Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1149

“Master Chen, I know. As long as you can take this matter to heart, it will be enough for me.”

Chen Feng could see the real thoughts in his heart, but it was to hang him up and slowly toss, how could he rush to tell him the truth.

“It’s fine if you know, but I won’t make you wait in a hurry. When my recent affairs are over, I will definitely give you an answer.”

Chen Feng made another promise.

When Sun Yongxu left, there was still some hope in his heart, after all, Chen Feng did not refuse.

But he also knows that if the eggs are just put in one basket, it is easy to lose all of them. He must invest in multiple lines to ensure a higher winning rate.

There is a farmhouse on the banks of the Daihe River. Few people usually come here, but today Sun Yongxu came here deliberately.

In front of the yard, a simple man was processing the crops picked from the field.

Sun Yongxu walked over and asked, “Brother, may I ask if Mr. Thunderstorm is here.”

The man looked at him, nodded, and then pointed to a thatched cottage by the river behind.

Sun Yongxu thanked him and wanted to go.

“He is a problematic person!” the man persuaded.

Sun Yongxu was taken aback, but he hadn’t heard that the former leader of the Zhan League was a patient before he came here!

He stopped and asked, “Big brother know what the problem is?”


“Neurotic?” Sun Yongxu thought.

But if it is neurotic, it would be a waste of time for him to come here today.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Is it serious?”

“I don’t know, it will hit people anyway.”

Looking at this guy, he couldn’t tell, Sun Yongxu still decided to confirm it clearly before speaking.

“I’ll look at it from a distance, there should be nothing wrong.”

“I told you, if you get beaten, don’t blame me for not reminding you.” The man was a little annoyed, and he couldn’t think that Sun Yongxu would not listen to advice.

Leaving this side, Sun Yongxu walked to the hut by the river along the path pointed by the man.

But before it got close, there was a shout.

“Ah!” It lasted for a long time.

Sun Yongxu was taken aback, it looked like the guy said, the thunderstorm was already crazy.

He shook his head, ready to leave, it seems that today is a waste of time.

But just about to leave, a person ran out of the hut like flying away.

Before Sun Yongxu could react, he had already been caught, and he was caught in the arms of that guy.

“What are you doing here?” The voice from behind was hoarse, sounding vicissitudes of life.

“I just came to visit the former leader of the Zhan League.” Sun Yongxu replied cautiously.

“There is no such person here!”

“But someone told me that Mr. Thunderstorm lives here.”

But as soon as he finished speaking, Sun Yongxu felt an immediate pain in his throat.

“I said there is no such person here, but there is no one here,” said the life behind him coldly.

“Okay, okay, I get it, I’ll leave now.” Sun Yongxu said after discussing.

But it seemed that there was some effect, the person behind slowly let go of the hand clasped on Sun Yongxu’s throat. This chapter is not finished, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

Sun Yongxu was also cautious. He waited until the other party completely let him go before he ran forward a few steps, then turned around, rubbing his kenaf throat, and looked at what kind of person this weird guy was like.

He had messy hair, a beard full of cheeks, and his face was so dark that he couldn’t see the original appearance, and he looked sloppy like a tramp.

When he was caught just now, Sun Yongxu could smell the stench on his body, and he didn’t know how many days he hadn’t washed it.

“I’m leaving.”

Knowing that this guy is crazy, Sun Yongxu had no idea of ​​wanting to talk, but he was still afraid that this guy would suddenly do something to him, so he asked carefully.

The scruffy man didn’t pay attention to Sun Yongxu, but turned and walked towards the river.

Looking at the man like this, Sun Yongxu was a little reluctant to leave instead, he wanted to see what kind of person he was.

Standing there and watching, the sloppy man immediately jumped into the Daihe River when he reached the river. The river was quite unstable, and there were mostly undercurrents underneath. It was even extremely fast in some places. If he didn’t pay attention, he might be washed away by the river. , Even in the end, it just became a corpse downstream.

But this guy is good at water. In this torrential water, he is also at ease, like a boat, playing in the water.

After a long time, after the man cleaned himself up, he swam to the river and climbed up.

Seeing Sun Yongxu, it seems not surprising that he is here.

“What’s the matter with you looking for thunderstorms?” He asked, in a very plain tone, and he couldn’t tell that he was a crazy person at all.

Seeing the sudden change of the other party, Sun Yongxu was stunned for a second, then healed, and said, “I want to ask Mr. Thunderstorm to help me kill.”

Although Sun Yongxu knew that killing his two brothers was an extremely unwise idea, if even Chen Feng couldn’t help himself, then killing was his desperate move.

His desire for that seat is more intense than that of his two brothers, so even if he does this kind of thing, he will not hesitate.

“He will not kill.” Unfortunately, the other party directly refused.

“Are you Mr. Thunderstorm?” Sun Yongxu asked.

“I am not!” The answer was still indifferent.

But in Sun Yongxu’s thoughts, he already equated the person in front of him with the thunderstorm.

“I can give money, or other things, as long as Mr. Thunderstorm helps me kill those two people, I can pay tens of billions of cash.”

Although Sun Yongxu can’t spend so much money now, he believes that as long as he kills his two brothers, then money is definitely not a problem.

“I said, he won’t kill.” Suddenly the other party’s expression became a little angry, as if he was about to do something again.

Sun Yongxu was also taken aback, but soon he was relieved. The other party was also trying to restrain himself, and slowly, the other party said, “Let’s go.”

Sun Yongxu wanted to say something, but he was afraid that if he really annoyed the other party, it might backfire.

“Mr. Lei, I will come again, I believe I can impress you.”

The other party was also noncommittal, just returned to his hut, it seemed that only there was his permanent home.

At this time, the river surface was extremely unstable. A fish in the river, tired of the depression of the river bottom, jumped up from the river surface, and then fell back heavily, splashing a lot of water.

After more than an hour from Sun Yongxu, there was another black Mercedes parked at the entrance of the village, and I had never seen such a luxurious car in the village.

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