Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 122

“This is not a question of convincing, anyway, Li Xue is also a woman…” Xu Dongliang bit the bullet and explained.
“Woman?” Chen Feng sneered. “Can a woman spread rumors and make trouble?”
Xu Dongliang was choking. In fact, he also felt that Li Xue and others were buckling shit pots on Xia Mengyao’s head. After all, there were so many rich second-generation suitors when Xia Mengyao was in college. No need to wait until now.
“And you, Wang Jiameng! From now on, it’s better to think about what you say and do things in order to avoid misfortune!” Chen Feng gave Wang Jiameng coldly again. With his eyesight, it’s naturally not difficult to see, Wang Jiameng was the initiator of all this. On the surface, this woman had the best relationship with Xia Mengyao, but she was the one who stabbed the knife the most.
“You threaten me?” Wang Jiameng’s expression was a little ugly. A food delivery guy dared to threaten himself? !
“Threat? You are not worthy!” Chen Feng smiled disdainfully. Wang Jiameng was a mere opponent, and he didn’t even have the qualification to be his opponent.
Everyone looked at each other. Chen Feng’s words were not arrogant. No matter how Wang Jiameng said, there is also a coal boss husband who is now hugging Xu Dongliang’s thigh, and Chen Feng, where is his confidence?
Wang Jiameng’s face was uncertain, but she didn’t say anything. Only she knew it. Now she really has nothing to do with Chen Feng. Her husband is not a coal boss at all, and she and Xu Dongliang are just friends, Xu Dongliang He wouldn’t really do anything to Chen Feng for her.
At this moment, Xu Dongliang’s cell phone rang. After seeing the caller ID, Xu Dongliang’s face changed. How could it be Du Ziyue?
Although surprised, Xu Dongliang still pressed to answer: “Sister Yue, why did you have the time to call me?”
Seeing Xu Dongliang’s attitude seemed a bit respectful, everyone couldn’t help but be a little surprised. Who is this sister Yue? Xu Dong looks very jealous.
“Xu Dongliang, is Xia Mengyao with you?” Du Ziyue’s attitude was very arrogant, and he did not directly answer Xu Dongliang’s question.
Xu Dongliang couldn’t help but glanced at Xia Mengyao, and whispered: “Sister Yue, Mengyao is here with me.”
“Bring her to Kowloon International!” Du Ziyue said directly in an imperative tone, and hung up the phone without waiting for Xu Dongliang to say anything.
Xu Dongliang frowned. How did Du Ziyue know that Xia Mengyao was here and who had leaked the news?
“Brother Liang, who is it?” Wang Jiameng asked casually.
“Du Ziyue.” Xu Dongliang laughed.
“Du Ziyue?!”
“The Du Ziyue of the Economic Management Department?!”
“Fuck! Why is she!”
When it heard that it was Du Ziyue, everyone suddenly exploded.
Chen Feng frowned. What kind of ghost is Du Ziyue? He seems to be very famous.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but glanced at Xia Mengyao on the side, wondering if Xia Mengyao understood, but saw that Xia Mengyao’s pretty face was already pale at this time.
“Mengyao, what’s the matter with you?” Chen Feng frowned. Xia Mengyao seemed to be a little afraid of Du Ziyue.
“No… nothing.” Xia Mengyao shook her head and smiled reluctantly.
Chen Feng was even more puzzled. It was obvious that something must have happened between Xia Mengyao and Du Ziyue.
“Brother Liang, why are Du Ziyue looking for you for?” Wang Jiameng asked curiously. Du Ziyue was not in the same class with them when she was in university, but she was a department of economics and management. Xia Mengyao.
Of course, the reason why Du Ziyue was able to overshadow Xia Mengyao was not because she was more beautiful than Xia Mengyao, but because she was a playful person and had a good family background. In addition to her outstanding appearance, she was not as upright as Xia Mengyao, so she could play with many people. Come together.
Several well-known rich second generations and official second generations in the school had unexplainable relationships with Du Ziyue. It can be said that Du Ziyue is a socialite, but it is a very deliberate socialite that can play with men. The sociable flower that turns around.
“Sister Yue, she is in Kowloon International, and asked if we want to go there.” Xu Dongliang rolled his eyes and said, he didn’t dare to say that Du Ziyue wanted Xia Mengyao to go by himself. He knew very well that he really wanted to say that. It will definitely not pass, because when Xia Mengyao was in college, Du Ziyue was the one who feared most.
“Sister Yue is in the Kowloon International?” Li Xue, who was lying on the ground groaning, lit up when he heard Du Ziyue in the Kowloon International.
Xu Dongliang nodded. He could understand why Li Xue was so excited. When he was in college, Du Ziyue was Li Xue’s backer, and Li Xue often followed Du Ziyue for evil. Now that Du Ziyue was in the Kowloon International, Li Xue must have wanted to take Du Ziyue’s hand to avenge Chen Feng.
“Brother Liang, let’s go over. I haven’t seen Sister Yue for a long time.” Li Xue said excitedly. In fact, she wanted to see Du Ziyue, but after Du Ziyue graduated from university, she deleted her contact information. She couldn’t see her at all. on.
This time she finally got news from Du Ziyue again, she couldn’t miss it again, and she could let Du Ziyue help her teach Chen Feng.
Du Ziyue’s energy is not something Xu Dongliang can match, and Xu Dongliang is only quite powerful in their class, but Du Ziyue, that is the whole Jinling University, can be counted as a man of the world.
In his junior year, Du Ziyue had two modeling companies under his name, with annual net income of 10 to 20 million. Now it has been almost three years since graduation. It is conceivable that Du Ziyue will get mixed up.
“Uh…” Xu Dongliang was a little bit troubled. In fact, Du Ziyue had no thoughts of seeing people like Li Xue. The only person she really wanted to see was Xia Mengyao, but if he said it, Xia Mengyao would definitely not go to university. At that time, Du Ziyue was a nightmare in Xia Mengyao’s heart.
“Brother Liang, Sister Yue still want to see Xia Mengyao?” It was Wang Jiameng, who first saw what Xu Dongliang was thinking.
Xu Dongliang smiled and said, “Well, Sister Yue said that she couldn’t help Mengyao at school, so I want to see Mengyao this time, so I’m sorry.”
“Mengyao, do you want…” Xu Dongliang shifted his gaze to Xia Mengyao.
“Don’t go.” Xia Mengyao’s tone was cold, she wouldn’t believe Xu Dongliang’s nonsense, Du Ziyue would apologize to her unless the dog doesn’t eat shit.
Xu Dongliang’s face became stiff and it was very difficult. Du Ziyue specifically called her and asked him to take Xia Mengyao over. If he couldn’t do anything, Du Ziyue turned back to blame, what would he do.
“Mengyao, will you just go there? We are many people here. Sister Yue won’t do anything to you.” Wang Jiameng said with a smile, she knows how flaws Du Ziyue must be reported this time Letting Xia Mengyao pass is definitely not to apologize to Xia Mengyao, but is more likely to humiliate Xia Mengyao.
Hearing this, Chen Feng couldn’t help but raise his brows. This Du Ziyue seemed to have done something very excessive to Xia Mengyao in college.

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