Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1161

Watching the thunderstorm, the old man slowly said, “If you really think so, then this thing is very wrong.”

“What do you mean, isn’t it Chen Feng you want to deal with.”

“It seems that you are not stupid yet.” The old man walked aside and then sat down: “That Chen Feng is just a kid at the peak of his energy. I need my old man’s hands to deal with him. I really value him a little too much.”

“Then what is your purpose?”

“The guys behind him.”

“Who is it?” Thunderstorm asked curiously.

“It’s not your turn to care, you just need to know that you will hold the guy, and then all the goals will be achieved.”

The thunderstorm was also watching the old man, he was actually somewhat curious in his heart, but in front of the old man, he didn’t have any ability to resist, and he had already tried it just now.

“What if I can win him?” Thunderstorm still has more confidence in himself.

The old man smiled faintly, and didn’t say anything sarcasm.

“If you can beat him, I will kill you first before you kill him.”

Thunderstorm looked at the old man in shock, he couldn’t believe the old man would say so.

“Why? Since you don’t allow me to kill him, why do you want me to fight him.”

“He can’t die yet, I need him to live, and I need him to tell what he knows.”

These words sounded like a thunderstorm, and he had already lost his grudge. His original purpose was definitely not the case.

“However, you can rest assured that I will never do anything before this. If you can beat him, as long as you can keep him alive, you will torture him without anyone, and I will not intervene.”

It may be that the old man also knows that the thunderstorm is forced too tightly, and he may give up directly.

Thunderstorm thought for a long time before nodding: “Okay!”

The information about thunderstorms and the tracing of the elderly seem to be unsatisfactory.

“This person is Sun Yongxu?” Chen Feng looked at the photo. He was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that there was Sun Yongxu among the people who had seen thunderstorms.

Old Shang nodded.

“We don’t know what he wanted to do when he went to Daihe, but someone did see him, and it was also certain that he was looking for thunderstorms.”

Chen Feng was just surprised. He wanted to ask when he met Sun Yongxu next time, but he wouldn’t believe that Sun Yongxu could be used to start a thunderstorm.

“Don’t investigate him for the time being. When I meet him next time, I will ask myself.” Chen Feng said to Old Shang, “What about this old man in Tang suit holding a black umbrella?”

Pointing to the Mercedes car that the villagers secretly photographed, Chen Feng asked again.

But Elder Shang shook his head and said, “We don’t know his identity for the time being. What can be confirmed at the moment is that he is not a native of Yanjing.”

This sentence has no value, but Chen Feng is not good at being angry with this old man.

“Okay, then you continue to investigate and let me know if there is any latest information.”

The time agreed with the thunderstorm was already very close. Chen Feng didn’t have any worries, but he knew that there were other forces behind the thunderstorm, so he had to be vigilant. This chapter is not finished, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

And the uneasiness in his heart also began to emerge inexplicably. He always felt that behind it was not just a story of revenge, but there was more conspiracy.

But Chen Feng couldn’t know.

He thought for a while, and decided to take a step at a time. What he is going to do now is to punish that Huang Shengzhi first.

Ever since he knew what happened to him, Chen Feng no longer endured it all the time, as if there was a hidden thorn in his heart, constantly reminding him that there is still such a scum in this world.

And disgust made him ready to do it.

It is time for Chen Group to leave work at 5:30 in the afternoon. At this time, the company is not completely gone. The lights are still on. Many people who have not finished their work will need extra time to complete.

However, all this has nothing to do with Director Huang of the Resource Allocation Department.

He checked the time and got everything ready to leave work ten minutes in advance.

At that point, he also walked out of his office on time.

“Director, here is another piece of information that you need to sign.” A new employee saw Huang Shengzhi come out and said hurriedly.

But Huang Shengzhi said with a cold face, “It’s already time for get off work.”

“Are you off work? But I really just haven’t signed this document yet.”

“Then why didn’t you come just now? You just want to come to me after get off work.”

“I was busy with other things just now!” the newcomer retorted.

But Huang Shengzhi still said without a word: “That’s your business. You can’t waste my time with your own mistakes. Okay, I’m leaving now. What can I say until tomorrow.”

With that, he pushed aside the opponent and walked towards the exit.

“Director Huang!” shouted the newcomer, but Huang Shengzhi seemed to be totally unable to hear it.

Looking at Huang Shengzhi’s back, the newcomer was very distressed, because if this piece of information could not be completed today, it would affect many things, but the director didn’t even look at it.

An old employee next to him watched what happened and came over and cared: “You don’t seem to know the temperament of our Director Huang.”

The newcomer asked curiously: “What?”

“Our Master Huang is absolutely positive when he gets off work. He always gets off work at the end of the day. After get off work, he won’t pay attention to anything. Even if you are an urgent matter, it has nothing to do with him. There are even at the same time. Just kidding, if his office catches fire when he is off work, he might not save him.”

The newcomer was surprised: “Is it really like this? How can this be done, but don’t we still have a lot of people working overtime because the work is not over?”

The old employee gave a wry smile and said, “Who is the leader of the family, and he is still so old, can he be fired for that?”

“But this also affects work efficiency too much. I think I am like this. It’s just a matter of signing. I have to explain to the other party now. It takes more time than it is now. I don’t know how much.”

“That’s no way.” The old employee said, and suddenly said in a low voice: “However, I heard that the big leaders above seem to have begun to take action on these people. It is only due to their qualifications that they did not directly take action, but What are you planning?”

The newcomer doubted: “But what does this have to do with us?”

“You are stupid, if this matter is true, then this guy’s position is not to be selected from among us! Then you and I will all have a chance.”

The newcomer looked surprised, but he had never thought about it.

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