Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 124

He always thought that Xia Mengyao was weak and cold and often caught colds, which was a problem from her childhood, but now it seems that it is not!
It was the root of the disease that Du Ziyue threw into the Jinbo Lake in the cold winter!
Chen Feng clenched his fists, and there was anger in his eyes. He couldn’t imagine how desperate Xia Mengyao was when she was struggling in the icy cold lake. That vicious woman threw people in back then. At the lake, it was aimed at killing people!
Before he could not figure out why Xia Mengyao seldom mentioned her college affairs after three years of marriage. Now it seems that Xia Mengyao didn’t want it, but she didn’t dare!
Because in her college life, there was such a painful memory that could not bear to look back!
Du! child! Yue!
When Chen Feng gritted his teeth and made him even more angry, this bitch did such a vicious thing to Xia Mengyao, Xia Mengyao didn’t even think of revenge on her, but this bitch didn’t plan to let Xia Mengyao go!
And now it’s been three years after graduating from university. It is conceivable that Du Ziyue, this bitch woman, has a vengeance!
Chen Feng has never hated a woman so much, and she is still a woman who has never met before!
“Hillboy, our sister Yue is in Kowloon International now, do you dare to go there?” Seeing Chen Feng obviously irritated by herself, Li Xue was even more proud, and began to provoke Chen Feng by adding fuel to the fire.
Chen Feng raised his head with an extremely cold expression: “Lead the way!”
“Chen Feng, don’t go…” Xia Mengyao begged to ask. She hasn’t mentioned Du Ziyue for so many years, because she knows exactly what the Du family means, even if ten Xia families are added together, it will not be worth half a finger of the Du family.
Chen Feng had already paid enough for her, and she didn’t want Chen Feng to provoke the behemoth Du family because of her.
“Xia Mengyao, what are you afraid of? Your husband wants to pay back the grievance that Sister Yue brought you back a hundred times. You should be happy.” Li Xue said with a weird sneer.
“Did you participate in what happened back then?” Chen Feng turned his head abruptly, his icy eyes falling on Li Xue.
Li Xue shuddered subconsciously, and hurriedly defended: “I…I don’t, Chen Feng, I tell you, these things are all done by Sister Yue. If you are a man, go to Sister Yue. What kind of ability to bully me.”
“What kind of shit you said, Sister Yue, I will go to her, but if you let me know that what happened back then has something to do with you, I will never let you go!” Chen Feng said coldly, since the old account is today After being turned over by Li Xue, he was bound to liquidate one by one. Three years ago, the group of people who bullied Xia Mengyao would not let him go!
Li Xue pouted her lips in disdain, and still troubled me? Let’s talk about it after passing sister Yue first.
Seeing that Chen Feng insisted on going to Kowloon International, Xu Dongliang’s heart suddenly became happy. He was worried that he could not complete Du Ziyue’s task before, but Chen Feng was lucky and went to the Kowloon International to die.
Xu Dongliang sneered in his heart. He knew very well how cruel Du Ziyue was. She was a lawless little sister in college. She often disagrees and destroys the faces of other girls. But she is still deeply loved by the Du family, no matter The Du family will protect her for any serious matters.
This time, Xia Mengyao passed, I am afraid that she will peel off if she is not dead.
“Who else is going to Kowloon International?” Xu Dongliang smiled and glanced at many students around him.
Everyone was a little moved, but when they thought of Kowloon International’s consumption, they couldn’t help but shrink their necks.
Xu Dongliang shook his head, and a touch of disdain was drawn deep in his eyes, what a bunch of buns. But if this group of people don’t go, no one will look at Chen Feng as embarrassed for a while. Thinking of this, Xu Dongliang smiled and said: “I forgot to tell everyone. If you go to Kowloon International, the consumption in Kowloon International is up to me To pay the bill, I originally wanted to invite everyone to dinner, but the Chen Feng brothers are so hospitable. After paying for the meal, I can’t say nothing. I will pay all the money that everyone goes to Kowloon International to play.”
Upon hearing Xu Dongliang’s words, everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up. Some people were taken advantage of, and they were willing to go. After all, it was the most luxurious entertainment venue in Kowloon International, Jinling.
Go there, take a few photos, post a circle of friends, you can blow for several years.
“Brother Liang, you are so generous, so we are embarrassed.” Wang Jiameng said shyly, and she became more satisfied with Xu Dongliang in her heart. This is a serious gold master, and she has to get help this time. on.
“What’s so embarrassing about this, everyone is classmates, and it’s okay to show everyone to the world.” Xu Dongliang smiled on the surface, but secretly did not be polite with Wang Jiameng, his hands began to restlessly!
“Not many words, Sister Yue is still waiting for us, everyone hurry over.” Xu Dongliang put his hand off Wang Jiameng’s body and said with a serious face.
“Yeah.” Everyone nodded hurriedly, and then the group left the Huaqi Mansion in a mighty manner.
“Yeah, that person over there seems to be the one who clashed with you in Kowloon International last time?” As soon as Chen Feng walked out of the gate of Huaqi Mansion, someone recognized Chen Feng.
“Clashes with me?” Yang Qing was stunned, then his expression changed drastically, “You mean Shao Chen?”
“Shao Chen?” Yang Qing’s younger brother obviously didn’t know what happened afterwards, and was a little surprised why Yang Qing called him that way.
Yang Qing didn’t explain, he hurriedly glanced in the direction where the younger brother was looking, only to find that the group of people who had just left the house had already gotten in the car one after another, and there was no shadow of Chen Feng.
Seeing Yang Qing seemed very anxious, the younger brother said again: “Yeah, the Shao Chen you mentioned seems to have just eaten at our Huaqi Mansion. You can adjust the monitoring and see if it is correct.”
“Go!” Yang Qing waved his hand and hurried in. If Chen Feng really came to Huaqi Mansion for dinner, it would be a great event. After all, Huaqi Mansion was his site. He didn’t come forward to entertain him. Think more.
“Green Lord.”
Seeing Yang Qing, Liu Bo’s attitude immediately became extremely respectful.
“Is there a surname Chen among the people who just went out for dinner?” Yang Qing asked hurriedly.
“Chen?” Liu Bo was taken aback. The ruthless man who had done eight bottles of Maotai seemed to be Chen.
“Yeah, did that surname Chen offend you?” Liu Bo asked cautiously. After Chen Feng left, Zheng Jia dared to tell her that the reason for the gaffe was that Chen Feng had one billion in the card. I was stunned. There was a turnover of 1 billion in the bank card, and his assets had definitely exceeded 10 billion. The identity of Chen Feng was definitely not simple! That’s why he had to ask clearly, so as to decide how to answer Yang Qing.

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