Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1151

Liu Xing did not go on completely, but Chen Feng already understood.

“Pull people to resist these guys!” Chen Feng asserted.

Then he smiled and looked at Liu Xing, and said, “You fellow, if you are placed on the battlefield, I think you are also an outstanding handsome talent.”

“Excuse me, it’s just that it’s a peaceful age and there is no chance. However, shopping malls are like battlefields. There can be no slack.”

“Then the specific operation is up to you,” Chen Feng said.

The storm is always brewing, and at this time there is always something faintly perceived.

The storm against Chen Feng is also slowly converging, but when it will come, I don’t know yet.

The thunderstorm followed the old man back to the bustling Yanjing, where he combed his shiny hair, clean beard, and wearing a close-fitting denim, instantly feeling that this man was much younger.

“Sure enough, people still rely on clothing. After you dress up, you feel like you have returned to the past. I remember how high-spirited you were when you were the leader of the Yanjing War League.”

“It’s all things in the past. What do you mention these things.” Standing on the dock of Yanjing, Thunderstorm said.

But here is idle, even the lights are not turned on, and the entire pier looks dim.

There was only thunderstorm beside the old man. He leaned on his cane and said, “Tonight will be your first stop when you return to Yanjing. I don’t think you have forgotten what you are eating.”

Thunderstorm just shook his head and did not speak.

The old man handed a long knife in his other hand and said, “Your previous handle was lost when you were defeated. Now I don’t know where it was lost. This is the new one I found for you. Weapon, you can see if it fits together.”

Thunderstorm did not refuse, and took it directly.

Holding the handle of the knife and pulling out the long knife, I saw that the blade was made of stainless steel.

“Good knife.” Thunderstorm exclaimed.

The old man smiled and said: “It is indeed a good knife, the work of Toyo Ibetsu’s top swordsmith, Toichiro Ibetsu. It took me a long time to get it from a collector.”

“Dongying knife?” Although the blade looked like a Dongying knife, the thunderstorm was still not sure.

“Do you have any plot, you can’t use this knife?” The old man smiled: “A knife is a dead thing, and you are the one who uses the knife. As long as you can use his strength, it doesn’t matter whether it is a Dongying knife.”

Thunderstorm hesitated and put the knife in its scabbard.

“Then I will use it for now.”

A few cars came slowly in the dark shadows in the distance. The headlights of the cars were extremely bright, shining on the faces of the two thunderstorms, making people unable to open their eyes.

However, the car did not continue, and they stopped a dozen meters before the thunderstorm.

“They’re here!” the old man said lightly.

“Yeah!” Thunderstorm nodded.

After thinking about it, he said again, “Before I do it, I have one more question I want to ask you.”


“How strong is that person now?”

The old man knew who thunderstorm was talking about, he slowly said: “I won the Taihao Secret Treasure, and I don’t know his strength for a while, but at least he has not been defeated under the master, and may even have reached the realm of the master.” This chapter is not over, please click here. Continue reading on the next page! Page 1 of 2

Even if he heard the realm of the master, the thunderstorm did not show any fear.

“If you lose in the hands of a grandmaster in the end, it’s worth it.”

But at this time, the car on the opposite side had already dropped the high beam, and then a few people walked out of the car.

“Old man, you called us, don’t you know who has the final say in the current war alliance?”

The old man ignored him, but said to the thunderstorm: “These people can be killed, and I will send the message of your return to the Zhanmeng when I look back. I think they will take it seriously.”

Thunderstorm didn’t think this was incredible.

“Don’t keep one?”

“Don’t keep one.”

But the people who heard these war alliances were very upset.

“What are you two whispering there? Treating us as air…”

But before he had finished speaking, the thunderstorm had already shot, and the speed was as fast as his name, lightning and thunder.

He fell to the ground without closing his eyes.

Just with a trace of consternation, maybe he never thought that he would die like this.

When other people saw this scene, they were stunned at first, but seeing the long knife in the thunderstorm’s hand still dripping blood, they reacted, and the person in front of them was the murderer.

But no one dared to go forward to avenge the man who fell on the ground, and a group of people fell backwards in unison.

Everything is too quiet, even the horns of distant ships or the sound of cars, before death, become silent.

When the dust settled, the old man walked towards the thunderstorm.

“Very good, sure enough, your technique hasn’t regressed at all.”

The thunderstorm wiped the blood from the long knife on the last person before he put the long knife into its sheath.

“If you doubted me, you wouldn’t have come here alone from the beginning.”

The old man laughed, and he saw even such a little thought.

And a master is never just a skill level, wisdom is also an indispensable factor.

“Starting from today, you will be remembered by the entire Yanjing.”

Three days later, people from the Yanjing League came to find Chen Feng.

“You came to find me, indeed I didn’t expect it.” Chen Feng said after the meeting.

The person who met with Chen Feng was an old man in the Zhan League who was temporarily taking the post. His surname was Shang. His qualifications were very old, so he came to see Chen Feng, and Chen Feng still needs to show him some respect.

“If it weren’t for necessity, I wouldn’t have come to find you myself.”

When Chen Feng heard this, he also asked seriously: “What is it, even the elder Shang is so nervous.”

Elder Shang hesitated for a moment, and said slowly, “Shao Chen, the thunderstorm is back.”

“Thunderstorm?” Chen Feng thought for a while, “Didn’t he disappear after being defeated three years ago?”

Old Shang shook his head and said, “He has never left Yanjing, he is in Daihe.”

“Daihe? It is unexpected, but what will he do when he comes back, can he return to the position of the leader of the war alliance?”

“He didn’t come for the leader of the war alliance, he came for Chen Shao.”

Chen Feng was silent when he heard the old man’s words. He thought for a while before he said, “Come on. Since he would lose in my hands before, he will still be like this now.”

Moreover, Chen Feng hadn’t made no progress in the past few years. He didn’t believe that someone who was down and down in Daihe could still deal with him.

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