help being exhausted and fell asleep.

Chen Feng glanced at Lin Wanqiu. He picked up the phone and looked for a few people, but probably only asked a few friends in Yanjing to help investigate this matter.

He thought that this matter would soon have results, and since he agreed to Lin Wanqiu, he naturally decided to find out the other party.

As for how to deal with it, he hasn’t thought about it yet, but it will definitely not end well.

Although it was only daytime at this time, the sky was gloomy and it looked like it was going to rain. The rain at this season is always long, and it is not easy to stop at once.

Sure enough, in the evening, the rain started, not much, but very dense, and quickly wet the ground.

And this time, when it stopped, it was already the next day. Lin Wanqiu seemed to be in a better mood, but she couldn’t remember what happened yesterday, and it was always easy to make people cry.

Chen Feng didn’t go anywhere, and took care of Lin Wanqiu for a day.

It wasn’t until the evening that Lin Wanqiu said to Chen Feng, “You don’t have to worry about me. You are so busy, so let’s do your own thing!”

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