Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 158

“Idiot, do you think I would like that 1.5 million?” Chen Feng sneered disdainfully. If Lin Lan could perform a little better, Xia Mengyao would be happy, let alone 1.5 million, it would be 1,500. Wan, I can give it to her!
But Lin Lan, an idiot, chose to make Xia Mengyao chill for 1.5 million.
Simply hopeless!
“You trash, would you look down on those 1.5 million?” Lin Lan sneered, “I said Chen Feng, there is no need to pretend to be in front of me? Anyway, everyone has been living together for three years. What kind of you are, I still don’t know? Don’t say 1.5 million, or 150,000, you can’t even get it out.”
“Now you say that you don’t look down on 1.5 million, hehe, when you are talking big, you are not afraid of being flashed out by the wind.” Lin Lan sneered, although Sun Guifang had told her last time, Chen Feng might not It’s not simple, but Lin Lan still doesn’t believe it.
Is Chen Feng really easy to swallow so hard for himself? Will you deliver takeaway for three consecutive years? Will live for three years with a silly name?
What a joke!
Anyway, she was changed to Chen Feng. If she had a background, she would never be bullied for three years like a dog.
Looking at Lin Lan’s self-righteous appearance, Xia Mengyao no longer knew what to say.
Even Qiao Xiaoyue, chairman of Dalong Real Estate Company, which has a market value of more than 60 billion yuan, has to treat Chen Feng respectfully.
Not to mention 150,000, that is 1.5 billion, Chen Feng can get it!
Why is my mother so short-sighted? If she is not short-sighted, Chen Feng’s character will definitely allow Lin Lan to live a rich and wealthy life, but Lin Lan’s own stupidity has ruined all this, Xia Mengyao sighed and suddenly felt a little sympathy for Lin Lan.
“Taking money, what are you doing there?”
Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Lin Lan suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart, and she couldn’t help but scream: “Don’t tell me, you are a trash, even the remaining one million was spent?!”
“Mom, for the remaining one million, Chen Feng didn’t spend a cent!” Xia Mengyao said coldly. In fact, strictly speaking, the one and a half million belonged to Chen Feng at all. In the face of Chen Feng, how could Gu Dongchen lose money to her.
“Since it is not spent, then you can bring it to me!” Lin Lan breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the money was still there.
“Okay, I’ll give you the money.” Xia Mengyao gritted her teeth and prepared to find a bank card from her purse. The one million was given to Lin Lan, which meant that she would completely cut off from Lin Lanen.
Xia Mengyao’s card had not been found yet, and Chen Feng had already taken out a bearer bank card before her.
Taking the card in front of Lin Lan, Chen Feng looked directly at Lin Lan and said calmly: “I have 1.8 million in this card.”
“Where did you get the 1.8 million?” Lin Lan was shocked, how could this waste have so much money.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Don’t worry about where I came from 1.8 million. Now, the money is yours.”
“Really?” Lin Lan looked overjoyed and said that she was going to grab the card in Chen Feng’s hand.
But Chen Feng held up the card and avoided Lin Lan’s movements.
The joy on Lin Lan’s face disappeared and was replaced by an anger: “What do you mean? Didn’t you say you want to give me the money?”
“I mean to give you the money, but I have a request.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“What’s the requirement?” Lin Lan asked subconsciously.
“With this money, don’t pay attention to Mengyao again in the future.” Chen Feng said coldly, guarding against the thieves by day and night. Lin Lan’s snobbery, if there is no money to spend, absolutely nothing. It is impossible for Chen Feng to stare at her all the time if he does it. If he is not there one day, Lin Lan may make some moths to repeat the farce of the first night of Xia Mengyao auction.
“That’s the request?” Lin Lan smiled. She thought Chen Summit had made any excessive request, but that was the result. Then she had any reason not to agree.
“Just this request.”
“I promise!” Lin Lan said, grabbing the card in Chen Feng’s hand, her face was full of gratifying expressions, is this trash, isn’t his mind bad? He only asked him for one million, but he actually took out 1.8 million.
“You took the money. If you let me know, if you dare to call Mengyao and pay attention, don’t blame me for being rude to you.” Lin Lan didn’t care, Chen Feng naturally saw it, but Chen Feng didn’t care, he The money is not so easy to take.
“Relax, Mengyao is my daughter after all. As long as you can give her happiness, I won’t push her to some messy people.” Lin Lan’s tone was unusually gentle.
“I hope you do what you say.”
Chen Feng is not surprised that Lin Lan’s tone suddenly changed, because Lin Lan is a typical mother with milk, as long as you give her money, you just ask her to kneel and call your father, she will agree.
“By the way, you haven’t told me where the money came from? It was not stolen or obtained illegally, right?” Chen Feng gave the money so readily, and Lin Lan couldn’t help being vigilant. There is a problem with the origin of the money. Doesn’t she have to give it back again.
“It’s in the lottery.” Chen Feng said lightly. The 1.8 million yuan was for the meal at the Huaqi Mansion the day before yesterday, and Yang Tai returned it to him that night.
“Lottery ticket?” Lin Lan was a little suspicious, this waste has this kind of shit luck.
Chen Feng didn’t intend to explain, he took Xia Mengyao’s hand and went out.
“Chen Feng, thank you.” Xia Mengyao’s mood is still a little low. After all, Lin Lan is also the mother who gave birth to her and raised her, but in the face of money, Lin Lan is just like a person who has changed. She also knows that Chen Feng takes The 1.8 million yuan, on the one hand, was to buy her insurance, on the other hand, it also meant to take care of Lin Lan.
Lin Lan had this 1.8 million, at least she didn’t have to worry about her food and clothing in the future.
“Didn’t I tell you, never say thank you to me?” Chen Feng smiled, and took Xia Mengyao into his arms.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao blushed, her voice like mosquito feet.
“Go, I’ll take you to see our new home.” Chen Feng said.
“New home?” Xia Mengyao was taken aback. She thought she would go to a friend’s house or stay in a hotel with Chen Feng again tonight, but Chen Feng said that there was a new home.
“Yes, a new home.” Chen Feng smiled mysteriously. In fact, when Lin Lan told him to move out with Xia Mengyao, he was happy in his heart. He wanted to move out a long time ago, but couldn’t find a reason. This time Lin Lan gave him a good opportunity.
“Where is our new home?” Xia Mengyao hesitated for a moment, and asked, Chen Feng’s news was still too sudden, and she didn’t even prepare for it.
“You’ll know when you go.” Chen Feng deliberately sold it, he wanted to surprise Xia Mengyao.

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