Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 130

“What are you doing in a daze! Throw this bitch in!” Du Ziyue glared fiercely at several dumbfounded security guards.
The security guards were stunned, and then gritted their teeth and came to Xia Mengyao. They naturally understood that their behavior at the moment was no different from murder, but they were employees of Kowloon International after all, and with Du Ziyue’s cruel and cruel approach, they had to dare If you don’t listen to Du Ziyue’s words, they are probably the ones who entered the Black Wolf Cave.
“Wife, it’s not good… it will kill people.” At this time, Zhou Shaofeng shuddered and said, not that he felt sorry for Xia Mengyao, but he knew that if Xia Mengyao died inside, the Du family would definitely push someone out The guilty person, this person who is guilty of the crime, absolutely cannot be Du Ziyue, it can only be him!
“Not good?” Du Ziyue’s icy gaze shot at Zhou Shaofeng instantly like a sharp blade, “Do you feel bad for this stinky bitch?”
“No, no!” Zhou Shaofeng hurriedly shook his head, and said: “Wife, how could I feel bad about her? This bitch dares to seduce me and destroy our relationship between husband and wife. He is dead, but we can torture her in another way. …It’s a bit inappropriate.” Zhou Shaofeng said and glanced at everyone in Xu Dongliang. There are too many people coming today. If Du Ziyue really sends Xia Mengyao into the Black Wolf Cave in front of so many people, let Xia Mengyao die in it, It is difficult to guarantee that no one will leak the wind, even if the Du family has the means to cover the sky, I am afraid it will not be able to cover it.
“You trash, my old lady is not afraid! What are you afraid of?!” Du Ziyue kicked Zhou Shaofeng’s belly and directly kicked Zhou Shaofeng to the ground.
“Throw! Throw this stinky bitch to me! My old mother’s brother is Du Ziteng, your major shareholder of Kowloon International. If you don’t throw this stinky bitch in today, my old lady will let you throw some of you in!” Du Ziyue said with hands on his hips, looking arrogantly at several security guards.
Hearing this, the few people didn’t dare to hesitate anymore, and directly held Xia Mengyao, and they wanted to throw them into the wire wall.
Inside the wall, several black wolves stared at Xia Mengyao, their eyes were already full of bloodthirsty rays. They were not humans, and they didn’t know what Lianxiangxiyu was. In their eyes, Xia Mengyao was just a big piece of food.
“Let go of me!” Xia Mengyao’s small face was full of horror and despair, yelling to break free, but at the moment several big security hands were like iron hoops, holding her tightly, she couldn’t break free at all.
“Woo, Chen Feng, save me…” Xia Mengyao whispered, her beautiful eyes filled with tears. In this desperate situation, the only person she could think of was Chen Feng.
Chen Feng, can you save yourself?
In fact, Wang Jiameng and Li Xue are also thinking about this question at this time.
“How about Xia Mengyao’s trash husband? Wasn’t it awesome before? Why don’t you see people now?” Li Xue couldn’t help asking.
“It is estimated that after seeing Sister Yue, she sneaked away.” Wang Jiameng sighed and said, she is now a little inexplicably sympathetic to Xia Mengyao, she believes in Chen Feng so much, and Chen Feng is actually at the most critical moment in her life. , I ran away by myself, and as expected, the husband and wife were in the same forest and flew separately.
“What a rubbish! I used to brag about paying back the grievances that Sister Yue gave to Xia Mengyao a hundredfold. Now when I see Sister Yue, there are no figures running like a bereaved dog!” Li Xue said angrily, she thought No matter how much Chen Feng said, he would have a good grip with Du Ziyue, even if he couldn’t get it right, at least he had to show his attitude.
As a result, Chen Feng did well, and everyone was scared away, leaving his wife here alone.
Xu Dongliang clenched his fists, and tried to step forward several times to save Xia Mengyao, but when he thought that his current career was all given by Du Ziyue, he took a deep breath and calmed himself down.
In my heart, it was a little worthless for Xia Mengyao, and he entrusted his life to a man like Chen Feng.
At this time, Chen Feng had already arrived in the conference hall.
As soon as he entered the door, several brilliant young men in the conference hall stood up together and looked at Chen Feng with surprise in their eyes, as well as deep disdain and doubt.
The man in front of him, whose clothes add up to less than 300 yuan, would be the young master of the Chen family? impossible.
However, despite their doubts, the faces of several people still have humble smiles.
“Chen Shao, you are here.” Yang Tai took the lead. He didn’t think so much because he knew Chen Feng’s strength. Even without the Chen family, Chen Feng himself was an extremely terrifying warrior.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng faintly replied. For some reason, there was an inexplicable uneasiness in his heart at the moment, as if something happened.
Seeing that Chen Feng was a little absent-minded, Yang Tai couldn’t help but frowned, thinking that the staff in the manor did not entertain Chen Feng.
The other young people looked a little ugly, and were somewhat dissatisfied with Chen Feng. They were somehow famous children from a family in Jinling. They were the second generation of super rich. They were outside on weekdays. You don’t have to treat them respectfully if you see them. , To cheat them, but the man in front of him, from the moment he entered the door, he didn’t even bother to look at them with his straight eyes.
Is it necessary to do this?
“Chen Shao, did the staff in the garden offend you?” Yang Tai asked tentatively. Chen Feng’s dress was incompatible with the Jiulong International Villa. In addition, there were often some staff members in the manor that looked down upon others , So he can’t help thinking.
Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: “No.”
“Don’t you say you want to take me to know a few shareholders? Let’s start now, I’m in a hurry.” Chen Feng said again, his uneasy feeling made him a little unsure, he always felt that something was going to happen, Chen Feng also wanted After Xia Mengyao, but he has just left for a few minutes, what can happen.
In a hurry?
Several young people who were already dissatisfied with Chen Feng heard Chen Feng’s words, and anger suddenly grew in their chest.
If Chen Feng’s attitude of ignoring a few people as soon as he entered the door just made a few people feel uncomfortable, then this sentence of being in a hurry can completely anger a few people.
The few people were originally arrogant masters. In the realm of Jinling, except for Yang Tai, none of them looked at them. Even if it was Yang Tai, when they met them, they talked and laughed. They dare not be like now. In this way, ignore them.
But as for Chen Feng, he ignored them as soon as he entered the door, and now he said he was in a hurry, and it made them feel that in Chen Feng’s eyes, he was a cat and a dog.
“If Chen Shao is in a hurry, you can leave now. A few of our brothers did not say that we are asking to know Shao Chen.” A cold voice sounded, and Yang Tai’s expression changed suddenly, and he turned around and yelled, “Du Ziteng, you said. What is it! Shao Chen said in a hurry, not what you think, Shao Chen is really in a hurry.”

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