Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1165

“Really?” Shen Xinxin was also pleasantly surprised: “Then brother, can you find a few people for me? I know you are the boss, so it should be okay to find a few people.”

Hearing that he was the boss, A Qiang also felt that he had face, although he was only a small boss, but there were still seventy or eighty people under his hand.

“Isn’t it just a few people? It’s okay, so I move, or do anything that requires manpower, I can handle it for you.”

The more arrogant A Qiang said, the happier Shen Xinxin was. After all, she had the attitude of giving it a try at the beginning.

But now that she got Aqiang’s consent, she didn’t have to be afraid that the other party would actually find her home. After all, knowing that she was not easy to provoke, the primary school student must be afraid.

And if the other party does not come over tomorrow night, she can also take a photo and send it to the other party, and by the way, she can laugh at it.

The more I think about it, the happier I am.

“You are probably a few people, I will prepare for you.” A Qiang asked again.

Shen Xinxin said, “Probably a hundred people!”

“Ah! So many?” A Qiang was also surprised, what on earth was this going to do, it actually required a hundred people.

But thinking that this cousin is a girl, she wouldn’t have to take someone to fight, so she said, “It’s a bit difficult for a hundred people. If I usually find it for you, there’s a lot of things recently, so I can find it. The number of people is only seventy or eighty.”

Although A Qiang has only seventy or eighty people, he must not lose face in front of the other party.

Shen Xinxin doesn’t have much concept, it’s only because she talked to the other party with more than a hundred people, so she said so, but now there are seventy or eighty people, it should not be enough, is the other party really going to go? Do you count?

“That’s okay, brother, thank you, how about meeting tomorrow on Chuqiao Street.”

Now that the words have been said, A Qiang has no choice but to agree.

But when the call ended, Ah Qiang still felt that there was something weird in this matter, but think about it, is there anyone else who would do anything to them seventy or eighty? Isn’t that going to die?

As he was thinking, the phone rang again, and when he saw that it belonged to Brother Dog, A Qiang was also connected immediately.

“Brother Dog, what’s the matter.”

“Aqiang, will your people have time tomorrow?”

“Ah, tomorrow? There may be something about this. A friend of mine wants someone to help. I have already agreed, Brother Dog, what do you say, I can save a brother like me from going.”

Big dog thought it was just right. He was thinking about how to distribute this kind of thing, but now Aqiang has given up on his own initiative, so he doesn’t have to think so much. He just said, “Forget it, it’s not a big deal. You still take you. Brother, go to your friend, the most important thing to be a friend is to speak credit.”

A Qiang nodded again and again, but before finishing speaking, Big Dog hung up the phone.

“It’s really strange, why is this dog so anxious.”

In front of Chuqiao Street on the second day.

Chen Feng and Liu Xing got out of the car. Although Chen Feng had laughed at him many times along the way, he still laughed when he got out of the car, saying, “I really can’t think of who that guy is. I would think of being with you.” Go to an appointment. And stupidly gave you the address, it seems confident! I just really don’t know how many people this guy can call, if there are not hundreds of people, when he sees us, he will I won’t be too scared to pee my pants.” This chapter is not over, please click on the next page to continue reading! Page 1 of 2

Liu Xing finally felt that this matter seemed a bit absurd.

“I think it’s fine, anyway, the other party doesn’t know who I am. If the noise is so big, will it affect it?”

But as he was talking, the message rang, and when he saw it, it turned out that it was Bai Xiaosheng who was arguing with him.

Chen Feng leaned over and saw the other person saying, “If you are scared, don’t go tonight. Anyway, I must be waiting for you in the square.”

At this look, even Chen Feng was happy.

“It seems that the other party is ready. You can’t regret it now.”

Liu Xing thought for a while, go and go, as a lesson to the other party, anyway, as long as he doesn’t do it, wouldn’t those people dare to do it when they saw them?

“I will go.” On the phone, Liu Xing silently typed in four words.

Shen Xinxin did not expect to actually respond.

She was with A Qiang now, but she was afraid that she would really fight, that would be bad.

But when she saw that there were so many seventy or eighty people brought by A Qiang, she felt that the other party definitely didn’t have the guts to do it.

Then this matter should be controllable, and what she and Liu Xing thought was just to scare each other.

“Cousin, what do you want to do? I brought you this person.”

Shen Xinxin said, “It’s nothing, but I want to scare a friend I know online so that he can respect me a little bit later.”

A Qiang was a little dissatisfied, and said, “That’s what happened? I just can’t beat that guy by myself. I promise he won’t dare to talk nonsense.”

Shen Xinxin is also not easy to say clearly, if she tells the embarrassment she has done, she really has no face to meet people.

A Qiang looked at this twenty-year-old cousin. He hadn’t noticed it when he saw it before. Now it looks pretty pretty. If he didn’t know it was his sister, he would definitely go up to soak her.

“Where are you going now? Can’t you just be here, right?”

“Well, it’s almost time, we have set the square at the back. Let’s go there together,” Shen Xinxin said.

At this time, Aqiang seemed to see a familiar figure, but it was very much gone, he was a little strange.

“That person just now looked like Shao Chen.”

“What’s wrong, cousin?”

“It’s nothing, it seems that I saw a familiar figure. Let’s go. This is the first time you have asked me for help. I will definitely do it for you, so that the kid will never bully you again.”

Shen Xinxin also smiled sweetly: “Then thank you brother.”

So Aqiang took his seventy or eighty people and walked towards the square.

But when I came to the square, I found that there were quite a lot of people here, sitting together, chatting in twos and threes.

“Xinxin, who is the friend you are talking about? Why are there so many people here? Is there any party here? Why do you make an appointment with your friend in such a place.”

Shen Xinxin is also puzzled. She remembers that there is usually no one here. Is it really such an unfavorable rally today?

“Follow him, find that guy before talking.”

According to the agreement, Shen Xinxin began to search in the square.

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