Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 155

But who knows, after the incident, the entire Du family was deadly silent, and there were even rumors that Du Kangling let go, and all Du family members and people surnamed Chen would walk around in the future.
If the news that Chen Feng broke both Bai Guangyi and Yang Qing’s hand was only a surprise to the great families in Jinling, then this time Chen Feng killed the Du Ziteng brothers and sisters, and the Du family did not dare to retaliate. It really scared the great families in Jinling.
That’s the Du family!
The Du family is considered top-notch among the second-tier families in Jinling. Even a first-tier family such as the Yang family can touch the Du family.
But who knew that in front of this ruthless man surnamed Chen, the two direct lines of the Du family were killed. Not only did Du Jiaran not retaliate, but said that he wanted to meet the man surnamed Chen and walked around.
The implications of this are terrifying.
For a time, the entire upper circle in Jinling fell into panic.
The Kowloon International has even become a forbidden place for all elder brothers and celebrities, and even some families have let out a word, the family members, who dare to go to the Kowloon International, or provoke the surname Chen, directly break their legs!
Many families are scared!
This is still in the case that Yang Tai tried his best to conceal Chen Feng’s identity. If Yang Tai did not conceal Chen Feng’s identity, then these families would probably be shaking right now.
The heir of the Yanjing Chen family!
This name is enough to scare some second and third line families in Jinling to death.
It can be seen from Du’s reaction.
At present, the entire Jinling, knowing the identity of Chen Feng, is also the Yang family and the Du family. Yang Tai himself wouldn’t say it, but the Du family didn’t dare to say it.
But although no one said it, some families with old enough qualifications and high enough levels can guess it.
Just like the Zhao family, Chen Feng would not feel that the originally extremely tough Zhao family would suddenly let go of Xu Feirong’s parents for no reason.
The Zhao family must have guessed something, so they made a concession.
For the sake of a dead person, it is not cost-effective to have a vengeance with a ruthless person who is likely to be the heir of the Chen family of Yanjing.
“Since they took the initiative to release people, I would save it.” Chen Feng said after hesitating a little bit. It was not what he expected that the Zhao family would release people, but it was a good thing, and Chen Feng was too lazy. Tangled.
Qiao Xiaoyue nodded, and then looked at Chen Feng hesitantly, as if she wanted to say something, but when the words came to her lips, she swallowed it back.
“Is there anything else?” Chen Feng frowned, and asked, Qiao Xiaoyue’s hesitant and silent appearance is very strange, which does not fit her character.
“Shao Chen, there is indeed something, but I don’t know how to tell you.” Qiao Xiaoyue was a little tangled.
“About the Chen family?” Chen Feng smiled faintly, and said that it was the Chen family that could make Qiao Xiaoyue so entangled.
Chen family? Qiao Xiaoyue was surprised in her heart. Sure enough, the relationship between Chen Feng and the Chen family was not what she had originally imagined. Normally, Chen Feng should speak of family, not Chen family.
Chen family, how to listen, how to see outside.
Although surprised, Qiao Xiaoyue could not see anything on her face.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” Qiao Xiaoyue nodded, and said: “Miss No.2 is very dissatisfied with what you have done in the past few days, saying that you are pulling the Chen family’s banner outside, and you are faking the Chen family.”
Miss two?
Chen Feng squinted his eyes. He knew very well who Qiao Xiaoyue was talking about.
The second lady, whose full name is Chen Yingrou, is the daughter of the second uncle Chen Jianshan. She is the second child in the family, so she is called the second lady.
Chen Yingrou has not dealt with him since he was a child, and often humiliated herself with other Chen family members.
The most impressive time for Chen Feng was when he was playing in the lake in the winter when he was nine years old. He accidentally touched Chen Yingrou, and Chen Yingrou had him pushed into the lake.
The freezing cold and suffocating sensation brought by the lake water of more than ten degrees below zero made Chen Feng unforgettable for life.
That was Chen Feng’s closest to death. Had someone rescued him, he would have been frozen to death at the bottom of the lake.
Rao was rescued, and the root cause of his illness had fallen. He recuperated for a short half year before he recovered.
It stands to reason that Chen Yingrou almost killed him, what the Chen family said, they also have to teach Chen Yingrou a lesson.
But later, the Chen family didn’t even say a word to Chen Yingrou. Instead, they asked why Chen Feng touched Chen Yingrou, and what if Chen Yingrou was accidentally knocked down and Chen Yingrou fell into the lake.
It was also that time that Chen Feng was fully aware that his life was a joke in the eyes of the Chen family.
He was pushed into the lake by Chen Yingrou and almost died, but the people of the Chen family were concerned about why he touched Chen Yingrou.
After that incident, Chen Feng deliberately kept his distance from the Chen family.
And Chen Yingrou, not only did not have the slightest guilt, but instead insulted him more severely.
Because his mother was still in the Chen family, Chen Feng didn’t care about Chen Yingrou. And at that time he had already started to practice martial arts, had come into contact with Xiao Guozhong, and knew a lot of truths.
Little can’t bear to make chaos and big plans are even more hung in the ears every day.
This forbearance is thirteen years.
Three years ago, when he left the Chen family, he no longer had to bear with Chen Yingrou.
Unexpectedly, Chen Yingrou chased him up again today. Listening to Qiao Xiaoyue’s meaning, she obviously wanted to trouble him.
A coldness appeared in Chen Feng’s eyes, Chen Yingrou, this time, I won’t bear you anymore.
“When will Chen Yingrou come over?” Chen Feng said in a cold voice. He knew very well that Chen Yingrou was not the kind of character who likes to talk to her. She prefers to do practical things, such as seeing her upset, and then directly pushing herself into the lake.
This time, she was dissatisfied with herself, and she should not only curse a few words in the family, but would come directly and make trouble for herself.
“Next week.” Qiao Xiaoyue couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Feng, and said, looking at Chen Feng’s appearance, it was obvious that Chen Yingrou’s personality was very clear, and it seemed that she had dealt with Chen Yingrou before.
At the same time, this made Qiao Xiaoyue even more incomprehensible.
The current situation of the Chen family is too vague.
It stands to reason that Chen Feng is now the first heir of the Chen family. Chen Yingrou should not and dare not come to Chen Feng’s troubles, but Chen Yingrou came instead.
It was as if the identity of Chen Feng, the first heir, was fake.
But Chen Zhong is the housekeeper of the Chen family, so he shouldn’t lie to her about this.
This can only show that Chen Feng must have other unknown secrets.
Although he has the identity of the heir of the Chen family, he does not enjoy the same treatment as this identity.
However, Qiao Xiaoyue knew very well that she was not qualified to participate in these matters.
Outsiders think that she is a superior business queen, but only she knows that she is a wage earner trained by the Chen family. If the Chen family is upset, she can be replaced in one sentence.

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