Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 140

Nowadays, most real martial artists in the martial arts world have inheritance, either from the sect or from the family. These sects and families will select young children with good roots. When the children are five or six years old He began to soak medicinal wine for young children and build a foundation for martial arts. When he was seven or eight years old, he would begin formal martial arts practice, tempering his flesh, and forging his roots.
It takes at least twelve hours every day to spend time on martial arts training in summer and winter training for thirty-nine.
Even with such cruel cultivation, many people may not be able to become martial artists, only those who are talented have the opportunity.
One can imagine how difficult the road to martial arts is.
When Chen Feng came to the door, he was stopped by several students.
“The martial arts hall is closed today. If you want to register for martial arts students, you can come back another day.” A tall young man smiled. Chen Feng did not wear martial arts uniforms, so the tall young man regarded Chen Feng as wanting to enter Haoran Wu Ordinary people studying martial arts in the museum.
Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: “I don’t sign up for martial arts students, I’ll look for people from Jingang martial arts gym.”
“King Kong Martial Arts Center?” The tall young man was taken aback, and his tone suddenly became bad: “Are you from the King Kong Martial Arts Center?”
“No.” Chen Feng continued to shook his head and said: “There are some personal matters between Jin Liu’an and I, which need to be dealt with.”
“Then wait, I will ask the owner of the museum.”
In the hall, a majestic middle-aged man sits on a martial arts mat. In front of the middle-aged man, there are also seven or eight serious young men and women wearing martial arts uniforms, listening to the middle-aged man’s lecture.
“Jin Liu’an came here prepared this time. His disciples were not easy to deal with at first. This time Jin Liu’an has become a dark warrior, and his understanding of martial arts has improved, so he must I will teach some disciples some more advanced techniques for exerting strength. When you are on stage, if you lose, you just give in. Don’t resist!” The middle-aged man warned the few in front of him with worry. My disciple, he and Jin Liu’an were both martial artists in the late Ming Jin period, so Haoran Martial Arts Hall can still fight against King Kong Martial Arts Hall. Every year, the two martial arts clubs will win each other’s gambling battle, but this year, Jin Liuan was promoted to An Jin, and the two sides were no longer on the same level in an instant.
This time the gambling game, it can be said that the King Kong Martial Arts Hall is pretty sure.
“Master, can you postpone this gambling fight for a few days?” a thin young man asked weakly. His name was Feng Yuan, Su Haoran’s youngest disciple. He was just promoted to Ming Jin martial artist a few days ago. He hadn’t fought any warriors before, but he was going to play in this gambling fight. Feng Yuan had no confidence at all, and he would fight against several disciples of Jin Liuan.
Su Haoran frowned, and was disappointed in Feng Yuan. He was typically timid before a fight, and he had already lost half before a fight. If he came to power in this state, he might not even be able to hold on to a single move.
“Junior brother, the annual gambling fight is a practice and cannot be postponed. And even if it can be postponed, what will other martial arts gyms think if we postpone them? They will definitely say that we Haoran martial arts gyms are instigated and lose. I’m sorry, at that time, where did you put the face of the master?” Zhao Dong scolded with a cold face. He is Su Haoran’s big disciple and the only one who is expected to break through the middle of Ming Jin this year. It can be described as talented.
Although Su Haoran was not optimistic about this gambling fight, he was extremely confident.
“Well, the big brother is right. If you lose, you don’t lose. Besides, it was Jin Liu’an who became a dark power fighter, and it was not his disciples who became a dark power fighter. We may not have the chance to win.” At that time, a pretty girl with a proud figure wearing a white martial arts uniform said crisply.
The girl is about eighteen or nineteen years old. Although she is not too old, she is already a slim and big beauty, with delicate features, a pretty face, and a pair of plump breasts, especially prominent, typical childlike big breasts.
When the girl spoke, the eyes of several young people were attracted by the girl, their eyes were very fiery.
“Junior Sister is right! What’s scary? Everyone is about the same age, and it is also in the early Ming Jin period. The people in his Diamond Martial Arts Hall can still have one more leg than us.”
“That’s what I’m afraid of, it’s not a life-and-death fight, it’s fine if you can’t defeat it.”
Several young people spoke one after another, and the enthusiasm of everyone instantly rose.
“Father, can’t I be on the stage for a while?” At this moment, the girl’s black eyes rolled and smiled.
“No!” Su Haoran refused without even thinking about it, and scolded majesticly: “You are a girl, what kind of stage do you want to fight and kill?”
“Master is right, Junior Sister, you just leave it to the seniors to do this kind of beating and killing. It is not appropriate for you to go up.
“Junior sister, you are so delicate, if there is a bump wherever you go up, it will be bad.”
The girl pouted, and said unconvincedly: “But, I am also a warrior.”
As soon as the girl said this, many people in the martial arts hall were very ashamed. These people are the core disciples of the martial arts hall. They are different from the students outside. These people were trained by Su Haoran since childhood and are expected to become martial artists. exist.
But many of them, who are in their twenties or even thirty years old this year, are still on the verge of becoming a warrior, unable to step into the doorstep.
The young girl Su Lingyu became a warrior when she was eighteen years old. She was a masterful genius. The only pity is that Su Lingyu is a daughter. Compared with male warriors, female warriors are more or less vulnerable.
In the martial arts world, male warriors are the mainstream.
Su Haoran was also choking, and immediately felt a pity. If Su Lingyu was a man, it would be great. With her talent, even in the middle and late stages of the dark energy, there is great hope for Su Haoran’s position in the Jinling martial arts world. It won’t be as low as it is now.
“Okay, let’s not mention this matter again. You will stand under the stage for a while and not be allowed to come on stage.” Su Haoran waved his hand and said with a majestic voice.
“Okay.” The girl pursed her lips. Although she was dissatisfied with Su Haoran’s decision, she did not dare to refute it. After all, Su Haoran was not only her father, but also the owner of a restaurant.
At this time, the tall young man came over.
“Master, someone outside said that he was looking for someone from the King Kong Martial Arts Hall. Hearing his tone, he seemed to know Jin Liuan.”
“Knowing Jin Liu’an?” Su Haoran frowned. Jin Liu’an is still a bit famous in the Jinling martial arts world. If people outside know Jin Liu’an, they must not be unknown people. They are likely to come to watch the gambling fight. People in the martial arts world thought of this, Su Haoran said: “Let him come in.”

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