Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1157

“I also believe that the final answer will come to light, but I am a little anxious and want to know the answer first.” Chen Feng’s words were firm, as if they could not be refuted.

Ye Ziqing looked at Chen Feng curiously, not knowing what he meant by this.

Chen Feng said again: “I know you are confused now, but you only need to answer a few questions to me, because after I investigated, I found some interesting things.”

Ye Ziqing became a little alert, and the corners of her eyes seemed to move.

Obviously it seemed to be nervous, but these did not determine that Ye Ziqing was the murderer.

“What do you want to ask?”

Chen Feng said: “I know that before Zhou Luo died, you and her quarreled. You were good friends, but in the last two months, you seem to be arguing often, and the content of the quarrel was still a man. .”

Ye Ziqing looked at Chen Feng with some horror, and said, “Are you watching me?”

“No, these things are just asking some friends near you.”


“No, this incident is not a very good memory for her, and I don’t want her to remember it again.” Chen Feng explained Ye Ziqing’s problem very seriously.

“But do you just remind me of this? You are really cruel.” Ye Ziqing said to Chen Feng with some anger.

Chen Feng naturally couldn’t give up just because Ye Ziqing changed the topic here. He said, “Don’t tell me these irrelevant things. I came here today just to ask you directly. If you think I’m too gentle, I can also show you my fierce side.”

Chen Feng suddenly became cold, making Ye Ziqing somewhat unacceptable, but looking at Chen Feng’s face, Ye Ziqing was really a little scared.

“I said it’s not alright? Why do you want to be so fierce to me? When I look back, I will sue you with Wanqiu.”

Chen Feng didn’t mind. He just said, “As long as you can prove that you have no problem, I don’t mind what you say later, but if you are really the murderer, then you will never end well. .”

Chen Feng thought for a while, but still didn’t say anything cruel. After all, he was just skeptical now, there was no need to intimidate a little girl.

“Humph!” Ye Ziqing snorted coldly, “You are the murderer.”

Chen Feng frowned, he had a premonition that he was going to be angry, and Ye Ziqing hurriedly said, “Okay, I said. I did have a quarrel with Zhou Luo and I still quarreled for a long time, but by no means The gossip that those people said was because of some man.”

“Why is that?”

“Because of her, she is pregnant.”

Chen Feng was a little surprised, she did not expect such a result.

“Then why are you arguing with her? It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you.” Chen Feng asked.

“It doesn’t matter. Zhou Luo actually told me to give birth to that child. She didn’t want to think about how old she was, and the other party was an irresponsible prodigal. If this continues, her life will be a mess.”

“That’s why you quarreled with her?”

“Otherwise, what do you think, and even if it is a quarrel, would I think about killing Zhou Luo because of this? This is simply a fantasy.” This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

Chen Feng thought, and seemed to think that things might really be what Ye Ziqing said.

But he still had to further doubt.

“Do you know that man? Who is he?”

Ye Ziqing thought for a while and said, “I only know that his name is Zhao Wuluo, he is a somewhat notorious man. If I hadn’t persuaded Zhou Luo, she might have given that man a lot of money.”

These are the same as Chen Feng knew.

“Then can anyone prove this to you?”

This question finally made Ye Ziqing completely annoyed. Her voice suddenly improved a bit, and said, “Please, that is a woman who is unmarried and pregnant. Do you still expect many people to know about this? Even if I know, It’s also an accident. If it weren’t for the pregnancy test stick in the bathroom suddenly, I would never care about this kind of thing.”

Instead, her aura suddenly overwhelmed Chen Feng, making Chen Feng unresponsive for a while.

“Is that so!”

Ye Ziqing rolled Chen Feng’s eyes again.

Now the strength of the suspicion has been reduced, but Ye Ziqing still has no reasonable witnesses, so he can’t send it out completely.

But think about it, who on earth is that child, is it really Zhao Wulo’s? Or because Huang Shengzhi did that kind of thing secretly.

Chen Feng couldn’t see clearly either.

“Let her go and kill that child! I remember that during the autopsy, there was no sign of the fetus.”

But at this time, Ye Ziqing shook his head and said, “I don’t know about this. I tried to persuade her several times, but she didn’t agree with it, so I quarreled with her several times because of this. But as for when will the child go to fight afterwards? I don’t know about it. But if she really wants to get rid of it, she should let me accompany it. Could it be that she did it alone.”

Ye Ziqing also felt strange as she thought about it.

Chen Feng can only infer that the child must have been beaten, and the person who accompanied Zhou Luo was not Ye Ziqing, so it was probably Zhao Wulo, but Zhao Wulo had not told him about this at all.

According to Zhao Wulo’s situation at that time, he didn’t dare to conceal anything, so he can almost be ruled out.

So who is going to the hospital with Zhou Luo now? This person should be someone Zhou Luo trusts very much.

Chen Feng still had too little information about Zhou Luo, and he couldn’t analyze the context clearly.

“Do you think of who the murderer is?” Ye Ziqing asked curiously as Chen Feng was meditating.

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Because there are several people involved, but the child’s matter is still uncertain. I think it may be the child’s father who will accompany Zhou Luo to the hospital.”

“Is that the one named Zhao Wulo?”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “It shouldn’t be him, but someone else. Do you have any impression?”

Ye Ziqing thought about it seriously, but after a while, she just shook her head and said, “It seems that there is no impression. After arguing with her, our relationship is a little worse, so the time to meet is a lot less. It’s really impossible to know who she has contacted for a while.”

Chen Feng did not force Ye Ziqing to say it right away, but fortunately, there is still some good news, that is, their path is clear, and that is to find the father of the child, and that person is probably the one who killed Zhou Luo. As for the reason, the person may also be the baby.

“Okay, are you still suspicious of me now?” Ye Ziqing asked with some dissatisfaction.

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