Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1156

But he is not the kind of ignorant person, so naturally he will not say what the other party thinks in his heart.

Chen Feng chose holding black in the end, and holding black first, Chen Feng would be the first to settle.

Ye Haidong looked at Chen Feng’s chess moves, but it was quite satisfactory. He usually played chess with others, and this style was also seen a lot, so he didn’t have any difficulty in handling it.

But when the two interacted and landed, Chen Feng’s speed was still the same as at the beginning, and he always fell into it without thinking, but when he looked at the other side, Ye Haidong was always thinking.

He also couldn’t understand how such an ordinary start, but now that Chen Feng has become a big dragon, it is extremely difficult to slay the dragon.

Even Ye Haidong felt that all his thoughts had been seen through by Chen Feng, and there were also some places where Chen Feng forced him to fall into it.

It seems to be a little tricky, but it is very subtle. He can still maintain this balance, but he wants to win but is a little worse.

“How come you have found Xiao Chen to play chess? Don’t you usually play with those old guys enough, and now you don’t even let the young people go. You don’t want to think that there are still a few young people who like this kind of thing.”

While thinking, Ye Haidong seemed a little irritable when he heard Lin Qiuniang’s voice in his ear.

Chen Feng knew that if he continued to play, he might really have to win. He had to make a little trick on the next hand, which made the chess game seem like a coincidence.

And Ye Haidong was not a novice, naturally he caught the flaw and began to chase and fight hard, and in the end, Chen Feng had to give in.

“Uncle’s chess is strong, I still lose, and I have lost a few shots, but I am helpless.”

“It’s already pretty good. If you can have such a strong chess ability, if you train for a few years, it will not be a problem to be a professional chess player, but you are not completely free from shortcomings. Can’t help thinking, but it’s easy to make mistakes.”

Chen Feng smiled, accepting his mistake humbly, but if he hadn’t released the water just now, he might have to eat a big piece of it, but when the time comes, he really won’t be able to get off the stage.

“You just don’t know the timing so you can play chess with you, and you still get up with Xiao Chen.” Lin Qiuniang said again.

“What do you know, playing chess is like being a human being. It’s like playing chess. It’s like a character. Am I just asking him to play chess? This is also the principle of being a human being.” Ye Haidong said solemnly.

Lin Qiuniang didn’t want to argue with him, she just said, “Yes, yes. If you don’t like to preach someday, it won’t be you.”

Chen Feng had no choice but to round the corner and said, “Auntie, I am also a little interested in these, so I played with my uncle.”

When facing Chen Feng, Lin Qiuniang immediately changed his face, with a full smile, very enthusiastic, and said, “It’s still too sensible. You will suffer from such an old antique like this.”

Chen Feng was speechless and really didn’t know how to continue.

“Okay, it’s time to eat.” In the end, Ye Ziqing took the place.

The food is very rich, naturally because Lin Qiuniang knows that Chen Feng is coming, so she has been preparing since yesterday.

When eating, the two adults kept urging Chen Feng to eat. Even though Chen Feng had eaten a lot, he still felt that Chen Feng did not eat well. Maybe this is the mother-in-law watching her son-in-law. The happier you look. This chapter is not finished, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

However, not only Lin Qiuniang who was satisfied with Chen Feng, but also Ye Haidong was also very happy. He didn’t speak much when eating, but he also agreed with Lin Qiuniang’s attitude.

Because no one was drinking, a meal that could have ended in half an hour was delayed for an hour.

After dinner, Chen Feng wanted to help wash the dishes, but Lin Qiuniang forced him out.

Chen Feng had to sit on the sofa and eat melon seeds with Ye Ziqing.

“You really know how to please my parents. If I told them that I dumped you, they might fight me hard.”

Ye Ziqing glanced at Chen Feng somewhat contemptuously.

Chen Feng was also helpless, and Ye Ziqing didn’t explain what he should perform at the beginning.

“I knew it would be like this, but it won’t work. Then you will say that I dumped you, and they won’t have that much to do.”

“That’s not okay, how can you get rid of me.” I don’t know why Ye Ziqing wants to be so serious about such meaningless things.

“It’s up to you, anyway, I’m just one day today.”

As if talking about this, Ye Ziqing’s eyes seemed to be lonely.

“If in the future, my parents still want to see you, will you help?”

Chen Feng shook his head.

“No way?”

Chen Feng smiled and said, “I just don’t know. I have to ask my leader about this kind of thing. If she says yes, then I will naturally have no problem.”

It seemed that no matter what it was, Lin Wanqiu could not be avoided.

Ye Ziqing thought for a while and laughed: “I’m just joking. Wanqiu didn’t really want this kind of thing, let alone turn into a long-term lease. She must have refused directly, even her friends are not good. Do it again.”

Chen Feng also smiled, and he also thought that Lin Wanqiu might really be so decisive.

After staying at Ye’s house until three or four in the afternoon, they originally wanted to keep Chen Feng for dinner, but under Ye Ziqing’s strong request, they finally escaped from there.

Even Lin Qiuniang said to Ye Ziqing that she didn’t need to come back tonight.

Although Chen Feng heard it, he just pretended not to hear anything.

Ye Ziqing was stunned for a while before she understood it, but then she wanted to understand, she complained and left here like she did.

The two of them walked towards the parking lot, and the day seemed to be over. Although it was dull and warm, Chen Feng did not forget his purpose of coming here. He just wanted to ask Zhou Luo if Ye Ziqing moved his hands. .

“Actually, I also have some questions I want to ask you.” At the entrance of the parking lot, Chen Feng stopped and faced Ye Ziqing Road on the side.

Ye Ziqing was stunned for a moment, and said, “What are you asking?”

“About Zhou Luo.”

Because the person mentioned was a dead person, the original atmosphere was immediately swept away.

“She is dead.” Ye Ziqing’s voice was lonely.

“Yes, she is dead, but how she died is still unknown.”

“Didn’t it mean that it was poisoned to death?”

“But who is responsible for the poisoning and why the poisoning was done? Shouldn’t these things be investigated?”

Ye Ziqing shook his head and said, “But what can we do about these? We can only trust those professional people to do it, and they will definitely give us an answer.”

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