Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1153

Hearing the message that he was just looking for someone, A Qiang immediately relaxed. After all, this is what they often do.

“Shao Chen, once you are born and then you are mature again, since you can trust us, we will naturally try our best to reward you.”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “This one million is a deposit. After the event is completed, there will still be one million, but…”

Chen Feng stopped and looked at A Qiang seriously.

A Qiang was also nervous. He wanted these two million very much, but he was afraid that Chen Feng would make some demands that he could not meet.

“I don’t want to see any such meaningless things. My previous money was only because you told me a few very important information, not because this one was broken.”

A Qiang felt a little bit ashamed again when he heard it, but for the sake of the front, he immediately patted his chest and assured Chen Feng: “Chen Shao, rest assured, this time we will never let you down. You said, Who do you want to know?”

Chen Feng did not say it immediately, but got up and went to the bookshelf behind and took out a photo from one of the books.

This photo was not placed in a side album, but was sandwiched in a book called Chengnan Old Events, which itself is a bit strange.

After Aqiang saw the person in the photo, he became even more curious. It was a young woman with beautiful long hair and a small smile, looking at the shot.

This kind of photo should only be owned by close people, but I don’t know what Chen Feng meant by taking her out.

“This woman is called Sun Limo. She still lived in Yanjing a few years ago, but later moved to the United States.”

“Since Chen Shao knows the identity of this woman, and now she is no longer in Yanjing, how can we find it.”

Chen Feng glanced at A Qiang a little boredly, as if he was a little upset that A Qiang interrupted him.

A Qiang immediately closed his mouth honestly.

“I just know this, no matter how many things I know, what you have to do is to search the streets and alleys of Yanjing and give me information about this woman. I need to know that she is in Yanjing. The little things about Beijing’s life.”

Looking at Chen Feng’s seemingly serious look, A Qiang really couldn’t understand what this woman had to do with Chen Feng.

“Could she be Chen Shao’s mistress? It should be possible, it looks like this woman is still pretty.” A Qiang thought wildly in his mind.

Naturally, Chen Feng couldn’t guess what A Qiang was thinking. But if he knew it, he would definitely hit his head fiercely.

This woman once helped Chen Feng, and Chen Feng had already forgotten her, but when she was reading a book a few days ago, she suddenly saw the picture in the book.

He remembered a lot.

He still remembered a word this woman once said to Chen Feng.

“Life is actually quiet. He is not ostentatious or conspicuous. As long as he knows all about him and doesn’t get bored with his life, that is the best life.”

And Chen Feng feels that this is how his life is going to be.

“Take this picture, and then look for it. It’s best to do it as soon as possible.” This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

Chen Feng didn’t want to give this piece of his only memory of that woman to anyone.

“Yes, Shao Chen, we will definitely find information about this woman as soon as possible.”

Chen Feng only gave Aqiang their request, but he himself knew that this kind of thing could not be fully guaranteed, and the final result still depends on God’s will.

All this was just an accident, and now the more important thing was the woman named Ye Ziqing.

Wait until Lin Wanqiu comes back in the evening.

Chen Feng took a cup of milk tea and walked to Lin Wanqiu who was leaning on the sofa lazily.

“Why are you so diligent today? Is there something you want to ask of me?”

Chen Feng chuckled lightly, pinching Lin Wanqiu’s feet with socks off.

“Is there nothing, I can’t care about you?”

“I don’t believe you would be so kind.” Lin Wanqiu said with a look of disgust.

“Then since you said that, then I have no choice but to ask you something.”

Lin Wanqiu looked like I knew it, and said, “You have done this, can I still tell you, just say it, as long as it doesn’t make me angry, I can tell you.”

Chen Feng thought about it, this matter is really not easy to be so sure that Lin Wanqiu will not be unhappy.

But he still said, “Isn’t Ye Ziqing your friend that we met before? She asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend, do you remember?”

Sure enough, Lin Wanqiu mumbled her lips and said, “Why, you still remember it, are you so looking forward to pretending to be a boyfriend for others?”

Chen Feng knew that things would become like this, he immediately said: “How is it possible? I just feel that I have not been busy recently. This matter should be resolved early. If there is really no time, and you promised others, I always I can’t let you break your promise.”

“If I break my promise, I can’t help it that day. You treat me like I really want my boyfriend to meet someone else’s parents!”

Chen Feng knew that this was Lin Wanqiu’s truth, and he had nothing to do. Since Lin Wanqiu was unwilling, he had no choice but to find another way.

But when I was about to give up, I heard Lin Wanqiu say: “Actually, I really don’t want to say it. Ziqing mentioned it to me today and said that I would let you go, but now I really want to regret it. I don’t want you to go. Contact other women.”

Looking at Lin Wanqiu’s aggrieved appearance, Chen Feng immediately said, “Okay, okay. If you don’t go, you won’t go, it’s not a big deal. Could it really be possible to blame you for failing?”

Lin Wanqiu said aggrievedly: “But I promised her. If you don’t let you go, she will definitely be angry with me, and I don’t want her to be angry.”

After saying this, even Chen Feng was in trouble. He couldn’t be divided into two halves, and even if he was divided into two halves, it seemed that Lin Wanqiu’s entanglement would not be resolved.

“Forget it, this kind of thing is already thankless.”

“That won’t work!”

“Then I have to feel wronged, I promised to go.”

“But I don’t want to.”

Chen Feng stopped talking, he let Lin Wanqiu go to tangles, he just played with the delicate soles of his hands.

After a while, Lin Wanqiu said, “Forget it, isn’t it just one day? Can you still run with her?”

Chen Feng looked at Lin Wanqiu with a soft smile, but Lin Wanqiu’s gaze was in return.

“If you dare to do something to Ye Ziqing, I will definitely be very angry, and it will be the kind of anger that can never be coaxed.”

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