Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1148

But the more he was like this, the more sick Chen Feng felt.

“I know, I’ll consider it.” Chen Feng stood up, he didn’t drink a sip of the coffee on the table, and said, “Since Director Huang won’t be bothered, I will be here today.”

With that, Chen Feng wanted to leave.

“Mr. Chen, you must seriously consider the future of the company!”

Huang Shengzhi still did not forget to remind Chen Feng.

But if he could see Chen Feng’s face, he would definitely find that Chen Feng had already murdered him. No matter what the final result of this incident was, Chen Feng was not going to let him go.

With such a feeling of disgust, Chen Feng couldn’t solve it for a while, so he had to prepare to go to some quiet place.

Originally, I wanted to go back to see Lin Wanqiu, but she went out with her friends temporarily. Chen Feng thought about it, so she had to go to Lu Xin’s.

“Maple Leaf is no longer visible, but you are here.”

Listening to Lu Xin’s words, it seemed to be a bit complaining.

“I’m not here to see Maple Leaf.”

“You didn’t come to see Maple Leaf, did you come to see me? The relationship between us doesn’t seem to be so good, right.”

There is nothing between them. If Chen Feng admits it openly, there will be no misunderstanding, but he chose to avoid it, which makes people feel that there is a ghost in his heart.

“I heard that you have made great progress recently.” Chen Feng said.

Lu Xin smiled lightly, and she could naturally see Chen Feng’s thoughts.

“Are you caring about me?”

Chen Feng did not speak, and Lu Xin did not expect to get an answer. She continued: “You find that teacher for me is very good. She can know where my shortcomings are when she listens, so I can easily train myself. The shortcomings are good, and rapid progress is inevitable.”

“That’s good.”

Chen Feng was lying on the sofa. He was a little irritable because of Huang Shengzhi’s affairs. He just wanted to look at the Xiangshan outside to calm his mood.

At this moment, two slippery fingers suddenly stretched out beside his eyes. Chen Feng was slightly startled, but did not move.

Lu Xin gently pressed for Chen Feng to relieve his fatigue.

It seems that Lu Xin has also practiced specifically, and her technique is very professional.

“Have you encountered anything upsetting?” Lu Xin asked softly.


“If you say it, you might feel better. I’m just a listener. As for the things you said, I won’t remember.”

But even so, Chen Feng said, “It’s useless to tell you these things.”

Lu Xin didn’t insist. She knew that a woman must know how to advance and retreat. A woman who is too tough will not please a man.

But unable to hear Lu Xin’s voice, Chen Feng spoke by himself.

“You said, if a person is very guilty but cannot be punished, does he think this is very unreasonable?”

Lu Xin knew that Chen Feng’s question was not trying to get an answer, but just hoping to be affirmed.

“It’s really unreasonable. Although justice and fairness are always missing, this is what people seek. No one can stay out of the matter.” This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

“Then if I were to give punishment instead, would you think I was a little nosy.”

Lu Xin paused, then said, “It depends on how to punish it. If it is just a small punishment, it will not affect anything.”

But Chen Feng denied: “That’s too light. The best way to atone for sin is death.”

Lu Xin was so shocked that everything in her hand stopped.

“Scared you?” Chen Feng asked.

Hearing Chen Feng’s voice, Lu Xin continued.

“One thing, but shouldn’t this kind of thing fall under the law? You are not afraid of getting into trouble.”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “I’m just joking, why are you taking it seriously?”

Lu Xin followed and smiled, but some things would never be so simple. She knew that what Chen Feng said just now was absolutely true, and some people would die in the near future.

But if you really don’t know anything, then you’d better not ask anything, because asking it will not do you any good.

Chen Feng has always believed in such a sentence.

“Shao Chen, I heard that you were a little frightened at the banquet before. I have always wanted to come to visit, but I’m afraid that Shao Chen doesn’t like you, so…”

After coming out of Lu Xin’s house, how did Chen Feng think that he would meet Sun Yongxu here?

Seeing this guy smiling and wanting to ask about the decision, but it’s hard to ask, Chen Feng felt like he wanted to laugh.

Although Liu Xing asked him to dry this guy, it was more than a week since I thought about it. Although I can’t fully explain to him, Dang should at least give him a little hope.

“Go find a place and let’s talk slowly.” Chen Feng smiled at him.

Sun Yongxu nodded again and again.

When he came to the nearby park, Chen Feng sat on the bench first, and then Sun Yongxu dared to sit down.

“Shao Chen, is it because you have already made a decision about that matter?”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “I did think about it for a long time. Actually, for me, this matter is only good, but there is no harm. And if I really want to find someone to break into the Sun’s house, whether it’s the eldest son or the second son, None of these are appropriate for you. After all, icing on the cake is far better than giving charcoal in the snow.”

The more Sun Yongxu listened, the more he nodded. The more he listened, the more hope he felt. Chen Feng seemed to be ready to answer.

But as soon as Chen Feng’s voice changed, he said, “But unfortunately, this matter is too big, and it is not completely risk-free. You also know that if you really want to support you, then we have only one goal. , That is to support you to sit in that position, but if it is unsuccessful, then all our investment will be nothing.

And if you want to compete with your two brothers, you should also know how big it takes. Even if we are, we really have to think about it seriously. ”

The more I listened, Sun Yongxu was not so depressed. The more Chen Feng gave such a reason, he believed that Chen Feng was really thinking about this matter seriously.

And just listening to this, he was not completely rejected.

“Chen Shao, I know this too, but please think about it. If he succeeds, his reward will be equally huge. The entire Sun family will be the only leader of the Chen family.”

Chen Feng nodded and said, “I did think about it, but it’s very important after all. You should know that it’s only a week, and I can’t make a decision for you.”

Knowing that Chen Feng was just perfunctory, Sun Yongxu was a little frustrated. All his hopes fell on Chen Feng. If Chen Feng could put forward any conditions now, he would not even think about it.

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