Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 134

“Shaofeng! Chen Shao’s wife, did you seduce you?!” Du Ziteng looked at Zhou Shaofeng coldly, and the threat in his eyes was self-evident. Chen Feng did not speak, Du Ziteng naturally thought that Chen Feng was weighing the pros and cons. , So he wanted to use Zhou Shaofeng to qualitatively determine the matter, so that it was his side that was responsible.
Zhou Shaofeng nodded hurriedly and said: “Yes, Brother Teng, Chen Shao’s wife, she is really interesting to me. When she first arrived at the hunting park, she hinted that I wanted to be my mistress and asked me to give it to me every month. She is one hundred thousand yuan.”
Zhou Shaofeng.
Chen Feng glanced at Zhou Shaofeng faintly again, and added this name to his death list.
Du Ziteng nodded in satisfaction, Zhou Shaofeng was still very familiar.
“Chen Shao, the matter is now clear. It was the wife who made her seduce Ziyue’s husband first, and Ziyue threw her into the black wolf hole. Of course Ziyue was at fault, but the wife could not escape the blame.” Du Ziteng’s face was selfless.
“Then what?” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Then?” Du Ziteng raised his eyebrows, and said: “Then Shao Chen taught Ziyue a lesson, so let’s forget about this matter. As for the injury to the wife, I can only say sorry. Besides, I One million can be used as compensation to Madam Ling.”
one million? !
Many people’s eyes lit up, and Xia Mengyao’s injury could be cured at most 10,000 to 20,000, but Du Ziteng took out one million, which is really magnificent.
“Brother? What do you mean? Are you going to let this bastard and that bitch go?” When Du Ziyue heard this, she became angry. Chen Feng has humiliated her so much, can’t Du Ziteng see it? Even to pay Xia Mengyao one million!
What is the reason for this? Du Ziyue felt that at this time Du Ziteng killed Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao not an exaggeration, and actually lost money to Chen Feng.
Du Ziteng frowned and said, “Ziyue, Shao Chen is my friend. If you give your brother a face, treat it as it passed.”
Yang Tai shook his head. He didn’t know what to say anymore. Du Ziteng, a idiot, still wanted to let Chen Feng go, instead of begging Chen Feng for mercy. It was a miracle that this kind of person grew up so big and didn’t die.
“But, brother…” Du Ziyue was still a little unconvinced, feeling that it would be too cheap for Chen Feng to let him go.
“Obey!” Du Ziteng glared at Du Ziyue. After all, Chen Feng was the largest shareholder of Kowloon International, and he didn’t look at the face of the monk and the face of the Buddha. He still wanted to give Yang Tai the face.
“Okay.” Du Ziyue pouted dissatisfiedly, then turned his gaze to Chen Feng, and said fiercely: “Hill, you are lucky this time. I met my brother to intercede for you, next time you dare to provoke the old lady. , I can’t protect you when the king of heaven comes!”
“No next time.” Chen Feng shook his head, his tone a little sympathetic.
“What does Chen Shao mean?” Du Ziteng frowned, a little unhappy. He was so generous and didn’t care about Du Ziyue with Chen Feng. Why did he listen to Chen Feng’s meaning and wanted to trouble Du Ziyue.
Chen Feng did not answer Du Ziteng’s question, but asked indifferently: “How many people are there in your Du family?”
Du Ziteng was even more confused, but still resisted his anger, and replied, “There are 38 people in my Du family, what can Shao Chen do?”
Chen Feng nodded slightly, turned his head and glanced at Yang Tai, and said, “Look back and send 38 million to the Du family.”
Yang Tai’s eyelids jumped and he nodded hurriedly, but his back was a little chilly. He naturally understood the meaning behind Chen Feng’s words.
But Du Ziyue didn’t understand. He thought Chen Feng was trying to subdue him. Instead, he gave Chen Feng a triumphant glance and snorted coldly: “You know you!”
“If Chen Shao is to make amends for Ziyue, you don’t need to send 38 million. My Du family does not lack this money.” Du Ziteng said lightly, what kind of raptor Chen Feng is like. It turned out to be subdued, which was really boring.
Chen Feng smiled: “Do you think my 38 million is to amend her?”
“Otherwise?” Du Ziteng raised an eyebrow.
Chen Feng shook his head and said calmly: “My 38 million yuan is compensation for the 38 members of the Du family.”
Compensation? !
Du Ziteng’s face suddenly became gloomy. At this moment, even if he was stupid, he could still understand the meaning of Chen Feng’s words.
“Chen Shaowei would not take my Du family seriously. Madam Ling was only bitten by a wolf, and she was not bitten to death. Chen Shao actually wanted my Du family to be directly linked to thirty-eight people. Madam apologizes, I really think my Du’s family is the fish on the chopping board, can you kill it?” Du Ziteng asked coldly.
At this moment, Yang Tai stood up and glanced at Du Ziteng pityingly: “Du Ziteng, if Madam Chen was really killed by a wolf, then you Du family, it is not as simple as apologizing to Chen Shao.
“Brother Tai, what do you mean?” Du Ziteng asked with a change of expression.
“It’s not interesting, remember what I said in the conference room?” Yang Tai shook his head and asked.
Du Ziteng sneered. Of course he remembered what Yang Tai said in the conference room. Yang Tai said that if Xia Mengyao had an accident, Chen Feng could let the entire Du family be buried with Xia Mengyao.
But is it possible?
Totally impossible!
The Du family is a super giant in Jinling. Although it is not among the top ranks, it also has a pivotal position in Jinling. How can you say that you can destroy the entire family?
“Okay, Yang Tai, don’t talk nonsense with him.” Chen Feng was already a little impatient, “Are there still black wolves in the garden?”
“Shao Chen, the black wolf is gone.” Yang Tai couldn’t help but glanced at the three black wolves not far away that Chen Feng had pierced their heads with a willow leaf, and said, “But there are still two Siberian tigers.”
“Well, bring those two Siberian tigers here.” Chen Feng said calmly.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” Yang Tai didn’t dare not agree. The Siberian tiger is a precious prey, which will naturally be raised by the Kowloon International. On weekdays, only when some big men come, will the Siberian tiger be released for those Gangster hunting.
But today, Yang Tai knows that Chen Feng did not release the two Siberian tigers for hunting, but wanted the two Siberian tigers to be hunters. As for who was the prey, it was obvious.
“Brother Tai! Are you really going to help him?!” Du Ziteng’s face was a bit ugly for the first time. He didn’t expect that Yang Tai’s attitude was so firm, and he stood on Chen Feng’s side without hesitation.
Yang Tai shook his head and sighed: “Ziteng, don’t blame Brother Tai, Brother Tai is not helping Chen Shao, but himself.”
Help yourself? Du Ziteng finally understood the meaning of Yang Tai’s words, Yang Tai was afraid of Chen Feng!
He had to stand by Chen Feng!

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