Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 152

Almost all the moves were directed at the vital points of those people, and many of them were killed by Jin Liuan.
Chen Feng will never forget the scenes of those brothers dying tragically in front of him!
In the Xia family for three years, Chen Feng was tortured by hatred almost every moment.
Whenever he wanted revenge, there would be a voice in his heart reminding him that the time has not come, because the people behind the killers like Jin Liuan, have not yet surfaced, and rashly revenge, will take themselves in.
Chen Feng originally thought that he could stay rational.
But since I came to Jinling this time, after listening to Li Li mentioning the King Kong Martial Arts Hall and Jin Liuan’s name, Chen Feng’s heart was occupied by a violent killing intent. Several times, Chen Feng tried to calm down. This killing intent, but no matter how hard Chen Feng worked, the killing intent could not be calmed down, and there was even a tendency to get worse.
At this time, Chen Feng knew that he couldn’t bear it anymore.
Unbearable, no need to bear!
What about killing Jin Liu’an!
What if the real murderer stands up behind the scenes!
He Chen Feng is not afraid of a battle!
He has endured for three years, he does not want to endure it for a lifetime!
Even if he knew that killing Jin Liu’an was risky, Chen Feng wanted to kill this time.
Knowing that the enemy is in front of him, but pretending to be blind in order to save himself, he can’t do this kind of thing!
At this time, Jin Liuan was also full of horror.
He couldn’t remember before, but met Chen Feng there.
But when he saw the monstrous anger and hatred in Chen Feng’s eyes, a thunder flashed across Jin Liuan’s mind.
“You… are you the same person three years ago?!” Jin Liuan’s pupils widened, and these words were almost squeezed out of his throat, his tone full of disbelief, three years ago! Chen Feng was the young man three years ago!
He is back!
The fear on Jin Liu’an’s face is no longer intensified. He couldn’t think that Chen Feng would survive the hunt three years ago!
Didn’t it mean that Chen Feng was blasted off the cliff and there was no bones left? !
Why is he still alive?
The nightmare of three years ago came to Jin Liuan’s heart again.
It was an ordinary night. Suddenly someone issued a killing order on the underground dark web of Jinling to hunt down a warrior in the middle of the dark power. If you succeed in the hunt, you can get a reward of tens of billions!
Yes, tens of billions!
Everyone in the Jinling martial arts world can participate in the hunt, as long as the target item is obtained, the warriors who participate in the hunt can share money!
Ten billion, divided by strength!
So at that time, the whole Jinling martial arts world was boiling, and many people felt that the person who issued the killing order was simply giving money.
How could it be worth ten billion in the mid-term of a dark power?
On the night when the killing order was issued, almost one-tenth of the warriors in Jinling had their faces covered, put on night clothes, and participated in the killing operation.
Take the lead in a late stage! There are also three middle stages of dark power, and seven or eight early stages of dark power, plus more than 20 of their accomplices in the late stage of Ming Jin, this formation, even if it is the master of Huajin, I am afraid it will not escape! What’s more, in the mid-term?
So at that time, Jin Liuan felt that the battle could be solved in three minutes at most, and he could divide up to tens of millions without even having to shoot.
But when he saw the goal, Jin Liuan knew how naive he was.
At that time, Chen Feng was easy to escape in order to avoid chasing and killing, and the realm he showed was only in the middle stage of the dark energy.
However, Chen Feng’s combat power in the mid-stage Anjin was ten times more terrifying than the latter’s!
In the late stage of the dark power, there were three other stages of the dark power, and seven or eight early stages of the dark power, five early stages of the dark power were killed abruptly! Two dark energy mid-term! Even in the late stage of An Jin who led the team, Chen Feng was beaten by vomiting blood!
That chase became a nightmare for almost all killers.
Everyone thinks that Chen Feng is a lamb to be slaughtered, but they don’t think that Chen Feng is simply a prehistoric beast!
Three years ago, Jin Liu’an was only the strength of Ming Jin’s later stage. He didn’t even have the qualifications to fight Chen Feng, so he could only deal with the dozen servants who protected Chen Feng from the outside.
Although he did not fight against Chen Feng, Jin Liuan will never forget. When he killed those servants, Chen Feng looked into his eyes, and there was a lot of hatred and killing intent in his eyes. Jin Liuan had no doubts. , At that time, if there were no warriors in the late stage of Anjin to pester Chen Feng, he would be slapped into minced meat by Chen Feng.
So when the last servant was dealt with, Jin Liuan fled, he was afraid!
He was afraid that Chen Summit would free his hands and slap him to death!
Jin Liuan left Jinling that night and fled to southern Xinjiang.
It was not until three days later that he heard the news that Chen Feng was blasted off the cliff, that he was relieved.
This evildoer is finally dead!
Jin Liuan returned to Jinling again, and after many inquiries, he finally found out what happened after he left that night.
Chen Feng, who was forced to a dead end, was ultimately the end of the hero. After killing more than a dozen more Ming Jin late stages, he was punched off the cliff by the team led by An Jin late stages.
No bones exist.
Although Chen Feng was killed, none of the people who participated in the hunt could be happy.
Many warriors have left a psychological shadow.
They were afraid of being killed by Chen Feng!
No one could have imagined that such a terrifying combat power would erupt in the mid-term of Dark Force.
Dozens of assassins eventually returned alive, only a small half, and the entire Jinling martial arts world was greatly injured by this.
Those 10 billion rewards, those living assassins, have not yet taken it, not because they can’t take it, but they dare not take it!
After killing Chen Feng, even no matter how stupid they were, these assassins reacted. Chen Feng definitely has a background in the sky, otherwise how could he be so enchanting?
With the strength of the mid-stage Anjin, fighting against a group of forces that can match the power of the master Huajin, and also beheaded more than half, how could such a person be an unknown person?
After receiving the 10 billion rewards, are you not afraid of the end of the door?
So that night, all those who participated in the hunt had a tacit choice to rotten the matter in their hearts and never mentioned it.
The same was true for Jin Liu’an. He felt that he was lucky enough. There were more than 20 people who participated in the chase that night. In the late Ming Jin stage like him, there were more than 20, but in the end, only less than ten came back alive.
It was precisely because of seeing Chen Feng’s unparalleled combat power that night that Jin Liu’an made up his mind that he must break through to the dark power in this life and not be the Ming Jin ant.
Just a few days ago, Jin Liuan’s wish was finally fulfilled, and he became the envy of everyone.
I thought it would be beautiful for a while, but unexpectedly, Chen Feng returned.
At this time, Jin Liu’an had no hope of survival.
He knew very well that Chen Feng would never let him go.
As for fighting Chen Feng? Jin Liuan didn’t even think about it.

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