Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1150

The villagers passing by naturally wanted to stop and watch, and then saw an old man in a red Tang suit walking down from the car, leaning on a cane.

He got out of the car, and immediately someone walked over with a black parasol to cover him.

The villagers on the side looked at the sky curiously, but they didn’t see the sun or the sign of rain, so they didn’t know the meaning of holding the umbrella.

But maybe they are not for shading, just because it is so powerful.

The villagers continued to watch curiously, and a group of them walked towards the madman’s thatched hut.

“It’s really weird. Normally this lunatic doesn’t want to approach anyone, but today is better. Two groups of people are looking for him. What do you think of this lunatic?”

The two villagers were discussing at the intersection.

And this old man in Tang suit had already arrived at the thatched cottage where the thunderstorm was.

“Who are you?” The thunderstorm had already seen people in the shed.

“A person who came here to help you.” The old man said with a smile.

“Help me? I don’t need it.”

“Are you willing to stay here forever?”

“My life is very good now, there is nothing to be reconciled to, this is what I deserve.”

“Could it be that the dignified predecessor of the Zhan League leader was so convinced by others, then you are really a useless coward, the old man seems to have found the wrong person.” The old man’s voice is not loud, but his momentum is very full.

The thunderstorm paused, not knowing what was thinking, and suddenly asked: “There is no free lunch in the world. Since you want to help me, you naturally have a need. As you are, it is probably very difficult. I think I can’t do it.”

“You haven’t listened to me, how can you know that it can’t be done, or you have already guessed what I want you to do.”

Thunderstorm didn’t guess, but if he wanted to impress him and cheer him up, only that person could make him do it.

“He’s back?” Thunderstorm asked suddenly.

“When he comes back, I know you will definitely be interested in him. So I want to help you get back to where you should be.”

Thunderstorm still hesitated, and said, “What do you want me to do for you?”

“kill him.”


The answer was so brief, but it was also so firm.

Chen Feng didn’t know that all this happened, but this incident was aimed at him.

On the day Liu Xing came back, he went to Chen Feng’s home without waiting for Chen Feng to find him.

“Your business trip this time seems to have caused a lot of opinions, and someone has already said you in front of me.”

Liu Xing put down his coffee and said, “It’s just that I’m dereliction of duty and mystery. Would you really believe them and fire me?”

Chen Feng smiled and said: “How do I feel that you are just relying on me to be behind you and feel confident, but you also have to understand what I let you in. If you can’t finish it in the end, it’s how talented you are. , I can only drive you away.”

Liu Xing didn’t panic, and said, “This time I went out and found some good people to replace them.” This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

Chen Feng was a little curious, and said, “Who?”

“I brought them here from Xu’s house. They are all my friends from Xu’s house before.”

Chen Feng was a little speechless. Originally, when he poached a Liu Xing, Chen Feng felt a little sorry for the Xu family, but now he still has to end up with the nest. This is really a bit unnatural.

“That’s not good, the Xu family is already a bit chaotic, it is when you need talents to stabilize the situation, you let people go like this, then what are you going to do with the mess of the Xu family?”

Liu Xing glanced at Chen Feng.

“I asked Mr. Chen to take action against the Xu family some time ago. You were concerned about your face and didn’t do it like that. Now the Xu family is already so bad that it can’t be worsened. These friends of mine really can’t stand it anymore, so they thought of contacting me. , If you want me to find a way for them, shouldn’t I do that as a friend?”

Listening to Liu Xing’s words, Chen Feng knew that Liu Xing was still complaining about himself because of the things he had done before.

“Forget it, since you want to do it, as long as it doesn’t cause any major fluctuations, I don’t care. However, since you brought these people to Yanjing, what can you do to keep those guys from leaking? Under the company’s confidentiality, I smoothly surrendered my position.”

I thought Liu Xing must have already figured out a countermeasure, but he didn’t expect that he shook his head directly and said: “There is no way, only to let them leave with these materials.”

Chen Feng was stunned and asked, “But those values ​​are not low. If they find a tax loophole in the company, the group may be ruined.”

“I know, so within this month I have been scrutinizing the taxation of the entire company. Of course, it is impossible to do it by myself, and there are also a few friends among them.”

“Is it from the few friends you brought?”

“It’s them.”

“Then what did you find?”

“A lot!” Liu Xing said lightly.

“A lot?” Chen Feng was stunned for a moment: “It shouldn’t be, but I have always asked the company to actively pay taxes. This is the bottom line, and it is also the place that will be most attacked by others.”

Liu Xing shook his head, and said, “What they show you is naturally the tax reports they have already made. The finances have already been wooed by them. How much money has entered their pockets is completely immeasurable. So if you don’t want to let them The image of the group is damaged, then the money must be spit out and repaid.”

These Chen Feng naturally knew, but how could it be possible to spit out a piece of money already in his pocket? This was more difficult than grabbing meat with a wolf’s mouth.

“Then, how do you do it?”

“Only the oldest method can be used to move wood and establish a letter.”

Chen Feng knew this allusion. The people couldn’t believe it when the Shang prince’s reform was spread. The prince set up a few pieces of wood at the city gate, saying that he would reward the money as long as he transported the wood from here to the other side of the city gate. Naturally no one believed it, but Someone tried boldly, and finally Shang Jun really gave him money.

The people also believed that Shangjun was the one who would do what he said, and the reforms also gained support.

However, Chen Feng didn’t want to understand how this story helped now.

“Immigration Lixin, the people do not believe it, but what is the relationship between us, but the people, is it possible to announce the company’s affairs to the outside?”

Liu Xing smiled and said, “Mr. Chen, why are you confused at this time.”

“What’s the meaning?”

“The company needs the upper level, but it also needs the lower level. The city gate catches fire and the pond fish is inflicted. If someone really misses the company tax, then the result will be for them…”

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