Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1144

“twelve thousand?”

“Yes, it’s twelve thousand. Isn’t it reasonable for Lao Tzu to charge four thousand?”

It was really greedy, Chen Feng thought in his heart, but he hadn’t seen the big dog yet, and he didn’t want to argue with such a person, so he took out twelve thousand from his wallet and handed it over.

A Qiang was also a little surprised. Although he was talking about twelve thousand, he also knew that these wealthy people don’t really care about money, but most of them still hope that it will be cheaper. For example, Chen Feng just paid out the money directly. Less, he is also preparing to drop a little, so that everyone is well.

But now Chen Feng can take it all out, he is even more happy, and immediately laughed.

“Chen Shao is really generous. At first glance, he knows he is a successful person. Let’s go, I will take you to see Brother Gou.”

Chen Feng just kept silent and glanced at them.

Then followed Aqiang to the laneway, where there was a black Chevrolet parked there. They got into the car and placed Chen Feng in the middle, as if they meant to imprison him.

Chen Feng was a little irritable, but he still got down.

The car drove very quickly, just ten minutes, and he got up in front of a construction site that had not yet been constructed.

There is a shed for the workers who guard the construction site.

And Aqiang and the others led Chen Feng and the others in.

There is a folding table outside the work shed, and a man with a greasy face sits in front of the table, and he is drinking wine and eating meat, looking so handsome.

“This is Brother Dog!” A Qiang introduced, and Chen Feng knew that this was a big dog just by looking at it.

“Young Master Chen!” The big dog raised his head and looked at Chen Feng lazily.

Chen Feng said politely, “I am looking for you, can I sit down and talk?”

When talking, Chen Feng didn’t like to stand and watch others talking.

“Shao Chen, I know you. Sit down. This is Yanjing. Even people like us should respect Chen Shao.”

Chen Feng didn’t know how the big dog knew about him. He sat on another stool in front of the table.

“I want to know some information.” Chen Feng said directly.

“I know what you want. That person told me, but Shao Chen should know the rules here. We take money to do things. If you don’t have money, even if you’re my old man, I won’t do anything for you. of.”

Chen Feng looked at this guy with a very rascal look, and sure enough, from below to above, a group of people were greedy to the extreme.

“Money is not a problem, but I also need to know something to make my money worthwhile.”

The big dog put down the trotters in his hand, looked at Chen Feng seriously, and said, “What do you want to know?”

“The person who died in the Holiday Inn the other day, what do you know?”

“I remember it was a woman who was poisoned to death.”

“Anything else?”

“This needs to be investigated!” Big Dog shook his head.

“If I want to know who killed him, can you do it?”

The big dog smiled and said, “What do you think we are, a detective who solves the case? We just show you all the things other people say and know some information that is not easy to know. As for whether those things are true or false, then we need You can tell it by yourself. And there is a big risk in this matter. The price will not be too low, 800,000, can you accept it?” This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

“Compared to the 10,000 yuan collected when entering the door, it doesn’t seem to be that low.” Chen Feng said leisurely.

But after speaking, A Qiang’s expression on the side changed immediately. He didn’t expect Chen Summit to talk about it at this time.

“What the hell are you talking about…”

“Shut up for me!” A Qiang just heard the big dog roar.

A Qiang immediately retreated to the side in a languid manner, he was a little afraid that the big dog would play him.

But first think of the big dog and said: “You are provoking here. It seems that some of your thinking is too simple. Even if they charge you one million, it is also a matter between our brothers. As long as you give it, then the money will be yours. I can’t take it back.”

Chen Feng was also quite surprised. This big dog seemed to have some elder brother’s demeanor, at least he didn’t give A Qiang the training in front of Chen Feng.

“The money I gave, never thought of returning.” Chen Feng said coldly.

The big dog paused, then took a trotter from the bag in front of his dining table again, and asked specifically, “Do you want to eat it?”

Chen Feng waved his hand.

This is when Aqiang suddenly thought of something and said, “Brother Dog, I seem to know something about that woman.”

“What are you talking about!” The big dog still said in his eyes.

“It’s the woman who was poisoned to death by this guy just now!”

When A Qiang mentioned it, Chen Feng looked over curiously.

“This woman had a relationship with Master Luo before, but she was later abandoned by Master Luo.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Big Dog looked at it coldly. At this time, Aqiang suddenly realized that he had made a mistake. If he said such an important matter, would Chen Feng give the eighty Ten thousand transactions can be a matter of two.

Seeing this rather embarrassing atmosphere, Chen Feng said lightly: “Don’t worry, this information is useful to me, and I will continue to give money. As for other information, you can check it out and give it to me later.”

Hearing that Chen Feng did not refuse because of this, A Qiang’s expression instantly improved a lot, but he still stepped aside in embarrassment and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

“Young Master Chen is a refreshing person, so we can’t do anything unpleasant. Our brother will give you a discount on this matter, 600,000 yuan,” said the big dog.

“Money matters have never been a problem. Since you call me Young Master Chen, you should also know my position in Yanjing. As long as you do things for me seriously, I will not lose your money.”

“Sure enough, he is the first brother of Yanjing.” Dagu praised.

As for the first brother of Yanjing, Chen Feng had also heard of it, but he never cared about it. He didn’t know that it was the boring person who mentioned it, but he didn’t expect to be mentioned by the big dog now.

“You ask him to tell me about Master Luo.”

Big Dog glanced at A Qiang and said, “Didn’t you hear what Shao Chen is talking about? It’s not enough.”

Just now he made a mistake in front of his boss, so A Qiang walked over with a little fear, and even treated Chen Feng better.

“Shao Chen, if you want to know about Master Luo, I don’t mean that you know it best, but at least I will almost speak out about him.”

Chen Feng was curious, and said, “Is this Young Master Luo famous? Why have I never heard of it.”

A Qiang explained: “This Young Master Luo is not actually a rich man, but because of his reputation, he was given this name.”

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